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How have high-dose mushrooms benefitted you?

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#1 Guy1298



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Posted 03 October 2020 - 11:44 PM

Just curious. 


For me, I don't think my experiences qualify. :). Mushrooms didn't work on me in the way that they do now. 


But, I'll share anyway. How did they benefit me? Well, I guess they traumatized me just enough to make me a better person. And they took away my desire for suicide in whatever way it was playing in my mind up until that time. What can I make out of a world that isn't real? I'm not sure, but I've known and forgotten at various times along the way. 

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#2 ElrikEriksson



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Posted 04 October 2020 - 03:12 AM

This really needs a definition of what constitutes high dose.

To this day my most life changing mushroom trip was 2 grams cubensis, most would count that as light to middling.

I did numerous trips in the 3,5-4,5g range, as often as not those caused fear or anxiety.

Seven grams is different. That brings out joy, euphoria, depth and complexity of emotion, exhilaration. It helps me understand myself better and grow. This is my most common dose, I suppose it's a high dose?

Twelve to fourteen grams. That's more like a stress test. Running the machine past max to see what starts screaming. Tripping my gods dammed brains out and hoping I keep my shit together to have a good time rather than snap, and if I do snap having the strength of character to endure. Very nearly breaking a bone in your foot while tripping your brains out at 14 grams is an interesting test :laugh:


I get the most consistent benefit at 7 grams. If that's a high dose or if that's a regular dose in a world that doses too low is a question for philosophers and psychedelic saints.

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#3 Alpoehi



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Posted 05 October 2020 - 12:07 PM

Elrik I always wanted to ask that:
If there is a barrier to break into an euphoric and smooth trip with 5 grams upwards, as it seems, I would try that on my own. My highest was 4, could move around, had conversation abilities having been the philosopher and so on.
You know I live in a 24/7 relationship I have to keep the ability to socially interact all the time whilst I am on a trip.
Would you say I could do that with 5-7 grams? And what about bodyload? I often go in a sort of no-ones-land for the first 2 hours before the peak comes in.
It drives me mad. I ingest dry as they are grown, then after 30 minutes colors appear in my vision I have a mild euphoric state onsetting. I think I have done everything right I have come on the trip as it should be.
After 45 minutes everything fades away and I come into emotional drama a little bit why things do not work as they work or I want them to be. Also called mindfucking.
This may go on for 2 hours then from one moment to the other - peak - and my body tensions relax and I'm going like a rocket into the trip.
Often at that point I was praying that the trip comes in or I had given up and said it failed completely.
But I can't stand the emotional ups and downs before the trip comes in and for that reason I did not eat any shrooms for 4 months now.

I suspect it could have to do with the dosage. Or should I give me a lemon shot? Something does not work I even plan to change to mescaline but I want start growing shrooms in the winter time they need no light so what to grow in winter? Shrooms.

Would be glad to get some advice still have my yield stored in the basement.
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#4 ElrikEriksson



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Posted 05 October 2020 - 01:43 PM

How well people socialize on 5+ grams, or any dose at all really, depends quite a lot on the individual.

When tripping I've never liked socializing with anyone but close friends that were also tripping. I like to retreat into the dark and immerse myself in the trip, but if a sudden situation arises I can muddle through social interaction better than I would have expected just one minute before. Granted, if I'm on 7 grams I can do little spontaneous conversation and I'm restricted to just answering direct questions :laugh: but emergencies can still be dealt with.

I've often heard the same from others. Even terence mckenna has mentioned it, you can be rocketing through the fractal universe of machine elves when someone snaps you out for a minute to answer a question or do something. It's probably the whole reason silent darkness works so well, nothing pulling you out. Its similar to the aforementioned time I nearly broke a bone on 14 grams. I had just got past the physically disabling height of the peak and was still tripping balls HARD, but I could move around with minimal effort. I somehow got into doing spinning jump squats because flying through the air while spinning was just awesome. I went off center and the edge of my foot landed on the edge of a clay pot and there was a sharp, very severe pain. After a fraction of a second of panic I pulled myself out of the trip long enough to understand how a foot works and to test the bones one by one. I verified no broken bone and saw no rapid buildup of blood in the flesh before limping back to bed to slowly come down. I've never dosed higher than 14 grams and I was injured enough that it took over 3 weeks to heal, but because I had to I managed to deal with the situation rationally and methodically.

Being surprised by social interaction can be the same. Just remember you'll be walking like a drunken pirate, your pupils will be dilated, and anyone who meets you will know you're very high on something :laugh:

If you have a friend that's okay with you tripping you can practice. Have them over, take more than you normally would, and then have them try to talk to you suddenly while you're peaking. If you get too blasted to talk they could handle any situation that arises in your house.

If you have a friend like that. Its been years since I have.


As for bodyload, if you mix harmalas with things isolate harmine from the normal harmine/harmaline mix and use that. Removing the harmaline vastly reduces harmala bodyload.

