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Heroic Dose

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#1 Shroomy9



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Posted 30 December 2020 - 05:39 PM

Hi guys.


I want  to attempt a heroic does , this is way past due and I am a frequent tripper and I have a daily meditation habit.

Last time  I took 3.2 grams in silent darkness and the effects were very mild, the peek was bit intense.


I am thinkin about doing a lemon tek with my golden teachers and I heard Mckenna say  that he weed eases the transition ,

can you share some thoughts on this.


Also the only thing that is holding me back now is that I dont have a trip sitter .


Thank you in advance for replying .

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#2 rockyfungus



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Posted 30 December 2020 - 07:04 PM

3.2 is nowhere near a heroic dose for the average person, 5-6g may be closer to that true dose.

If you are a daily smoker I say go for the weed. If you don't smoke on the regular it tends to induce more fear/paranoia/anxiety, etc.


Work your way up without a trip sitter is the only advice I can give there. Best to have someone experienced around to watch if going above 4.5g (go slow everyone reacts differently)

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#3 HrVanker



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Posted 30 December 2020 - 07:07 PM

I'm unsure what your specific concerns are, but over the years I've developed two "rules" for when I am tripping, and they have never steered me wrong:

1. Whether you are thinking about dosing or already tripping: If an idea makes you feel uncomfortable, wait for a better time.

2. Wait about 2 weeks between each trip. This allows tolerance to subside (no disappointing trips) and also lets you integrate your last experience before going back for more. This tends to make each experience more special than if it's a weekly habit.


I don't know if the second one really applies to you, but I feel it's worth mentioning. I see lots of posts (looking at you Redditors) from people who seem to completely disregard tolerance and integration because they just want to get high (of course that isn't how they state it). I feel like this can create a cycle of upping the dose and increasing tolerance in the pursuit of that first trip experience... In other words: chasing the dragon.

#4 peacefrog


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Posted 30 December 2020 - 08:42 PM

“Heroic doses” can be very beneficial and healing, but they can also be VERY scary. As touched on in an earlier post, set and setting do play a role when taking that amount.

But that said, you stated you were a frequent tripper, so you probably know that already. If that is your goal, then by all means do it. I have taken many journeys into the abyss and it has never killed me haha. Even with the scary ones, I learned something. But still if you have never been “that far” before, definitely wait until you have a tripping sitter with you just in case for your first time reaching those limits.

As far a Cannabis, I think it helps, but I have still been like “holy shit I took to much” and have been locked in the fetal position for what seemed for days before. And that was while using cannabis before and during. I have also had that same “oh shit” moments without using cannabis.

Just be careful and trust that no matter how far you are dragged into the mushroom world, you WILL come out of it soon.

My 2 pennies. Good vibes.

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#5 PJammer24


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Posted 30 December 2020 - 10:22 PM

Safe comfortable setting... Unexpected and/or unneeded stressors can ruin an afternoon/evening quickly. If you are going to be around others, I would be sure you are more than comfortable with them... For me, being around a bunch of people I don't know well enough to trust can send me down darker paths... I've eaten some larger doses in the past and have had to deal people who probably shouldn't have been eating larger doses to start with... With practice, those situations can be managed but they certainly drain your energy while adding some level of darkness... 


I think you mentioned that you have been experimenting with dosing in complete darkness so it already sounds like it is nearly meditative and that there would not be the variables one would find in a group of people whose state has been altered and may not have been prepared for it... 


I am sure everyone realizes but the use of darkness was metaphysical in meaning and the second was in terms of lighting... lmao... Not sure why I felt the need to clarify considering there are few halfwits living that Mycotopia life!! lol!! 

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#6 Baphom3t


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Posted 31 December 2020 - 12:00 AM

Alright, you want a heroic dose.
1. Eat 6 - 12 grams after a 12 hour fast, I venture upwards of 10+ when I do a "heroic" dose.
2. Be sure to be in a safe place around people you know you can trust.
3. Be at peace with yourself, never take large amounts in the wrong state of mind.
4. Play, 1/22/1978 - McArthur Court, University of Oregon - Eugene, OR by Grateful Dead or damn near any live show from GD.
5. Play, 6/19/1995 Deer Creek Amphitheater by Phish <---great show, I was there.
6. Play more music and enjoy the ride.

