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New research: Morning glory contains 5 stimulating LSD-like drugs, soluble only in wine/alcohol, only sparingly soluble in water.

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Posted 15 September 2022 - 03:27 PM

Explanation on how this LSH Tek works on post #2 of shroomery link along with two dozen powerful morning glory trip reports from the archives. This LSH Tek will multiply the effects of those reports by 2 to 3 times once you prepare a proper LSH liquid extract or tincture as detailed in this thread.
:thumbs_up: --> If you follow the link in post #2 of the shroomery link, there is a toxicology study that shows LSH was detected in the bloodstream and urine of two people who consumed an alcoholic extract of the seeds, this should be proof enough for anyone, this means LSH does indeed reach the brain <-- :thumbs_up:


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On my 9th morning glory LSH + penniclavine tincture trip on 9-10-2022, I saw glowing colored Fractals for the first time in mid-air with 25 gram (850 seed) morning glory LSH + penniclavine tincture. This was the procedure with pics that was done:

Keep in mind there are around 32 to 36 seeds per gram.
0. I also took the tincture along with 300mg of very pure tetrahydroharmine or THH that I make at home from harmaline in 1.5 hour, not a maoi or rima, but a psychedelic serotonin reuptake inhibitor, "psychedelic amplifier". I recommend taking the tincture along with 150mg, 200mg or even 250mg of THH if you are a beginner, it's not necessary, but it's a very special compound with many similarities to mescaline, in combo with the tincture, the most amazing trips.
You can even take the powerful MG tincture along with some cactus tea, but always stagger by taking the cactus tea first, then the MG tincture 1 hour later so the mild maoi's in the cactus will not clash or amplify the MG alkaloids.
If you take THH too, then only take the THH around 1 hour after the cactus tea, in that order only so the SRI which is THH will not clash with the mild maoi's in the bridgesii or peruvianus or san pedro cactus. However, you can always take the THH or tetrahydroharmine at the same time as the MG tincture.
You will be in for a powerful treat, like the fabled "mescaline + LSD combo", but this is more natural, more colorful, more visual, better music & aesthetic beauty enhancement than LSD.  I have done this combo several times at the waterpark, best times I have ever had at the waterpark in all my life, just incredible experiences. 
1. It hit me hard around 1.5 hour after drinking, zero nausea, zero cramping or vasoconstriction.
2. I saw glowing colored fractals in mid-air.
3. Open eyed beauty was infinite, divine and "over the top", no words to describe.
4. Music enhancement was extreme, so alien sounding, like hearing all music, sounds and voices for the very first time, so heavenly, like logicalchaos once described, every sound was literally "epic".
5. Color enhancement is similar to mescaline, and way beyond LSD.
6. No anxiety or thought confusion like with LSD, a bad trip is virtually impossible, deep head space but very relaxed mentally.
7. More visual than acid, I saw closed eye geometrics for hours similar to that seen on tiled floors, very colorful, actual visions formed of palaces, stone temples, and beautiful women.
8. One of the most powerful unique effects of the tincture is a glowing vibrant colorful aura-like active moving energy field seen around all objects and living things, a mind-blowing shimmering + glowing, as if everything has an intense divine light within itself, with this energy field constantly in flux around everything, this fine colored rainbow colored reflections energy field is incredible to view, and continues for hours with open eyes during the trip.
9. Powerful euphoria the entire time.
10. very strong for 6 hours.
11. 24 morning glory trip reports from the archives can be found on post #2, including powerful ergot wine experience from LSD chemist Todd Skinner's girlfriend Krystle Cole, chemist Peter Webster and many others: https://www.shroomer...27850299/page/1
Easy steps:
1) Gather materials: cold sherry wine (very high in acetaldehyde, contains 10mg per 1oz or shot glass), 30mg DL tartaric acid (hi media store, amazon, or ebay), shot glass, glass, fine wire coffee filter (walmart, amazon or grocery store), 25g or 850 heavenly blue morning glory seeds. DL tartaric acid: https://www.himedias...xtra-pure-10626
2) Weigh out 25g seeds (850 seeds)
3) Put seeds in between a paper plate with all the edges folded over and hammer the heck out of the seeds in between a paper plate with ends folded over on concrete floor with just a lamp on in the garage (instead of an overhead light) to keep low light until alkaloids form salts a little further down once they are added to wine solvent with DL tartaric acid, then they are stable to bright light.
4) Grind the seeds to a fine powder in coffee grinder, shake it up and down to get all the seeds ground as you grind. Grind fine as all the alkaloids are within the rubbery embryo of the seeds.
