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Preserving Bud Potency

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Posted 25 September 2020 - 02:59 PM

Cannabis flowers are most potent immediately after harvest and drying. Buds stored in darkness and under vacuum may retain potency long after harvest. Here is the full kit for storing bud under vacuum:

the whole vacuum kit.jpg

The first step is to drill or punch a small hole, maybe 1/16 inch, in the middle of the (wide mouth) ½ pint canning jar lid. A thin coating of vacuum grease is smeared on the metal surrounding the drilled hole. A smooth rubber rectangle is cut and placed on the hole and surrounding vacuum grease. Tape is placed as shown to keep the rubber in place. The rubber + tape + grease functions as a one-way air valve.
After bud has been dried, it is loaded into the ½ pint jar, ⅔ full. A thin coating of vaseline is applied to the jar rim and to the underside of the lid where it contacts the jar rim. Place the lid on the jar of bud. Apply a thin coat of vaseline to the rubber gasket on the underside of the FoodSaver white plastic vacuum adapter. The vacuum adapter will now slide easily over the edge of the covered ½ pint jar.
Procure a small rubber o-ring as shown on the tip of the hand vacuum pump. This o-ring will assist in sealing the system while a vacuum is being pulled. Apply a bit of vaseline to the o-ring and also to the small hole where the tip of the vacuum hand pump will be poked. Press the vacuum pump + o-ring into the FoodSaver hole while pumping a vacuum with the other hand. I have found that a vacuum of 550 mm is possible. The FoodSaver adapter will slide off the jar + lid easily.
pulling a vacuum.jpg
Sometimes, despite being careful and clean, a vacuum may fail over time. This can be ascertained by inspecting for a concave shape in the modified lid.
Vacuum grease is like thick vaseline. Vaseline may be sufficient for sealing instead of vacuum grease.
Here is an o-ring that will work.
This FoodSaver + accessory hose looks interesting - maybe no o-ring is necessary.
Here is a vacuum pump that will work.

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Posted 25 September 2020 - 05:31 PM

That's a nice, clean DIY approach. Those Foodsaver lids ain't cheap!


I store a lot of stuff under vacuum, and for most of it I use a mason jar with the regular metal lid converted into a "vacuum airport" but with only one port that functions a lot like your lids.


A few years ago I bought a cool little Luer lock adapter for 1/8" ID dia. tubing (barb to male Luer lock, sometimes called a "male Luer lock to bulkhead adapter") so I can use the vacuum port on a Foodsaver or another adapter to attach it to any other source of vacuum that I can attach tubing to.


I attach a sharp needle to the Luer lock adapter and stick the needle through the glob of silicone just like I was inoculating a liquid culture except I suck the air out instead and it holds a strong vacuum after I remove it. There's a type of soft plastic tubing that won't collapse under high vacuum (and is also autoclavable!) that's handy for this sold under the brand name Tygon.


The glob of silicone needs replacing after poking a needle through it a half dozen times or so, but that's easy enough.


Also, wrapping parafilm (tightly) or even saran wrap around the lid where it meets the glass helps prevent leaks almost as well as real vac grease.


We went to a lot of trouble to fill those jars so the least we can do is ensure what we put in 'em retains its potency as long as possible!

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