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May you go deep into your soul spirit to heal all beings.

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Posted 23 February 2021 - 02:36 AM

May you go deep into your soul spirit to heal all beings.
In the night of the long journey through the whole country to go back to our temporary home inside Mother Earth and Father Sky making love all around the home of the god of grapes and wine, and shamanic trance, Dionysus, of the lighting fires and smelling the red wind from far away journeys to Africa, and of pasta with basil and goat cheese for dinner, SHE sends the dream. In this dream, I am seeing homes, homes, homes, over and over again. I am seeing a home with a rusty windmill and with African zebras in the center of all the universes calling. The man says, “ It is old and new.. rare and atypical.” I wake and move in the waxing moon’s wind and earth from the red African desert wanderers moving towards an oasis and fall asleep in the second dream of visions. In this dream I am with my younger son. Together, we are looking at the ceremonial site. The site has been disassembled to be reborn again. In its ceremonial deconstruction, keeping the heart and soul of the ceremony intact is the huge letting of, the deconstruction of purification in its purity that heals all beyond imagination, back generations, forward generations, and now.. to the star beings. In the second episode of this dream, I am on a huge houseboat on a river. There are many people on this barge building with open hearts the new world of caring, kindness, peace, compassion and love. There are people I have worked with, lovers, new people introduced, and they all point to the future where we all will leave this boat and move to the stars. SHE sings, It is time to enter your shamanic trance to find your way home to the soul of spirit. It is time to go into you shamanic trance to see your soul. It is time to dance in total freedom. It is time to go beyond desire to merge the Divine Feminine with Divine Masculine in passionate love. It is time to go into ritual ecstasy to make art, dance sing do theatre to heal all beings and bring them home to soul spirit. SHE sings, “My babies who I love more than my heartbeatbreath, May you go into your soul spirit to heal all beings. May you dance and sing to merge Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine to heal all beings. May you go into your trance to bring back your soul of spirit. May you find you way home with the visions of your journey to heal all. May you go into your passionate trance to make love to heal all beings. Thank you for your life, your love, your work, who you carry on earth to go into your trance of soul spirit to heal all beings.” Prayers, blessings, protection, and love to you, your loved ones, and al beings, from before time to after time in all universes.,. beyond everything possible and imaginable. Thank you, ancestors, spirit animals, spirit guides, teachers, lovers, grandmothers and grandfathers of the four directions, Creator/ Mother Earth and HERKISS for this gift to you. Illustrations, Dionysus, god of grapes and wine, fertility, shamanic trance, religious ecstasy, dance and theatre and his sacred dancing wild women followers the maenads join Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine to heal all beings in ecstasy.
Michael Samuels


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