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Would different varieties of P. Cubensis have different effect?

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    Been there, read that.

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Posted 02 October 2020 - 05:24 AM

Does cacao work like Harlem on the body when taken in conjunction with psilocybes?

Harlem is some sort of chemically synthesized drug compound that is harmless by itself but when taken with psilocybes it amplifies the effects 10x....this mad scientist with a hook for a hand use to brew it back on this old shroom chat I use to hang in.

youre thinking of harmal and harmaline, most commonly extracted from Syrian Rue, it is an MAOI, and therefore potentiates tryptamines

Thank you brotherdekatessera! Harmaline is what it was called.

Is it true that using harmaline in conjunction with psilocybes will increase the strength of the trip?

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Posted 02 October 2020 - 11:25 AM

Yes, more chemicals get across the blood brain barrier. You need to be careful as everything gets across the BBB, so things that are normally not harmful can really get you in trouble. Please do your research on interactions with MAOIs

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Posted 15 October 2020 - 10:26 AM

I didn't read all the comments here.


What Iˋm about to write might offend some people but my intention is NOT to piss anyone off, I just think it has to be said.


"A cube is a cube" this quote is pure speculation and there is no evidence that this is true.

If so then Iˋm open to read into it if theres an official reading source thats not just the opinion of one of the online shroom gurus.


Iˋm currently communicating with a german university in Jena and those guys are some of the leading mush researchers.


One of them told me that AA+ relatively constant had 0,4% more Psylocybin than the compared Huatla.

There was also a difference in the amount of beta carbolines which is a natural MAOI thats in the mushrooms.

Not only was there a significant difference in potency, the MAOI also has a good impact on how long and intense the trip is.


Cubes look different, grow different fast, some are more contamination resist than others, some tend to grow smaller or bigger than others, some drop more or less spores, some can tolerate higher temps than others and the alkaloid content varies alot.


Who knows what other alkaloids they contain which influence the trip aswell, there has to be made some serious work to identify the alkaloids and study their effect before anyone can say stuff like that.

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