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Turtle Time

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Posted 05 April 2021 - 11:27 AM

:confused: My first attempt of PF Tek at 63 yrs old turned into a WTF did I just do? Started off going backwards and came here to learn.

I have a hard time retaining knowledge so coming here daily or more is a blessing. Hippie3 is a read I found to follow and am sure there are others I will find in the Archives. Thanx for the advice offered here, hopefully my second try will make cakes.

In innoculation for two weeks today and 2 out of nine have nothing yet, holding temp at 77 occasionally reaching 79. I am using a fruiting chamber for this one and will put the next batch in one w/o holes if needed. I think I packed the jars to tight but have good starts on bottom of jars. the first try had it more in middle, don't know which is better yet. I am in the process of converting a spare room into a grow room so improvements are sure to follow. Thanx for having me as a member and for the great knowledge found within. 

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Posted 06 April 2021 - 09:32 AM



JUST IN CASE havn't run across the MAGIC FOR THE MASSES    post below is a link to the thread 


in the first post is a link for a FREE  PDF Book that  has the latest PF TEK  .it's  a good boojk



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Posted Today, 10:01 AM

Bezevo, Thanx I have been reading MFTM and have found some succession starting but not to much. I am at the end of the innoculation stage time and am only seeing spotted growth of cakes. I think I may have packed jars to tight but the inner me says the spores I got were not from the best of spore stores.  Holding steady temps of 77-79 degrees in tub. Frustrated and anxious to get this stage down pack and eager to move forward but smart enough to know I must crawl before I walk. Have been using spore store but it seems that no matter how long I shake the syringes the spores don't seem to distribute evenly. [I tried to empty syringe into a shot glass and draw them back to no avail.] Should I continue to let the cakes grow longer? the first try had shrooms growing in jars before cakes developed and mold took over. This turn seems to look a lot better but very slow growth. Any suggestion would be welcome! Have a great day. 

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Posted Today, 12:16 PM

You shouldn't "pack" BRF cakes into the jar. Just spoon it into the jar as if you were just trying to move it into a little pile instead of trying to pack it into a container. You can shake the jar a little to get it to fill in the sides, and after the jar is "filled" while leaving enough headspace for the dry verm, you can level it out which will press it down a little, but that's it.


Are you using metal lids? Seal side up or down? Any tape over the inoculation holes? My recommendation would be to use upside down metal lids with the seal side up. Put micropore tape over the holes to sterilize but don't tape them back up again after you inoculate. The #1 reason for stalled cakes is not enough airflow for the mycelium to breathe. I like the upside down metal lid with the ring loosened 1/4 turn myself.


When did you inoculate your cakes? Can you post pics of what they look like now?


Spores tend to clump in water... it's just how it works. But for every clump of spores that you can see, there's tons of spores floating around that you can't see. So yes, shake up that syringe between inoculations, but please don't ever shoot it into a shot glass again. That's just an opportunity for mold spores floating in the air and bacteria from your breath and who knows what else to get into your previously clean syringe.


Personally, I'd turn the heat down to between 70 F and 75 F. Mycelium does grow faster at higher temperatures but so do yeasts and molds and bacteria. The extra heat actually helps the contaminants more than it helps the mushroom mycelium. How are you providing heat? If it's with a grow mat or something like that, there's a good chance you've dried out your cake. You should heat up your grow space and let the ambient temperatures control the heat in your grows instead of trying to heat up jars or a tub.


That's enough for now. Post pictures and people will be able to help more.


PS Can someone move this to Fungi: Magic Mushrooms? Thanks!

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