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planning my next grow - suggestions?

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#1 SlipperyJack



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Posted 12 February 2021 - 11:38 AM

Hey there everyone,


I am in the middle of my 3rd PFTek grow.

Everything for all my grows so far has gone pretty much as good as it could have gone.

So I have no reason to complain, or to search for other teks, because my current process seems to work just fine for me.

However, in the spirit of continual improvement, I am looking ahead to my next grow.

From what I have read, it seems like a mono-tub would be the next logical step?

Is that correct?

If so, are there any consolidated guides like there is for PFTek?

Is it even worth me trying to change teks?  Risk vs. reward?


Lastly... I have currently grown GT, B+ and PE6.

Happy to continue growing these.

But, does anyone have any suggestions on other strains that would be worth getting my hands on and trying?


Thank you so much.

I continually appreciate all your collective expertise.


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#2 sandman


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Posted 15 February 2021 - 09:54 AM

Good head on your shoulders thinking from you here.


Comes down to how much fruits you want but yea youve got it, a monotub would be your next stop. You can expect 4+ oz easily from a monotub so a good years supply for you and a few friends out camping.


As far as consolidated guides yes there is many. But its so easy I can sum it up in one sentence.


Colonize 5-8 quart jars of any type of various grain like you have been the PF jars, then those are broken up and mixed in a tub that has a block of coir and 2 quarts of verm and a gallon of water in it...the end. Then you'd just treat it like your tub with cakes in it.


Of course there is some nuances here and there but that's the outline. 


The quart jars of grain need a filter on the lid, a 1/4" hole with polyfil wad pulled through works great and you can inject the spores right through the wad after removing foil. PCing grain takes a little more time also, 90-120 minutes @ 15 psi is the deal.


But really thats all you need is some good clean spawn. The quart jars of grain are called spawn because we "spawn" it later by mixing it up with a bulk substrate (the coir and verm and water)


You'll probably lose 10-50% of your grain jars at first, because they contaminate easier than PF jars. but whos counting.

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#3 SlipperyJack



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Posted 16 February 2021 - 05:53 PM

Thanks for the response sandman.


Did I understand your post correctly... you need to colonize 5 to 8 quarts (litres) of spawn?

How big are these monotubs?  LOL!
Or is that because you can lose a good portion to contam?


Anyways... for now, I think I will keep going with the cakes... they are easy, and I like growing 2 strains at a time sometimes (I'm sure you can do that in a mono tub as well, but it's not as clean).


I think my next 'jump' will be attempting to try a something completely different... Psilocybe cyanescense, or maybe Paneolus... but I think I am a long way off from that... I don't think I have the space or the access to ingredients for these at the moment.

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#4 jrh



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Posted 16 February 2021 - 08:46 PM

I've gotten good results so far spawning 1 qt of spawn to 2 qts of substrate in a 6 qt shoebox like the one below. It's a nice, fun size, and they're small enough you could have 1 or 2 for each of your varieties.




When your fruits start getting too tall, flip another shoebox upside down and stack it on top to make a dub tub.

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