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Glove Box Fail

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Posted 16 November 2021 - 09:20 PM

my wife cant figure out why all the storage totes in the attic have developed crACKS down the sides. your not ‚ÄčI ‚Äčended up using an old sodering iron. It worked but messed

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Posted 16 November 2021 - 09:33 PM

most of our storage totes in the attic are failed glove boxes and grow tubs. your not alone on this one. Even with the extensive knowledge base this site offers there are still things your gonna learn on your own. And this probably wont be the most expensive or heartbreaking, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Just stick with it, like ive read a million times on this site" find what works for you". I finally figured out you cant cut totes without cracking them so I used an old soldering iron. It works well enough but it trashes the iron. I think the hot can method sounds like itd work pretty good. if not you still got yourself a well ventilated storage tote.

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Posted 16 November 2021 - 09:57 PM

I used tin snips. Works pretty good and didn't crack. Then I hated holding my arm up to go through the holes so I cut them at the very top rim and use a piece of water pipe foam insulation on the edge so I can rest my arms on the padded edge. I used a pair of deer gutting gloves for long reach thin gloves but it's such a hassle getting my arms out every time I need to flame my xacto blade that I removed the gloves and just use it as a still air box.

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