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BRF to tub question (newbie round 2)

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Posted 18 January 2021 - 02:33 PM

Howdy there


I have been sitting on a few jars in wait for them to finish colonizing (they're all going at their own unique paces), but I think today is the day that I want to jump on getting their next home ready. This is only my second attempt at a grow, and the last I tried was with an ex who took over the project at this point -- we let one cake stand on a little foil foot via classic instructions, but then he later followed someone's advice, or simply came to his own conclusion, that grating/crumbling the cake into coir/verm would be sufficient and provide a more plentiful and easy-to-navigate yield. I think he may have been right in that, and I wanted to give this a shot again but he jumped to crucial steps without me so I missed some details and was wondering if my logic is clear: 


I have two bins (the same bins we used last time -- no holes punched, we were able to just let them breathe a couple times a day and simultaneously monitored hydration that way)

I'm thinking three [pint] jars to a bin


can I pasteurize the coir/verm I have with boiling water? Or bake it first and then hydrate? And then, theoretically, can I simply crumble the colonized cakes into a 1:1 substrate and let it roll? Should I add a top layer to case?


I really wish he had shared better notes with me lol but it was also twoish years ago, shit

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Posted 23 January 2021 - 02:01 AM

Yes you can just crumble them to a bulk substrate at a 1:1ratio

And yes you can just hot water bath the verm/coir with boiling hot water (dont forget to squeeze dry it to field capacity once it's cool though)

I wouldn't bother adding a top casing layer, it's better to be able to see the mycelium developing after spawning but others will have their opinions about this.

Did I miss anything?
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