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Mobyˋs Dicks, Stones and Experiments

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Posted 22 October 2020 - 12:11 PM

Man texting sucks so bad.

Meant was only your last comment that was quoted, not the earlier ones.


A mate on another platform once told me that she thinks there might be cultural issues involved too and thats why I tend to collide with people online (I'm german).

I'm broken too tho lol also texting is horrible for me and the speaking barrier doesn't make it easier.


As short explanation what I meant.

You put a bunch of ..... after your sentences which is often used as an arrogant form of communication, like a depreciation.


An example:

you talk shit....


a longer explanation of something followed by a bunch of points at the end....


gives it an annnoyed extra to put the points behind something.


The points combined with what you've written seemed to me like an annoyed statement that the bruising also happens on hot water extractions and not only in cold liquid.


As mentioned before I regularly don't get answers or collide with people online even though I always try to be respectful (though sometimes sharp to clarify things) and also try to reflect and talk about things.

Something is wrong with me and I try to be a better person with less struggle.



To answer the question.

The Vodka was blue even before the freeze.

The fruits were cut fresh and put directly into the vodka and then bruised in the liquid.


Can't tell you what the potency is after a soak that short and I won't drink the small glas of blue vodka to test it lol, wouldn't stay inside of me long enough to give any feedback.


I can't tell if or how you'll get a potent blue vodka.

Here something from the university that sent me the tests.


"The Enzymes Involved in Magic Mushroom Bluing
Researchers at the Hans-Knöll Institute in Jena, Germany, used spectroscopy technologies to identify two enzymes in Psilocybe cubensis that lead to blue reaction products.7 The study found that PsiP (a phosphatase) and PsiL (a laccase) degrade psilocybin (Figure 1) in a cascade reaction. This degradation prepares the psilocybin molecule for oxidative oligormization that leads to the formation of a blue compound."


The more blue color, the further the degradation.


Weird is that the jar with mush pieces turned the blue into a transparent brownish color, while the other one without mush pieces is very dark and not transparent.


I've tried to make "blue juice" once 




Thats what it looked like after one and a half days in the fridge.

The effects were like a coffee, not more.


Same with that, very dark color, very low potency.


Somehow fresh mushs in vodka still degraded, once the mush pieces were separated out of the liquid.

Hypothesis - The degradation might start again once I'll take the mushs out of the vodka that was sitting for months.

Going with that thought it could be consumable right away but might be worthless after the storing period x without mush pieces.


Wish I'd be abler to test everything but I don't want to take mushs atm and haven't in a while either except some mush/honey paste as micro in coffee.


I'll have to test the extract capsule that was stored at room temp soon tho

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#22 FunG


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Posted 22 October 2020 - 01:21 PM

It's a bad habit of mine to put "....." after things I say, not to be interpreted as insulting moby.

I learn knee things everyday, that is one of them lol

What I wanted to do was place fresh mushroom tissue into vodka like you did and let them sit for a day or so before pouring threw a filter and back into the original bottle.

That way i can make a psychoactive vodka. People would love it, atleast the ones I know lol.

The problem is I do not want it to turn brown once oxygen enters the vodka mix so I guess the only way would to be to ensure that the lid is on airtight at all times (minus when pouring drinks)

I just wonder how long it will stay blue for. I had a bottle of blue juice that was light blue stay light blue for quite some time until I opened it once and then it turned dark blue and then the third time I left it sitting out uncapped and it went brown.

I dont think there is a way to prevent it but I wonder if it would turn the vodka brown or if the alcohol will preserve the light blue.
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Posted 22 October 2020 - 04:41 PM

Got you!


Hhm maybe it would be best to put mush powder in to extract the good stuff and then cheat a little with food colouring ^^ to have a good looking drink, it will taste horrible tho.


The dark jar from that picture is in that color since at least 2 months, didn't see when exactly it turned dark.


Gonna put some of the mush pieces from the big jar into the small blue jar to see if it turns back to transparent brown.

Also gonna check if the big jar turns blue without any of the mush pieces in it.


I can't see what color the glycerin mush extract is, maybe its possible to put some of that into vodka to get a little bluing but not too much.


