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Detailed Explanation of "The Great Reset" and the New World Order

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Posted 02 December 2020 - 01:56 PM

I mean who the hell are we really supposed to trust these days



I wrote another reply that got kind of long in my typical style that began by answering that question with "Nobody, same as always. That goes double for Youtube videos and agenda-driven blogs!" followed by several moderately-verbose paragraphs containing links and images, but this time I sat on it for a while before posting it. I would stand by everything I wrote but I decided to say fuck it and toss it since such posts only seem to annoy people (particularly darci, based on past feedback, or a lack thereof in some cases), and this is her thread so I don't want to muck it up any more than I already have and I'd only be repeating what I've already posted in similar threads in the past so it'd be a redundant annoyance, too.


So, once again...


If anyone has any better ideas about what do while riding this burning plane to the ground (and after it crashes), I'm listening.

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Posted 02 December 2020 - 06:05 PM

I can't disagree, but we can still dream


People do seem to be paying attention to this one, well at least in this little corner of the planet. The idea of a vaccine passport is starting to sound more and more like a realistic thing. Especially considering its currently being used in Cha cha China. Not sure if it's a grand design or not but the consequences of restricting travel could come all the same for those that refuse it. Considering it doesn't sound like covid is going to be disappearing any time soon, even when vaccines do come out they are going to be difficult to get unless you are in the category of high risk, or super rich


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