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Matching Agar and Substrate Composition

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#1 PsychoactiveScientist



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Posted 09 November 2020 - 12:20 PM

I have been working with many different substrate and agar formulations. I was wondering if anyone tries to mimic their substrate composition to some extent in their agar recipe. For example, if you intend to grow on horse manure, water from steeped manure could be use as the base for the agar recipe. Likewise if you intend to grow a species on hardwood, then the water drained from soaked woodchips/wood pellets could be incorporated. Same with grains (use grain soak water from the grain you intend to inoculate).


The logic to doing this would be to select for mycelium that will grow well on the intended substrate. I'm not sure if this would actually make a difference, but I wanted to throw the idea out there to see if anyone has really played around with this. Thanks!

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#2 coorsmikey



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Posted 09 November 2020 - 07:42 PM

It is very helpful to add future nutrients to the agar. It help the colony to learn to produce the enzymes that it will need later and make the transitions from each step more aggressive. I even like to add small amounts of dead competitors to the mix when I'm working with young strains, Like trich for example, I will throw projects that went south on me in the PC then harvest the dead trich to add to agar and or grain to help build the immune response of the colony to resist it later.


Catsandbats has an agar thread that goes into a lot of detail about your question. See if you can find it and if I find first I'll add the link here.


Edit: Here it is!


Oh wait here is the first one which is a prerequisite to the last one.

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#3 OldFart1971



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Posted 09 November 2020 - 07:57 PM

Im working through a small issue... I want to try a tek without using trial and error.


Archive post that has sired my imagination. I'm into math and not probability...many failures. I have had some success, however looking to increase my yield. Hippy3s recipe for substrate intrigues me. I have looked high and low looking for a solid tek to use. Any help would be appreciated.

#4 coorsmikey



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Posted 09 November 2020 - 08:23 PM

Well I think this thread is gonna be based on lil trial and error  and less of if "you follow these directions to the letter" that you are thinking of. It does sound like the OP is wanting to experiment with an idea that has limited documentation. I f you're not doing trial and error or better said, if you aint fucking up, you aint learning. the problem with solid teks are folks always want to add their own twist to it some way or another then blame the tek or the syringe for the failure.

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#5 cujoloki



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Posted 09 November 2020 - 08:44 PM

Maybe you could help me with this tek. Its called the do it in open air and have a great day tek. No laminar flow hood needed. Just Grow contams!
Lol Im kidding. I'll be using water collected from sterilizing oak sawdust for a base for some agar for lions mane and saprophobes in the future. Is saprophobes correct? idk

#6 Misfit



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Posted 10 November 2020 - 12:28 AM

I barely contam and hardly use my box anymore. Not saying to do that but it really depends on where you live I think.

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