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Question regarding ventilation

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#1 Staryeyes



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Posted 05 October 2020 - 10:22 AM


I was wondering when the most effective time would be to take tape off of a substrate vent hole on a tote. I have been removing the tape as soon as there is a sign of pinning. Although I did a little test and waited a few days to remove the tape and the pins grew in larger clusters, and seemed to be bigger then the totes that I removed the tape From right away, if that makes sense. I also found that I got a better yield from those totes vs the ones I took the tape off right away.

I am finding that between flushes, my pins are stunted or done get bigger then a few centimetres and are over all smaller. I’m getting two flushes per tote.

I have 60L totes and six 2 inch holes drilled into each tote. I am finding that my substrate is quite dry, do you think the holes are too big? The humidity in my room is 60-70%. I also found that moisture held better in the totes I took the tape off later.

I’m just wondering what the best timing to remove the tape? If I keep it on for a little bit extra while their pinning, will that cause contam?

What’s the best trick!!!!


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Posted 05 October 2020 - 11:04 AM

I would wait until it appears fully colonized and then remove or simply use polyfil or a porous tape. I am not sure what type of tape you are currently using. Depending on the type of tape, you may not have to remove it at all.


If you have properly pasteurized and are using a high enough spawn ratio to ensure fast colonization, it should be pretty resistant to contamination no matter when you remove the tape. You have exposed it to plenty of spores in the air from the moment you mixed the spawn with the substrate. There are spores in the air everywhere.


There are members who get great success in bags where they wait until full colonization and then stab the bag with a sharp ole broadhead arrow several times once fully colonized.

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Posted 05 October 2020 - 11:07 AM

I don't use holes or tape on my tubs and I am very happy with the results. It always seems to me anyway, that to drill a hole to put tape over is just and extra step/s that make people feel sciency. What every makes them feel good I suppose but doesn't make much sense to me either to destroy a tub that one is taking the lid off several times a day to peek. But thens there's me that is way past the stage of checking on my tubs several times a day and I find forgetting to check on them at all. Then have that "Oh Shit" moment when I remember to check em, to only find the tub with no hole exploding with mushrooms. I will take dozens of fuzzy feet mushrooms any day over a handful of more aesthetically pleasing mushrooms.


Then I occurs to me that this thread is in the Welcome Mat (you're past your probation period and can start topics most everywhere now) and not in the Magic Forum, and since its not in the Edibles forum. We could be talking about Oyster Mushrooms and not P. cubensis like most assume like I just did. In which case my advise and or opinion is vastly different. Now that we are talking Oytster the absolutely take the tape off them giant two in holes I still think the holes with tape on are a waste steps and of good materials when you could just just open the lid and lay on top diagonal. With Cubes they can and will mature with minimal fresh air, but Oyters will not get big at all without a ton of fresh air. Shoot in coastal areas where the humidity is fair on most days, I have fruited oyster on my kitchen counter without even using a tub.


Now that is making more sense to me, why you are humidifying the whole room rather than the totes, I just assumed you were growing Cubes. My bad for not considering edibles.

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