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Will they germinate? The Old Spores Thread...

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Posted 20 October 2020 - 10:27 PM

It's only partly about this topic.

What about the storing of exotic spores and edible mushs ?
Is it best for them to be stored in the fridge too or even frozen ?

I remember the info from david barlow that copelandia cyanescens are best stored in the freezer but thats the only time I've heard about freeze storing of spores.

I'll get Hericium and versicolor very soon and want to start agrocybe aegerita aswell, not sure how to store their spores and my exotic spore library to keep them intact as long as possible



I wonder that also - shelf life of exotic and edibles is definitely worth discussion.  I am sending out some exotic prints mostly Pans and hope we can see if they come back or if there is a best practice for storage. Someone else mentioned they had luck with frozen culture that came back.  Maybe DickMoby????


It's been a while since I read through my copy of TMC but I may see if there was any detail about long term storage beside cold and dark or sealed in the fridge. 

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Posted 21 October 2020 - 06:40 AM



Those are the repeatedly frozen cultures.

As you can see on the bottom right picture, I ripped some of the rubbery and partly dried myc from outside of the cut area with it, it was nothing like living mycelium.




Here is the Rusty Whyte plate that didn't want to germinate over three to four months.

It's the only plate under them with viable mycelium, also after the accidentaly repeated freezing periods it finally germinated.


Here a picture of all plates together




Upper left corner is the Rusty Whyte plate.

All the other plates were living mycelium that was frozen, while that plate was inoculated with spores that didn't want to germinate.


Here some of the plates after they've been transferred to a different agar recipe (the transfer pieces were placed mycelium down on the new plates.




The green is Spirulina.

It took a while until they recovered but now they're growing back.

Kape just looks that weird because the myc is wet from the no pour excess water in the plate, it will grow out and show normal growth in a bit.


The growth overall is slow and I can't wait to fruit them to collect spores and start from new, those plates are my only sources for those gens.



Those were living cultures tho and I DON'T recommend to freeze cultures as storing method! 

That was accidentally and just a rescue mission.


Really wonder if freezing spores is a generally good method for long term spore storage

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Posted Yesterday, 04:44 PM

Thanks for sharing that on the frozen plate.  Definitely opens the door for further science to be done for comparison. 

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