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In need of Kratom related assistance...

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#1 PJammer24


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Posted 08 December 2020 - 05:02 PM

So I am fresh out of Kratom this morning and unfortunately I can not drive till January and even then they will have to approve it since it is 9 months shy of when my 4 years of suspension come to an end... 


So I am out of kratom and my buddy who I like to refer to as my apprentice is MIA... No reason for alarm, I am relatively certain the goof just hasn't paid his phone bill because his wife is often sick and has had a nasty cold... He also could have covid and I would be none the wiser, so there's that....


Anyway, as I was starting to yawn, I realized that I had this little bag of extract and I have no clue how to dose it!


Amazingly... The yawning came to an end the moment I realized I had this... psychosomatic symptoms be damned!!


Any help would be appreciated!

#2 Skywatcher


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Posted 08 December 2020 - 06:07 PM

I have no experience with extract or "enhanced" Kratom concentrates. I know EZ has a 25X extract.

Not knowing better, I would try 1/25 of your usual dose, and increase as needed.......?

#3 PJammer24


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Posted 08 December 2020 - 06:25 PM

I just kinda eye ball my typical dose... I was told in chat that .25 is a normal dose for some of the most robust extracts... I did a .2 just to see what happens and I don't seem to be yawning any more!! lol, though I think it was likely psychosomatic.... I typically dose twice a day with a spoonful which varies daily... Once in the morning to get me enough energy to make my coffee at 630am and once before I eat lunch...


I may give it a go with another .2 and see if I feel any different... I don't really feel that much any more, it is just to get the juices flowing so to speak... When I first started eating it daily, it had much more effect but that is to be expected.


The .2 went down pretty easy on a peanut butter cracker... I just ate so I may give it 30 min...

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#4 Coopdog



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Posted 11 December 2020 - 09:57 PM

You need some Kratom? Glad to share man, just say the word and PM me brother. 

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#5 happy4nic8r


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Posted 23 December 2020 - 05:39 PM

I make tea, doses can vary quite a bit but I've never had it so strong that it was dangerous.  If it tastes too bitter I water it down a bit, too weak, just use a little more the next time.  generally I put a heaping tablespoon for two cups and bring to boil, then steep for 15 or so.  Works for my for the past ten years. 

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