Be careful about mixing THH with mushrooms. I got my ass handed to me when I combined it with transkei as it increased the bodyload and stimulant effect massively.

As for mescaline, it's interesting. Past a certain point higher doses make the trip longer more than it makes it deeper and I've always been able to pull myself out of the depths with minimal to moderate effort. Its also less psychologically jarring than mushrooms and it doesnt seem to have the distinct anxiety/fear dose level mushrooms do. Some still get anxiety but its not as a whole level.


If I were a doctor on call 24/7 I wouldn't use psychedelics at all until I got a vacation and then I'd turn the phone off.

When my dad was alive and I was caring for him I kept it to a minimum but still indulged, knowing if I had to I could help him or call an ambulance, but certainly not drive.

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#5 Alpoehi



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Posted 05 October 2020 - 02:03 PM

Thanks for your response. I prepared a 6 gram dose. I will take Mazatapek in 2 parts 3+3.
Should work out fine. There are no rules, but also no limits. I consider 6 gram a high dose. Who knows anyway before having tried for oneself.
Thanks again, I have to find my limits.
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#6 Moonless



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Posted 24 October 2020 - 08:13 PM

Hey Guy,


I also have experienced having mushrooms completely erase my desires for sucicide and pulled me out of quite a sever depression around four years ago. Overall all mushroom trips have made me motivated to keep living life, no matter how hard it gets. I have had the most uplifting experiences from 3.5-4 gram dosage but have had a fair share of excellent high dose experiences.


I've only done like six high dose experiences (5-7g) and they have given me effects that are both pleasant and unpleasant but are mostly progressive and building. I feel like these high dose trips have made me a more spiritual person as well as uplifted creativity and created many poems and drawings. Tangentially these trips have also made me a more careful person in regards to opening up to people about psychedelics in society in fear of stepping out of line and being persecuted for my cultivation of fungi.


The high dose experiences has on one occasion brought up an anxiety problem that I was really debilitating for around six months after the fact. Made me not want to trip again because the anxiety and fear is difficult to get past during a trip and I don't want to experience it spiraling out of control.


To end on a good note I think that you don't need to do so much every time. A good friend and mentor of mine said just one gram, two, is all you need to reconfigure and reconnect with the mushroom. Connecting with the mushroom though either cultivation or tripping has helped my life tremendously and is a top experience in my life.

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#7 Salty117



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Posted 07 November 2020 - 08:24 PM

From my first grow, Golden Teachers, I procured 2 fruits that together weighed just over 210g fresh. I met with these two teachers and boi let me tell you, class was in SESSION. It was a life-changing experience in the aspect that I gained a better understanding of the natural world around me and that understanding has allowed me to continue to grow from a place where I didn't previously realize I needed to grow from. I became more determined than ever to accomplish my goals short term and long and that was a lasting effect well beyond the "after-glow" of the experience. At no point did I not feel in control of my experience however. No "ego-death" just complete immersion with Mother Earth and the experience.

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#8 TVCasualty


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Posted 08 November 2020 - 10:32 AM

Sometimes I wonder if high doses of fungi have actually benefited me at all, or if that's just something I tell myself since I did a bunch of them and would like those experiences to have been beneficial. There's really no way to know how life would have gone without having had the experiences we've had.


It's really hard to say since the only way to know how a story went (or is going) is in retrospect, and stories never really end except in works of fiction so it's hard to get the necessary perspective within the context of projection and cognitive dissonance our minds create and exist within.

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#9 darci


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Posted 10 January 2021 - 01:34 PM

I had a mild dose in college with friends and pizza. We just giggled a lot and then it was over.

Years later, I had another dose... only it was an accidental 5-10+ grams (no way to be certain other than how strong the effects were) If I had to pin it down with my best guess I'd say it was about 8-9 grams and I weighed about 105 (47 kilos) at the time.

I'll refrain from a complete description (impossible anyway) for the sake of brevity:

- Felt energy moving through me. Could hear it. Could see it.

- Felt my body stretch out into the infinite.

- 3-dimensional moving art played out in my mind. The most beautiful, unimaginable things. Artistic canons from the most brilliantly creative geniuses across the galaxy were visible to me. Alien art. Music. Light. Thought.

- Began uncontrollable laughter. Saw mental jokes played by a cosmic telepathic jester/magician play out in my mind. Laughed so hard I couldn't breathe. Then it was gone.

- Entered hellish thoughts. War. Death. Torture. Pain. Horrific imagery. Twisted, indescribable forms. Unendurable suffering. Wanted to die. Felt like I did, a hundred times. Felt death from the victim's perspective. Effects of despotism, mass-murder, war. Tasted the ugliness of lies and selfishness wrapped a thousand times around a suffocated soul.

- Lost total grasp on reality. No sensory input locally could ground me. Totally gone.

- Full synesthesia

- Slammed against a mental wall until I could take no more. Utterly shattered. Broken. Disassembled, disintegrated, total oblivion.