5) Pour 3 shots or 3oz of just opened fridge cold sherry wine into a tall 1/2 pint jar, add 30mg of DL tartaric acid, if you can't find it, then just add 30mg of pure citric acid powder, crushed vitamin C, or even lemon juice.
IMPORTANT! Acetaldehyde is a volatile compound and evaporates off at 70 degree F, so always keep your sherry wine in the fridge, and your tincture too. You don't want your stimulating and psychedelic LSH decomposing to the sedating and inactive LSA do you?
IMPORTANT! Always re-seal the wine by spraying $9 wine preserver gas (*mazon) into bottle to replace the oxygen blanket above the wine, then replace cork quickly and store in fridge, this way the precious acetaldehyde in the wine does not decompose or oxidize to vinegar as naturally happens over 5 days, it will remain fresh forever this way. The gas canister will last for years of sealing many sherry wine bottles.
Pour seed powder from the coffee grinder into the 3oz of cold sherry wine, screw lid on and shake hard for 1 minute, then put back in fridge, 5 minutes later shake it hard again for 1 minute, then return to fridge, repeat one last time 5 minutes later, after the 15 minutes, then let jar sit for 10 minutes, then fiter it.
The sherry wine, (just like the famous 1961 Arcamone study where LSA was dunked into fermented liquor and the LSA was converted into LSH) will cause the LSA to transform to LSH due to acetaldehyde adduct attraction/condensation reaction forming stable LSH alkaloid. Adding 30mg DL tartaric acid powder only took the PH = normal 4.0 to 3.0.
Do not use just plain L-tartaric acid but find the DL tartaric acid, D-tartaric acid is what is used to convert freebase LSD to the stable active D-form isomer salt. By adding DL tartaric acid, you will convert the freebase alkaloids contained within the rubbery embryo of the seeds to the stable D-form salts, which is stable to bright light, and absorbs way better in the stomach, very active salt form. Most alkaloids such as mescaline, etc. are found as the salt form in the plant, but not so with the alkaloids contained within the seeds, they are freebase form, by adding the DL tartaric acid, not only will this greatly enhance extraction from the seed powder, but it then becomes stable to bright light (the fragile alkaloids won't break down), and absorption is greatly improved in stomach.
6. After the jar contents have been shaken for 1 minute x every 5 minutes for 15 minutes, and the jar has sat in fridge for an extra 10 minutes, then filter the liquid layer above the seed mush through a "fine wire coffee filter" sitting on a glass. The liquid filters in around 2 minutes, rotate the filter round and round as it sits above the glass to help the contents all filter quickly.
Then pour the remaining seed mush debris on top your fine wire filter and press down on it with a spoon to get every last drop of liquid out of the seed mush, once you are done filtering, throw the expended seed mush on the filter into the trash.
7. Take your jar of filtered liquid and place it into the fridge for at least 30 minutes, you can even leave it in the fridge for hours or overnight. You will notice that after the jar sits in the fridge a while, that a fine layer (1/16" to 1/8" layer of mud) will form on the very bottom of the jar, this is good, decant and ONLY drink what is above this mud layer for a zero nausea experience, there will be no nausea causing particles in the solution you drink...leave the 1/16" layer of mud at the bottom of the jar behind, there are no actives in it.
IMPORTANT! always keep your tincture cold in fridge to keep acetaldehyde from evaporating off, as this happens at 70 degree F, always keep cool.
8. Dab a cue tip into your tincture and swab a bit on a paper plate in front of a blacklight, observe the bright blue glow of the active LSH and penniclavine Lysergic acid amides, the two highest alkaloids in morning glory. This LSH tek converts any leftover LSA in the seeds to LSH or Lysergic Acid Hydroxyethylamide. Important teamwork: the combo of LSH + penniclavine hits 6 more receptors than even LSD. 
9. Freeze the tincture if you plan to use it more than a couple days later, then defrost in fridge when ready to use, always keep fridge cold or below 70 degree F so the acetaldehyde does not boil off which occurs at 70 degree F. Freezing will preserve the acetaldehyde in the wine indefinitely if you plan to use at a later time, as the acetaldehyde will not oxidize to acetic acid or vinegar as normally happens after 5 days or so, oxygen cannot breach inside the frozen wine.
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Love the outdoors...besides walking my dog on the seawall, the beach, or at the parks, tripping at the waterpark where I used to lifeguard for 3 summers is so much FUN!
Stay true to yourself. Love, peace and music.
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Pic: The psychedelic kykeon was drank every year at the Greek sacred ceremony for 2,000 years, claviceps paspali ergot infected paspalum distichum L. grass, which grows adjacent to Eleusis in the famous Rarian plain, contains the exact same alkaloid profile as the powerful Mesoamerican morning glory could have easily fed the hundreds of participants at Eleusis.
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