In all seriousness though. The other posts above mine are as spot-on as it can get. Follow your instinct, your gut never lies.
A "heroic" dose as it is called is pretty intense. If anything prepare yourself mentally and spiritually before you walk into that realm, and prepare to loose yourself. When you see you are lost, you will find that you are found. 
Safe travels.


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#7 Jrotten



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Posted 31 December 2020 - 02:22 AM

I wouldn’t lemon tek 7-14 grams which I consider starting to be heroic. I would definitely make apple cider with that much. It’ll hit plenty fast and early. I would sip the cider over 30 minutes actually. I like dabs and I like them once I’m moving which means that come up is something to be managed without other things involving themselves. Cannabis too early can blunt the trip for me if I use cannabis before hand. Flower just takes too much and eats up time when I’m tripping. I like one big (for me) dab.

I prefer heroic LSD to heroic fungus and I prefer stronger species to a lot of cubes. I just don’t feel like cubes alone is the same as something like Semperviva or a pan species. Mixing them is nice, but 2-3 grams of pans or Semperviva or whatever is manageable is probably preferable.

All the same:
instant apple cider in a pouch
grind your mushrooms rough if you can
Simmer with a small lemon squeezed into the water, you just want the water moving the material gently, not a rapid boil
Mash the fruit up a bit in the water
Simmer for 20-30 minutes
Strain with a fork or coffee filter or actually both
Mash out the last bits of liquid.
Aim to wind up with about one coffee mug of liquid per person.
Add your pack of apple cider
It will taste good. It will hit fast.

I like to sip it over 20-30 minutes. Meditate on the come up because that big dose come up in tea/cider can cause a lot of anxiety that you’ll spend the first 30-45 minutes trying to manage which can bring the experience down a bit.
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#8 rockyfungus



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Posted 31 December 2020 - 11:04 AM

I've had an accidentally heroic dose in my youth.

Was halloween we were going to a concert in the ghetto and I didn't know half of the group I was with.

I'm 5'6 130 lbs wet, it took 3 dudes over 6 feet 200lbs to hold my lunatic ass down for 3 hours. I was blacked out, and in the land of 8B geometry. That shit is terrifying especially back in the days before the internet. I lived a thousand lives till I came back to my current life. Everyone will experience ego death/skull fuckery differently.

A trip sitter will save your life.


4. Play, 1/22/1978 - McArthur Court, University of Oregon - Eugene, OR by Grateful Dead or damn near any live show from GD.
5. Play, 6/19/1995 Deer Creek Amphitheater by Phish <---great show, I was there.
6. Play more music and enjoy the ride.

I prefer something like Phish, Japan 6-14-2000 (2nd set twist on). Ambient without lyrics, gentle/bright but also exploring some darkness. Same theme throughout a few hours so easier to sink into a deep trance.

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#9 Boebs



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Posted 31 December 2020 - 11:40 AM

Carful with the lemon tek.

It really does bring about some strength to them.

I brewed about 14gs into tea with fresh lemon squeezed juice.
Split 3 ways.
I loved where i went. The other two..
One spent the night crying over his past, qnd wished to be sober, and vowed to never touch mushrooms again.
The other literally had a psychotic break.
Chocked his sister, i had to hold him down for 3-5 hours.
Her was lost in a repeat episode.
Lagged in time Basically only repeated "who am i, i am you, you are me, i just wrote this"

Please be careful and respect the fungi:)

#10 TVCasualty


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Posted 31 December 2020 - 12:49 PM

My personal dosage "sweet spot" for cubes is 6 cracker-dry (that is important) grams soaked in LIME juice. Everyone will have their own sweet spot. Finding it can be ...interesting.


Lime juice is far more palatable than lemon IMO, and Key limes are the best (also IMO).


