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P. cubensis Moss Grows?

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#1 DarkPassenger



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Posted 26 October 2020 - 03:51 AM

Good Day My Fellow Veil Peepers,


I noticed a large group of very small mushrooms growing on a large shaded patch of moss near my house... does anyone know of any threads on on attempted grows on moss? I searched the site and came across a multitude of posts regarding adding moss (Sphagnum) to certain grows but couldn't seem to find any that discuss the potential for growing P. cubensis on moss directly. My understanding is that most P. cubes thrive in coprophilous conditions but I was nonetheless curious if anyone had experimented with indoor grown moss and inoculation to moss and if so, how one would go about doing this?


I suspect that this might be a poor choice for executing a P. cube grow with a high probability of success but curiosity is itching at my brain.


Any feedback would be appreciated.





#2 DickMoby



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Posted 26 October 2020 - 05:33 AM

Hhm, I think to grow moss yourself then dry it to grow cubes on it (if it works) is alot of work for little outcome.


Some mosses have anti fungal properties so it had to be one that doesn't work against your mycelium.


I'd think to use straw and/or straw pellets outdoor would be alot more rewarding and the costs are low aswell.


Give the moss a try, I'm experimenting alot aswell, it's always good to try things and learn

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