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Don't fear the contam - two lightening stories about how cubes are strong

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#1 ericcapton



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Posted 23 October 2020 - 06:55 PM

I want to share with you some stories that could bring joy to our lives everywhere.



The first one: From the dumps to triumphs


I was making some g2g jars in the beginning of september I guess. I had made everything perfect, and all went well, and the myc had a new life.


There was too much of everything though, and I had made a mess. There was a bit of leftover grain laying around, rolling on the SAB towel and on the table. There was bits and pieces of colonised grain doing the same. And there was a jar with just a bit of old grain on the bottom, waiting for me in an open air as I was cleaning up.


So I collected all of the above from the open air on the old wooden dinner table and from the SAB towel and put them into the g2g jar that still had some old grain left.


I didn't even clean up the lid. I put the same lid on it that used to be there from the table, and gave it a good old shake. Forgot about it, and it was left living its own life in a separate space, since it was surely going to start growing all the weirdest shit.


Today I transferred the what was collected to the jar as perfectly healthy, white mycelium to new grain jars to continue it's life once more. The myc survived and came out the strongest, and I hope we have a good future ahead of us.



The second one: Together we are invincible


I was going through my first, relatively informed but inexperienced monotub duet experiment, watching happily as the tubs slowly started modestly pinning, thinking of the days to come. I admit I did follow them more closely than was absolutely necessary, since they were my first ones.


That made me realize, that after I had changed the micropore tapes from the exhaust holes there had started to appear some nasty green unwelcome organism growing in patches, leeching on my dear myc. I didn't have the time to troubleshoot, so I left it outdoors to 0-10 Celsius degrees to cool off while I gathered some insight and decided what to do.


So it sat there for quite some time and some gritty, but mainly mutated, fruiting bodies started to rise.


Since my Golden Teachers decided to do everything to survive, I decided to help them doing that. I went for an offense against the green. It had spread a bit, but not much, considering the time passed. There was sporadic small spots of it in the other half of the tub, while the other was still clean.


I gathered my weapons and chose H2O2 as the first line of offense. I knew that it won't kill it, but I was hoping for it to weaken it and make it wet at the same time, so that it wouldn't spread its spores as much when distrubed.


After watching it boil for a short while I took a big spoon and some assisting kitchenware and dug the evil out of my monotub. Half of the tub was missing a centimeter or two, but it as eradicated. One more round of H2O2 for the whole surface and the tub got back to warmth.


But the greenie returned after two days. I spotted a small, isolated patch one morning. This time it had to had it. Plenty of H2O2 on the spot, and when it was boiling I covered it with molten beeswax, went under it with a spoon and threw it out of my flat.


My myc was happy and grew. I was happy that my myc grew. I never saw the green again. I bet it won't have the courage to return.



I might have some ballsy strain on my hands, it seems quite hard to beat.

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#2 Severian



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Posted 24 October 2020 - 09:04 AM

Molten beeswax eh? First time I've heard of that.


Definitely played the 'do anything to save it' game before-


Have had mixed success using 5% distilled vinegar on trich spots- though the mycelium also doesnt like it as well.


Many old-heads recommend tossing all infected grows to avoid contaminating the grow room with mold spores.

#3 DetritusTheEgo



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Posted 24 October 2020 - 09:28 AM

Thanks for the stories. The good ole spoon it out and hope for the best :meditate:!


These are quite resilient species especially woodlovers like cyanescens will eat trich and other contams for breakfast in the long term. Bread and fruit produce trich like no bodies business so I assume most people have that floating around their home even if they are diligent.


I'm a big believer in putting contaminated but still quite lively grows outside ( assuming it's the right time of year and you have a yard ). Bury it under a shrub or some mulch and water it. Had lots of stuff that was a huge problem indoors become none existent problems outside. You've got more competition for the fruiting bodies outdoors though which isn't necessarily a bad thing... Just get yourself some inter-species tripping buddies.

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