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#1 Ambrose



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Posted 27 February 2021 - 09:04 PM

Seen some really cool threads on here and excited to learn all I can from y'all  :thumbs_up2:

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#2 Ambrose



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Posted 27 February 2021 - 10:52 PM

One of the things that attracted me to this site was all the great posts regarding various exotic species.


I've recently been enjoying attempts at growing P. semperviva and P. mexicana. Probably my two favorite species for the time being. 

Here are the semperviva I'm growing currently, this is one of about 4 trays I first tried(the other 2 of 4 were pretty much a failure, I made the mistake of using a greenhouse which they didn't like):

semperviva - Copy.jpg

I'm hoping that they will continue to mature and maybe produce more spores. Grown in a monotub, they don't seem to mind neglect. Very slow though, these were spawned in November of last year and this is their second flush! I plan to take some clones in the hopes of getting more consistent performance.



The other species I have going is mexicana (chicon nindo), admittedly they ended up looking a lot like tampanensis to my eyes so I'm not sure if perhaps the person I got them from was mistaken. Here is a pic of the first flush which I was pretty happy with:

mexicana - Copy.jpg





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Posted 28 February 2021 - 03:48 AM



We expect your Posts.

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#4 Mycol



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Posted 28 February 2021 - 09:32 AM

Good to have you, kick you shoes off and stay awhile

#5 coAsTal



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Posted 28 February 2021 - 09:39 AM

Heya Ambrose-- good to see you on this side of the fence too-- you ought to post in the threads showing your recent grows (Semps, Mex, etc...)

You've done some great work!



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#6 Ambrose



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Posted 28 February 2021 - 11:44 AM

Hey Coastal, good to see you here too!

Thank you for the warm welcome y'all
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#7 Sidestreet


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Posted 28 February 2021 - 05:15 PM

Hot damn, those look fantastic.  Welcome.

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#8 SelfTransformingMachineElf



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Posted 01 March 2021 - 08:07 PM

Ah, really nice.  Getting excited - Mexicana is on the docket.  Those are nice looking trays.  :wub:

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