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Posted 27 November 2020 - 03:33 PM

  Pasteurization ! 313PrnH2G1L.jpg

i was doing a   modified  oven tek with Turkey Oven Baking Bags , in my  gas oven . see link bellow idea for tek

But to Avoid  Domestic Conflict i have been  moving all Mycology out of Kitchen .

I now have Two Large Electric Roasters like you might cook a Turkey in i Inherited the other was $15 at a thrift Store .


  You can get big Thrifty  box of  Generic Turkey Bags ...12 count ? , on Amazon ,At the Dollar Tree i bought a couple large rectangular   Foil pans ,there buck you can Reuse them ,

i put about 1/2 inch to one  inch warm water in the steel roasting pan , then the Large Foil pan loaded with   prepared moist Sub-Straight .  i load sub-st  in Large Oven turkey Roasting bags in foil pans ,this pan with sub-straight goes in the water bath . i set the roaster control for  150f to start then adjust  , put  lid on .

I bought a Cheapo  LONG Probe Dial thermometer for $5 at a Home Brewing store . I checked it against my glass lab thermometer ,it was spot on . The  control dial  on roasters are  fairly accurate . the probe/stem goes threw lld vent hole .probe into center of bag . i shoot for  about  160f to 165 f   you can use a quilt or old sleeping bag to insulate your roaster  roaster for better consistent, lower  energy  pasteurizing .. ...........oh ya  poke small hole into top of oven bag to vent pressure if your not using long probe thermometor  ..hummm .

below  is link for old oven tel STILL GOOD  i just added oven bags rather than sealing pan with foil .

OK RESULTS MAY VERY  you will have to adjust monitor to get good results .

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Posted 28 November 2020 - 03:31 PM

Bez has always been THRIFTY if nothing else!!

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Posted 28 November 2020 - 06:49 PM

only better DEAL Than a THRIFTY Deal a Free DEAL !

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