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Hi All, fruiting oyster mushroom problem

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#1 Pigpen



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Posted 02 January 2021 - 01:36 AM

Thanks for letting join this great community. I've been visiting mycotopia for while and finally decided to pull the trigger on joining.

A couple months ago I was growing oyster mushrooms and they kept having long stems and short caps. The relative humidity was 87-92%, co2 was less than 1000 ppm, lighting was 12/12 with 5000k lighting, and a circulating fan was on 24/7.

I'm getting back into growing them again and need to figure out why this was happening. My first thought is it's an issue with my light. Has anyone else had this occur with 5000k lights? Do I need something that's warmer out cooler? Any other ideas on what is causing this issue?

#2 rockyfungus



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Posted 02 January 2021 - 10:47 AM

Which oyster are you growing?

#3 Auhron



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Posted 02 January 2021 - 02:24 PM

You say a circulating was running 24/7, I assume that to be a fan entirely within the fruiting chamber.  How many times are you actually exchanging the air?


Lighting is both frequency (your 5000k, my oysters grow with 6500k) but there is also intensity, that would be the lumen output of the light, if the intensity is too low it can result in elongated stems. Frequency is probably less of an issue, I've read 6500k is ideal but it shouldn't be detrimental only being at 5k. 


If you're up for a bit of a read check out my grow log:  I had experienced the same issue you're having and have since remedied the problem, maybe you will find it helpful.

#4 Pigpen



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Posted 02 January 2021 - 06:41 PM

I had this issue with both blues and pearls. Kings grew without a problem.

Yes, by circulating I mean inside the fruiting chamber. I'll get you air exchange figured when I check the volume of the exhaust fan. The light is 6600 lumen. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.

#5 Pigpen



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Posted 04 January 2021 - 11:24 PM

Great thread. Really curious to see oysters on grass clippings.

I went to back in my notes and I had the exhaust fan set to run based on co2 levels. If co2 went over 1000 ppm it would run the fan until it dropped down to 800 ppm. I wasn't able to track how often and how long the fan ran. This might be the problem, I assumed if co2 levels were correct it was going to be ok.

On a side note, today I knocked a few jars of kings, lions mane will be knocked tomorrow, and I'm waiting for grain masters to colonize with pearls, blues, yellows, pioppino, and nameko.
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