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Random Crazy Outer Space Stuff

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Posted 28 December 2020 - 11:10 AM

When you put it like that it makes me think I should probably not drive 100+mph anymore.


It was also a bit eye-opening to read (I forget where) that the height of a tsunami generated by an asteroid impact in water is equal to the depth of the water where it hit. That has some mind-boggling implications for impacts over deep ocean, which also happen to be the most probable location for an impact. The deepest parts are over 6 miles (~10KM) deep. Surf's up! :ph34r: 

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Posted 11 January 2021 - 06:49 PM

Thats minus the continental shelf variables as the tsunami reaches shore too dude. Its incredible. I did a humanitarian mission to yosuka during the Fukushima meltdown following the tsunami. I seen some wild places in my day but that was one of the wildest to witness.
The force of the small wavelength of impact at sea builds against the continental shelf of the landmass it encounters causing the wave to build. Its speed is slow its mass of water is great. The energy of the impact created by the asteroid isn't an issue until its energy builds on the continental shelf. Anyway ill shutup thats what I'm trying to share tho. Its reverse in that case the mass of the ocean and rise over run allows the relatively medium amount of energy from the asteroid at sea to become a huge wall of water. It is gnarly.
Like where as a rifle bullet relies on velocity not mass. The tsunami and ballistics is like that equation darci is saying like that just opposite . I'm done I just thought it was cool as f u guys know wsup.
I say that in a kind of nutshell tho. There are many underwater topography variables to be considered before bringing E=1/2mv^2 into an asteroid impact at sea and how it plays out when it reaches shore. But I'm just sayin yea quickly it is a good way to observe a tsunami impact. I always enjoy these threads. I need to get back to the what is reality thread but avoid it because ill likely speak too much. Nice thread tho guys I enjoy it!

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Posted 11 January 2021 - 08:19 PM

I found this kind of cool. But its wrong form my b. I'm gonna just stop thinking about sharing the tsunami form right now.
There lol much better. This is what I mean to say.

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Posted 13 January 2021 - 02:19 PM

It's hard to even wrap your head around using orbits to travel around space. And depending on the location of the planet in its orbit relative to the sun it could mean drastically changing the travel distance required between two planets. To space faring folk its obvious but the rest of us just think ya mars its this many kilometers away, yes but only at certain celestial windows when the two planets align in orbit. It is an effect that is lessened due to earth short rotation being a year but when you get farther out there and compare say Saturn and Jupiter it takes a long time to line up. If we ever managed to colonize with conventional technology you would have these crazy decades of lockdown where any travel would just be to far to make any sense


I think.... This stuff makes my head hurt when you really start trying to picture it all



They do deal with real space travel in this comedy series. They have an incident on a solar cruise ship when it goes off course and misses a planetary orbit turning the trip from three months to three years to be able to get back to earth.


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