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First Agar Attempt

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Posted 21 February 2022 - 06:56 PM

Well, my last two tubs are done. They fruited well, but I definitely could have gotten more from them. The problem was that I kept accidentally leaving the lid-tubs off for too long and drying out the pin sets. I was also getting a lot of condensation and dripping during colonization, which seemed to cause some overlay issues.

So this time around, I've mixed things up a bit. First, I added ½" polyfilled holes high up on the short ends of the lids and may end up adding some smaller holes lower on the long sides if needed. Then, I cut back the amount of water in my coir again. This time, I used 4qt of water to 1lb of dry coir. And finally, put the tubs right into fruiting instead of covering for colonization.

I also did some mild experimentation with the sub. It's mostly coir, but I also added some used bark chips and pumice pieces from repotting some orchids, as well as using about 8oz of a 2mo old batch of organic fertilizer I use in my little raised bed. It's all worm/bat/kelp based, and I boiled it with the water before hydrating/pasteurizing my coir.

So far, these tubs are looking great. They are about 5 days in and starting to knot up a bit. The far left is from what I've been calling my EQ isolate lineage (probably not a true isolate yet), the middle is the B+ that I started from some dried gills, and the far right is a clone from a mushroom with an interesting bell shaped cap.

The pic of all 3 was taken about 16hrs ago. And the individual pics should be in order from left to right.c471418771d6a22fa3edcf2d048ce545.jpgdaf5191d9cf69d9ca34eb631bbf53c15.jpg951be9e34263cb65d9de885afed27aee.jpgf7cbb74e941f4cd43c508bfacb0db810.jpg
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Posted 21 February 2022 - 07:09 PM

Oh yeah they do look good.......sweet! I love it when rhizomes blast out and reach into the air....but even more so as they fall back and knot...


Nice work brother......



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Posted 02 March 2022 - 06:22 AM

I started harvesting the first flush off of the "bell capped" tub (far right in last post). Though I'm not so sure that this was the culture I thought it was... There was a chance that some things got mis-labeled, so I'll have to go back and figure out what this tub could be. I'll definitely take a clone to properly label; this is a pretty funky looking phenotype.

I'll start labeling better once I get some new prints.

Pic is after harvesting a large handful of similarly looking, more mature fruits.e25f6feb352e67bfda2b8c55c3313aad.jpg
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Posted 02 March 2022 - 02:26 PM

The other two tubs are coming along. They both appear to be putting out some rather large fruits, especially compared to the one I posted last night.

The tub in the middle is definitely moving slower and has some scaly looking stems. I did realize that perhaps it was too well insulated by the other two tubs, so I arranged some gaps between them.

Here's a pic of the large handful I took from the funky-fruits this morning. Then pics of the two other tubs.fa07227572ba21d2e76aae18027073f4.jpg1a4ff67d6d3750eb2e8a5dd2f9c0797e.jpgf0e7be69f7fee0c94a79008a5ea3b9ef.jpg
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Posted 01 April 2022 - 03:10 PM

Just spawned my first batch of Lion's Mane! Got some LC online, and shot up some quarts. Definitely a new experience compared to cubes.

I couldn't find bran anywhere convenient, so I just used some coir and oak pellets. I am also using gallon ziploc bags.... So we'll see how this goes. This culture seems to be pretty aggressive, so I suspect that it will tear through the sub.

Not sure how I'm going to fruit. I have a large tub that I use for my glove box, and a couple elevated cooking racks that I've used to incubate tempeh. Was thinking about covering the arm holes w/ cloth or stuffing with polyfill, since I hear that they need lots of FAE. Humidity is a concern, but IIRC, LM prefers less RH than cubes. Am I correct on that?

Any tips for spore printing/collection? I've seen where people prop the mushroom up w/ toothpicks and the like to collect on foil. But would it be better to just swab to a plate with a sterile swab?6051815c36b89f497a5d62fc487e9366.jpg

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