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Breathable dry fruiting chamber for invite or?

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Posted 18 September 2020 - 02:00 AM

Ok maybe I'm jumping the gun cuz I'm new but im rolling with it.
the basic idea is a "home made carugate box ice chest" turned Into a tempurature/light box for invitro, chronic tek.etc...

The Tek so far....
Get a brand NEW cardboard box (by nature will be very clean from the manufacturing process. This serves the whole tek concept and will allow filtered FAE to pass thru the walls Just line it with pieces of a styrofoam insulation kit ,(I used toothpicks and adjoined straight thru the box)
Then add a temp controlled germinating matt to underneath a convection shelf. Don't forget the light. I will update. I rigged it for a fan but the heat mat may move enough air. I have tested stability and it's great with or w/o fan. Next test. Invitro :)

The shelf as you see it is a piece of foam atop 4 qtr pint jars sitting on the germination mat. (They absorb heat too and help regulate.)

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Posted 28 September 2020 - 04:13 PM

i live somewhere heat is not something i need to worry about.  we keep our place at 78 most of the year when its not winter.  but IF i lived somewhere cool... i've had the idea to use some sort of mat,  maybe for what people use to keep reptiles warm in aquariums, or like you have here,  a germinating mat.  good idea. should be way cheaper than trying to heat an entire room.  like i said, i don't need such a thing.....yet.  i like the idea of styrofoam insulation.  do they make a styrofoam cooler that is large enough to use  'as is'  rather than having to line a cardboard box?   what is the max temperature  this mat designed  to keep an environ at? 

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Posted 28 September 2020 - 08:32 PM

As long as you are enjoying it then it must be good! That is a beautiful piece of work! I wouldn't use it personally cuz I have filters on my jars, I keep my projects sealed until colonized, don't add heat to my grows unless its really cold, and way to hard to clean and recycle. Damn do I remembers the days though, where every store I went to I thought “How can I use that for my mushrooms?" Those days are irreplaceable and some of my best memories.
Don't ever let anyone tell ya not to overthink it!

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Posted 29 September 2020 - 09:21 AM

I agree with Mikey that a lot of this is overkill but it is certainly cool... You really don't need a whole lot of light since mushrooms don't use photosynthesis... Mine colonize in the same amount of light that they fruit in. There are some that say letting them have light from day one will result in greater yields. Cubes will not fruit until the substrate has been completely colonized. Complete colonization for the nutrient source is really the only fruiting trigger that is needed. You really don't need any additional heat for any growth stage, they will colonize fine at room temps. Adding additional heating sources actually increases contamination risks. I don't use any extra FAE with may bags and they fruit just as well as if I add FAE... If you are doing invitro then the entire concept is meant to be set and forget. Invitro will fruit with no additional FAE, all you need is a way to provide a lil GA...


Despite it being over kill, it is certainly neat. When I first stated, I tried to create a self contained chamber with environmental controls until I realized that it was not needed and it was just creating additional work. You will see similar, and some times better, results by just throwing your projects on a shelf and forgetting about them for a couple weeks.

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Posted 08 October 2020 - 04:54 AM

I learned to do all my fussing up front and to not fiddle around with things after the fruiting substrate has been made......


Filter bags are great and woodlover chip spawn can be made to grow to maturity from beds outside.....


Cool stuff though...I love fiddling around with high tech goodies it just turns out to be overkill most of the time.....IME


Totes/tubs for humidity chambers work well as do aquariums, the bags are self contained, and if you're comfortable in a room (don't have to wear a coat) mushrooms will likely grow...


I've built some wild things in my time for sure.....walk your walk man....


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