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The Political Climate Is Suffocating To Exist In

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Posted 03 February 2021 - 06:38 PM

For a guy who definitely got too involved into following and arguing politics this year it has been a nice break and reflection on the matter this past month. I look back on it and wonder how it all happened. (I think it has plenty to do with blurry line of infotainemnt.) The lack of focus on those political issues was the thing I found most attractive about this place when I first arrived.


These news articles are just arguments waiting to happen. On the internet there is so much to learn about and discuss yet we waste time on these divisive issues with no end game in sight. It's not really a discussion so much as let me try to condense the two hours of one sided propaganda I watched today down into a few tag lines and sentences for you to read and accept as fact. While you try to do the exact same thing to me, it essentially becomes a well my daddy said affair...


Jimmy Dore (Whom I am also not watching at the moment) probably has one of the better lines for that issue. It's not a left versus right problem it is a up versus down problem. That is the real game being played, always has and always will be the game. The left right dichotomy serves as the perfect distraction. Everyone is too busy arguing over which version of presented reality is correct, to be able to see that there is no singular truth.


You turn on one of those news shows for just a second and you feel that magnetic pull almost instantly. One has to stop and say, ahhh I know what your doing, the words coming out of your mouth are designed to annoy me, to piss me off, to make me feel as though I am being screwed, all with the goal of stealing my time. They know exactly who their viewers are and what they think, so here come's the feeding tube


Trying to find that balance of keeping your head out of the sand but at the same time staying detached from it all seems to be the trick


Get you enraged so you engage, works like a freaking charm



Let's see how long I make it..... :meditate:  

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Posted 24 March 2021 - 05:17 AM

I have removed most of the politics, especially USA, from my news diet and I feel much better for it. There's only so much I can take and the amount I need to know is smaller still.


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Posted 24 March 2021 - 09:51 AM

NO hate filled MSNBC   for me.    .

The constant character assassination drum beat is Nauseating   ..  politicians and media pot stirrers just shut The Fuck Up and do your job .. do the right thing ...wether its your side or other .

There like a pack of vicious 12 year old bully's . on both sides  DO YOUR FUCKING JOBS 

stop wasting time desperately spewing dirt .

there problem is solved 

ha right



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Posted 24 March 2021 - 11:37 AM

Politics seems to entail competing groups of people each trying to impose their own version of Stockholm Syndrome on the rest of society (after imposing it on each other). This group says 2+2=5, that group says it equals 6, another group says it's 2, and the stragglers claiming that the answer is 4 and are willing to show their work to prove it are being ignored or mocked if they're lucky or imprisoned or killed if they're not.


It's only called "Stockholm Syndrome" because of the specific incident that first made the existence of the phenomenon and an awareness of its underlying causes apparent. We don't have to be literally  held hostage to be subject to it since all it requires is a sufficient degree of immersion in a given ideology or type of rhetoric.


This is why the Q crowd tells skeptics to "do your own research!"


That's another way of saying "Immerse yourself in our delusional rhetoric until you begin to grow sympathetic to it just like we did!"


The phenomenon has always existed, but YouTube's content and various search algorithms (etc.) have potentiated it to the degree that we might not be able to find our way back to a cohesive understanding of what is real and true vs. what isn't before it'll be too late to matter.

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Posted 24 March 2021 - 11:43 AM

It has been a nice breath of fresh air largely ignoring the noise.. Every once and a while my friends will text me something that will start to agitate me and it's better to ignore it all. What I am going to do other than be annoyed by it. Nothing


I did see that CNN has supposedly seen a 40% viewer drop since Trump left office. Good, likely we are are better served as a society by not paying attention to all that bs. The media likes to focus on personal relationships of politicians instead of the real issues so it's mostly just a big dog and pony show, political theater.


Imagine a world where all that nonsense was turned off for three months. My guess is we would all get along a little better but who knows. Fighting seems to be part of mankind's nature I am not sure we will ever be able to transcend it. That is until we figure out how to make our bodies impervious to damage, then we can live in a world where there is no genetic need for these basic survival instincts



Think I watched the dramatization of that Stockholm syndrome origin. Some American robbed a bank in Sweden and one of the bank tellers started to feel sympathetic to his cause, eventually helping him to try to thwart the police

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