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Here's the video that sent me (back) down the rabbit hole ...

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#1 darci


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Posted 06 December 2020 - 04:31 PM

I'm wondering if anyone can debunk it, because I can't.




So if you think there's any merit to this hypothesis, then you must consider what those who are guilty are doing with all that money.  Don't forget, they already display low moral character by being willing to steal billions of dollars from billions of people.  But there are only so many mansions, boats, and airplanes you can buy until you start thinking of bigger things, like for example - "depopulation."


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Posted 06 December 2020 - 05:12 PM

When in Rome......Do as the Romans.....


Isn't this fun?!



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Posted 07 December 2020 - 11:32 AM

When in Rome......Do as the Romans.....


Isn't this fun?!





It's a LOT more fun and less soul-crushing to "do as the Vandals," though. Reb




As to the video, what exactly is its hypothesis? That humans try to scam and steal from and dominate each other however they can, same as it ever was?


What if it civilization only works the way it is?


And yes, this would mean that civilization is an oppressive pyramid scheme that only benefits a relative few people on Earth (i.e., those in the luckiest top ~7% who have a place to live, access to fresh water and enough food, internet access and a cell phone). Most Americans and Europeans are in that top-7% which is why we don't generally do much about the status quo except quietly benefit from it and occasionally point out that it might not be ideal for everyone.


How most people's day is going:

[Direct Link]


I appears to me that we can either all be hunter-gatherers together or a relative minority of us can enjoy living in big, complex technologically-advanced societies that depend upon the brutal exploitation and de facto (if not literal) slavery of almost everybody else. That video depicts the history of civilization as experienced by those who actually built it.


Since we're all so deeply entrenched in this unsustainable pyramid scheme, if we want it to stop and evolve into something more egalitarian then we're going to have to make ourselves very, very uncomfortable. I just don't see We the Privileged doing that intentionally out of some collective sense of justice or fairness, so nature's boundary conditions will have to do it for us.

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