I also think that the term "heroic" in this context is problematic. I call them "full-spectrum" doses. That's because some of my 6+ gram trips (including one at 14g) have been smoother, easier rides than some of my 3g and under trips. You might be really nervous before taking 6 grams but find it to be pure bliss and all smooth sailing while 3 grams you eat in anticipation of a mellow, fun evening ends up shoving your face into a steaming pile of your own perceived failures or fuckups for a couple of rather unpleasant hours.


It's fortunate that tryptamine-based psychedelics tend to have soft landings because you never really know when you're going to put yourself through the psychedelic wringer...




"I regret nothing!"



So dosage alone is not the sole determinant of how challenging a trip might be. Keep in mind that the fungi/psilocin (any psychedelic, really) is only half of the equation when it comes to tripping. The other half is your mind. Setting can be a relevant variable in determining how a trip goes, too but largely because of its effect on our minds (a setting that is physically unsafe is another matter, and IMO is a separate issue from the "psychedelic molecule + your mind = your unique trip" equation).



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#11 ilikethings



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Posted 31 December 2020 - 09:52 PM

My 2 cents = if the most you have tried is 3.2gms, next try 4gms.  4g's is the sweet spot for me (I know that is just one data point).  smoking cannabis while tripping at 4g's definitely has an effect.  I'm not sure I like it--as noted above, i.e. it can be soothing at times but also induce anxiety at times.  I am a very psychologically stable individual--no disorders or other issues per se. 


The other issue is if you have taken any other compounds like common uppers like amphetamine.  I found that amphetamines like dextro-amphetimine (most commonly sold as adderall IR) don't make it more "far out" but actually dull the effects--reduces the colorful CEV's/prevents full ego-death experience.  i.e. I only did this twice and the amphetimine dose was only 30mg taken ~8-12hrs prior to dosing the 4gs.  I discourage said combination.


In conclusion, I'd suggest you try 4g with no other substances but water and maybe 2-3 beers before hand to calm your nerves.  When I do 4g's (I havent tripped in over 1-2 years), I get full blown "crystal portal"/DMT-esq visuals for about 30 minutes following the 20 minute come up and then it moves into the typical outerspace CEV with pastel colors/lines that look like pastel leaf prints--similar perhaps to Michael Pollan's description of feeling like a paint-liquid that spreads across the galactic univiverse.

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#12 peacefrog


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Posted 01 January 2021 - 01:44 AM

Solid advice above in this thread for sure. I like your take on it TV, and very well said my friend.

In all honesty the scariest trip for me wasn’t with psilocybin, it was with LSD. I knew I was screwed after 20 minutes after ingestion. Which of course played a role in the subsequent events that occurred later on. I was by myself and just plainly took to much by accident; a couple of hours of pure hell, which seemed like an eternity! If I hadn’t had the experience with many tripping outings, I would have called 911. Not a good idea lol.

Either way, losing ones “ego” is a hell of an experience for sure. But at the same time it is very enlightening as a human being. It DOES teach you something. Whether you believe it’s venturing into God’s realm, or merely just you digging through your “mind” in a way never done before, it’s an overwhelming yet powerful experience IMO. Hell half the time I don’t even remember what I did yesterday lol but I still remember moments of those epic journeys into the psychedelic realm like it just happened. I honesty believe that those journeys helped me evolve as a human. But that’s just me.

Either way, these compounds are to be respected and not taken lightly
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#13 ilikethings



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Posted 01 January 2021 - 03:53 PM

Peacefrog, I had a similar experience.  The worst "trip" I ever had was upon insufflating ~15mg of 5-meo-DMT.  I remember it well.  I didn't enter the "pure white" space that many describe but it did'nt have any of of the colors like psilo.  It felt like i was in the cover of a gray-scale trapper keeper cover from the 90s (see attached image but picture it in gray-scale/black and white).  It was the only time I contemplated seeking medical attention bc I thought I was going to die!  It lasted about 25-30minutes.  Have not done that since...but I'm open to trying smoking it.  (FUN NOTE: that new Pharmecopia episode on the "synthetic toad venom machine" is pretty good:

[Direct Link]


Apparently 5-meo-DMT is not controlled in Mexico, and that Hamilton guy synthesized a batch on video--and also printed pamphlets that contain his process.


re my bad experience, no lasting effects. 

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