The thing with the mixture mushs and alcohol is just, the taste is horrible and I haven't tried them together but had a talk about it with some people and they said it can be quite unpleasant to combine those two.

I'd think a shot would be ok, maybe diluted with some good tasting white transparent non alcohol liquid to cover the taste, but to get drunk with mushs pffff man alcohol can be a nasty bitch if combined with other drugs.

Some people are hospitalized from alcohol with caffeine. My cousin threw up and looked like he was gonna die for hours from a joint and some beer. Alcohol with mdma kills people. 

I'd be very careful with drug cocktails that include alcohol.


Anyway, I'll try to separate some of the glycerin extract from the mush pieces and see what it looks like.

I only have a tiny bottle of vodka left thats supposed to be for my lsd micro doses but I'll use it to see how the glycerin acts dissolved in vodka.


No idea how potent it is, that was a first time experiment and hasn't been tested (ingested) yet.


Questions over questions lol

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Posted 23 October 2020 - 12:23 AM

I'm no stranger to danger moby

Back in my youth I o.d on several different occasions by mixing cocaine and alcohol. What stands out to me was the one time I met a guy that gave me pure mdma and started drinking on it only to have my heart go into a different rythem. That was the scariest. Over dosing on the hooch and cocaine is fairly easy, I just go black and wake up confused and disoriented.

Opioids are the real snake of overdosing, slowly my breathing was stopping on my way under. I didnt even notice it until I thought about it later, it's just a good thing a didnt go under completely.

This vodka psilocybin mix sounds like a sunny day at the park to me lol

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#25 Moby



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Posted 23 October 2020 - 12:45 PM

I never understood why people drink alcohol while on coke.

Some guys told me proudly that they could drink a ton of stuff without any effects, whats the purpose other than self destruction to do that ?


I'm not here to judge you, just felt like mentioning some risks of drug cocktails for safe use reasons.


Went out of coffee today and didn't make half of what I wanted lol..

Got the Hericium and Versicolor LC syringes today, gonna do everything tomorrow, also the glycerin and other mush stuff

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Posted 26 October 2020 - 04:00 PM

FunG not sure if you'll read this.


I've sucked up some of the glycerin extract (2ml) and put it into a jar with 5,5ml of Vodka.


Thats what it looks like after 24h






It shows that glycerin definately works to extract psilocybin.

The Vodka turned blue over night, the glycerin extract isn't blue, its greyish-brownish.


I was wrong with the date on this extract aswell, its sitting since today exactly a month, the other jars are much older.


I thought about straining the mush pieces through a double layer of cheesecloth, that should work to separate the mush pieces out.


I won't drink it to test but its definately active blue vodka

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#27 FunG


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Posted 27 October 2020 - 01:39 PM

That is precisely what I am after moby.

I'm going to have to go over your notes.

I'm sure that I could just add the water extract to vodka to pigment it blue and make it active but then I'd be watering down the vodka since it would probably take more then a few cups of extract from the water to pigment a entire bottle blue.

What in wondering is how long the vodka will stay blue for with the glycerin extract added to it or if it will turn brown?
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Posted 27 October 2020 - 03:20 PM

For this here





It was 30g cracker dry mushs that were put into a coffee grinder and only ground for a few very short spins to not powderize it.


The jar is a 400ml jar, its filled now with the mush pieces to just under 300ml, pretty much 300ml.

Can't tell you how much glycerin I used, had to pour more in because it was fully absorbed by the mushs and didn' measure both times.


The mush tinctures of medicinal mushs are at least 30% alcohol to preserve them so I wouldn't mix it down below the 30 mark if you want to keep it stored for a while.


Another thing is, I haven't tested any of the glycerin extract so I can't tell you how much to use and how it tastes.


Maybe it would work good to mix it in the vodka a couple hours before the planned session but not so good to store it mixed. 

Bluing means degradation so it will be the better option to store them separately and mix when needed.


Would a plain reduced (not fully evaporated) ethanol extract turn blue when mixed into Vodka?

Maybe if that works it would be the easier way to get you where you want.

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