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My 1st grow attempt failed....and then salvaged.

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I've got a few old aquariums and all the stuff that goes with them. Been thinking of trying an aquarium pump for air flow. If C02 settles does a person need vent holes down low so the co2 is pushed out as fresh air is pushed in? I'm dreaming of using one of the 4 ft long aquariums so I can see into the chamber. And I don't wanna punch holes in the glass. Not very discreet. But it sure would look cool with an automated mist generator.

Yep. Dreaming again.

I use unmodified clear 26-liter tubs that you can snag at Walmart.
The size of tub you use is your choice. If you give your tubs FAE 4 times a day you should not need to put any holes in them. Just remember to stay on top of misting.
You are doing BRF cakes so you have perlite in the bottom of your tubs. If your perlite is hydrated properly you should only maybe need to mist it once or twice a day.
I also use a monotub which directions to making one is not hard to find and I'm sure they are here on the forums somewhere.
Drilling little holes all over the tub is a SGFC = Shot Gun Fruiting Chamber and I've never used that as a FC

How long do you leave your tubs open for fanning?
I use the tub lid and causally fan my tubs for maybe 2-3 minutes.
One thing I have come to notice when getting fruits is that you will mist less as more fruits grow because the mycelium and fruit bodies create their own heat and humidity. You just got to remember to let them breathe a couple or few times a day and give them a couple of mists or three when needed.

Keep doing what your doing man, don't overthink it. Stay patient. Mushrooms will teach you how to be patient. You got the right idea. Keep researching and asking questions when you run into a problem.

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