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Why JFK matters

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Posted 23 November 2020 - 11:44 AM

A reflection on the anniversary of JFK's murder and why it matters to all mankind, and has an extra appeal to psychonauts


I've recommended this book before and will likely find a reason to do it again


Mary's Mosaic by Peter Janney


Briefly and insufficiently - but I'm not writing an analysis, just a recommendation -


JFK was profoundly influenced by his mistress (one of many) Mary Pinchot Meyer. She was one of us, a big thinker and lsd experimenter, and by all accounts a beautiful human soul.


She dosed JFK and with a combination of beauty, femininity(he tended to treat women badly), and intellect persuaded him into the mindset that got him killed.


She was killed under mysterious circumstances within months of JFK when it was learned she kept a relevant diary. Damn, is there any more dangereous place on this planet than in the political orbits of D. C. ?


My summary: there was a time when a kind soul with a handful of LSD  was the fulcrum that could have changed the course of human history for all time but her life and JFK's were snuffed by the same evil bastards who would enslave us all today.


Now, a mindblowing fact: the book was written by Peter Janney, her son. The shocking kicker? He points his finger directly at his father as being one of the conspirators behind the assasination.


This book is so well written I wish I could create something this good and enduring.


Highly recommended!


And keep a kind thought for JFK



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Posted 24 November 2020 - 06:25 PM

All you well read fellows on this site I wish I had another book to add to the discussion as they often offer the better learning experience. So in the absence of such if I could recommend a documentary that wonders how our history could have been different with JFK . I would recommend the untold history of the united states by Oliver Stone, it is a ten part series that was on netflix, not sure if it sill is but the episode about JFK is pretty interesting to say the least. One thing is for sure his view on things seemed to change over the years and in the end there was hope that we might have finally been correcting a course that was created in world war two and continued on until this very day (Military industrial complex)


I could see acid helping for sure


Here I found it on Vimeo



Alder was the only one I had found so far that has watched the series. It definitely changes your perspective on how history has been told from the western squeaky clean intelligence approved viewpoint

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