- Utter and complete spiritual exhaustion. Giving up. Total surrender. Nothing meant anything. Even the awareness of the absence of thought didn't exist. The images that flickered on the TV screen of the mind - of life and death - the mind's eye itself moved irrelevantly into the infinite distance.

- Awareness became completely silent. Felt outside of time, beyond eternity, a place of pure emptiness... Not even the self existed, not even the observer, not even me.

- Then explosions of thought. Reaching out. Feeling a tsunami of information rushing back in.

- "Touched" "Everything"

- Saw through the "eyes" of all life

- Beheld the progress and dynamics of birth, death, recycling, evolution, and the purposes and consequences behind it.

- Broke through the barriers to new dimensions. Crashed through gateways of vibration, membranes, folded dimensions, alternate realities, wormholes...

- Entity contact: Swimming beings in multiple oceans of vibration/existence. Souls of wanderers. Other travelers, spiritual masters. Mantis/insect aliens. "Self-transforming machine-elves." A Phoenix-like entity, feathers glowing with the emblazoned insignia of the archangels. Awe. Awe. A thousand monks harmonizing Telepathic condemnation for my sins. The hand reaching out for me, like a life preserver amid the galactic ocean, a starry twinkling womb of universality that cradled me in crystalline, silent night. Traveled into a light tunnel into a thread of the mind of god. Confronted the absolute Truth blazing with the fires and light of heaven, brighter than the core of the sun, yet only burned with the purest, most empathic love imaginable.

- Lived lifetimes in other bodies/dimensions/realities. Had children, spouse. Experienced life from the other gender. Seemed so real, so eternal, so forever, so immutable, so impossible, but somehow real. Lost my loved ones as that dimension became unreachable, and the door closed behind me as I was thrust out.

- Cried. Wept. Sobbed so deeply it was as if a thousand years of pressure behind the dam broke through in a Niagara of tears. Vomited repeatedly as if the negative emotions were in my stomach. Pissed myself on the floor, curled up in a ball. Rocked myself for hours, shuddering and crying. Crying. Crying...

- The intensity began to subside. Fell softly, layer by layer through the membranous dimensions like a feather crashing into lower and lower awareness. For hours I fell, until cradled like a baby being placed into a blanket. Waves of revelation ebbed over me as reminders,

- The "real world" came back in. I started to grasp onto it, while the grip of the "other world" let go.

- Cried some more. Thought of everyone and everything I cared about. Realized what was important. Made commitments, promises to myself and god. Resolved to set things straight, appreciate the good things, live in the moment, and to never forget.

"Depression" hasn't been "cured," per se. It's more of a realization of what's really happening with all of us, and why, and what we must do. The pain hasn't left because I still suffer when I see suffering, but now I know that I'm not exiled from creation like I thought I was. I thought my depression was from feeling lonely, now it's from seeing others feel lonely, lied to, wronged. That they do it to themselves, that they do it to each other.

- Darci.

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#10 TVCasualty


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Posted 11 January 2021 - 12:24 PM

Awesome report. :thumbs_up: 


After reading it I'd say a bullet-point trip report format works surprisingly well. It's one I might imitate in the future; I like how it's lighter to read than dense blocks of prose while still managing to convey very heavy, intense thoughts and events.



Oh, and thanks for the reassurance that my high-dose experiences did in fact benefit me.


This is the line that accomplished that since all my high-dose trips finished that way. But then things get bent out of shape and muddy again which means it's time for another cleaning and straightening.


- Cried some more. Thought of everyone and everything I cared about. Realized what was important. Made commitments, promises to myself and god. Resolved to set things straight, appreciate the good things, live in the moment, and to never forget.


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Posted 13 January 2021 - 03:07 PM

I have never gone that deep but I have been in the same area


On boxing day I did a 8 g tea and slammed it all in one go. You really can't imagine mushrooms can take you on that type of a journey until you try it out. I have a hard time differentiating from dreams when you leave reality but the fantastic nature is usually a good indication. Like having the ability to fly into space and watch an entity the size of a planet tear a hole in space with a massive tentacle, making a hole just big enough to peek that massive eye through and to catch a glimpse of me and earth floating in outer space.


At the time I was watching a bunch of star wars so it was fresh in my mind, and there was a moment where I somehow controlled space time in the form of the existence of obi wan and anakin. I know it sounds silly and its hard to explain but if I didn't think of them in that instance they would vanish from all space time. The visuals of an event like that, I am not even sure my mind comprehend them, it's certainly not anything I could describe accurately. No pictures of people or events more like looking at a time line graph on a piece of paper

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#12 Guy1298



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Posted 17 January 2021 - 02:56 PM

I bet I was looking for something like that when I went for my high-dose trips. I got something a bit different... a bit uglier and delusional. Still, conceptually it appeared that I accepted the loss of everything and the realization that I am God... I described it by saying that this world exists to provide comfort from God's madness! Though it's certainly a part of God's madness.


Thanks for sharing Darci, very good!

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