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Getting my ducks in a row

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#1 SelfTransformingMachineElf



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Posted 05 April 2021 - 08:03 PM

Getting my project off the ground has proven troublesome - just from a lack of time.  I just finished my first set of jar lids today, and within a day or two, I'll be running the PC.  For the remainder of the post, everything is multispore inoculation.


I'm trying to remember how I used to sterilize PF cakes.  I'm pretty certain my PC options are 5, 10, 15 lbs, so I think I went 60 minutes @ 15 psi.  Does that sound fine?


As far as LC, I'm going to compare both honey and LME.  As far as PC, I know I've got to watch my sugars here - will 15 minutes @ 5 psi give a good result?  Will 15 minutes @ 10 psi caramelize?  I do like to be certain I'm getting the media sterile.  These jars will have double SHIPs (one to release the vacuum and the other to inoculate).


For agar, I'm planning on going 30 min @ 15 psi.  I was hoping to find half pint wide mouth mason jars, but that is apparently laughable in April.  I heard Ball had a big sales year last year too, what with COVID and all.  Anyway all that to say - I've got a collection of small #5 plastic containers, which I'm under the impression will hold up in the PC?  Just hoping to confirm that before I ruin my PC.  I do have a few dozen half pint mason jars, but they won't last long with all the stuff I'm going to start.  I'd like to make the plastics work.  If #5 plastic IS acceptable for the PC, can I put the lids on tightly to PC and will I be able to easily remove them in my SAB, which will have plenty of mobility?


And finally for rye, 60 min @ 15 psi.


Does that all sound good?  Last question is - I clearly have a lot of PC work ahead of me.  I know that it's ideal to inoculate as quickly as possible to give the spores a chance to beat any baddies.  How long is too long to wait - I think I've probably got many PC runs that I'll have to do - and the bad part is that for any given syringe, I'll be using each run (in most cases): LC, agar, PF, and grain.


Many thanks for any help.

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#2 Ambrose



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Posted 05 April 2021 - 11:50 PM

Nice to see you're getting closer to go time!

60 min at 15 psi for the cakes sounds fine to me.

For the LC, LME I do 30 - 45 min at 15 PSI. I wouldn't worry about caramelization, I don't think it will happen at these temps(what is it like 250f at 15 psi?) You may get sediment but I don't think mycelium will mind.

The pp5 containers should work well for no pour's, it's what myself and many others use. One thing to look for is that sometimes the container lids won't be pp5(in which case it may warp.) You mention keeping the lids on tight, so they are screw on? One thing is that they can't be too tight otherwise they may warp. If they're screw on, you can keep the lid a little loosened to prevent this. Or, my preference is to make a little hole somewhere and cover with some type of filter material(I use micropore tape.)
Here is an example of what I use:
Simple little pp5 container(I think it was advertised as a sauce container or something.) Hole on the side near the top of the lid, covered with a few layers of micropore tape. Also keep in mind, if the hole is too low, the agar may come into contact with the filter and screw everything up.

For grain I personally wouldn't go lower than 90 min(I usually go for 120min just for peace of mind,) but maybe others can chime in on whether 60 is okay.

I've left grain jars for a week before inoculation no problem but I prefer not to(idk it just feels weird leaving it sitting around.)

Hope all goes well! Let us know how things go!

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#3 Sidestreet


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Posted 06 April 2021 - 04:24 AM

For PF cakes, 60 minutes is fine and that's what I have done most often, but I believe 45 minutes is enough at 15 psi.


I haven't used LME for LC yet, but with honey LC I would do 20 minutes at 15 psi.

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#4 SelfTransformingMachineElf



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Posted 06 April 2021 - 07:34 AM


Thank you Ambrose and Sidestreet!  Ambrose - I suspected maybe the lids weren't pp5.  Any way to tell?  What do you do if they aren't - foil?  Thanks for the tip about the hole - didn't see that mentioned anywhere.  

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#5 Ambrose



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Posted 06 April 2021 - 09:58 AM

If there's no label on the lid I'm not sure. If they say microwave safe then it's likely pp5. If not, I dont think foil would help, most likely the worst that would happen is the lids would deform, may just have to try it and see what happens.
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#6 SelfTransformingMachineElf



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Posted 06 April 2021 - 12:47 PM

Ah cool - I do think all my lids were MW safe.  Woohoo!  Probably the difference then is the To-Go food containers vs. store-bought Gladware or whatever.

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#7 BigCityCloset



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Posted 09 April 2021 - 10:35 AM

Hey good morning.

This is my first post in like..crap..maybe 6 months?..Well to my point...I hit a major wall with contams and under performing fruits and in turn i got bent af and almost gave up.


So after a week of depressing and looking to paper hand it. I decided to go all out and figure out wtf my problem was....

so long story short I found out that PC time and PH were my main culprits.

I adjusted those two and now I am off to the freaking races. I can get 4oz of spawn to colonize a 128oz spawn bag in less then a week.(AA+'s)


so my methods:


16 oz jar - 120 mins at 12-15 psi (16 per PC, 80% full)

128 oz spawn bag - 180 mins at 12-15 psi (3 per PC, 70% full)

x3 bulk media in turkey bags; 3.5L volume per - 180 mins at 12-15 psi (3 per PC, 65% full)

*All containers or bags are vented either with filter patches or 3M paper tape


I soak my grain in a slightly acidic solution ( using coffee, gypsum, calcium hydroxide) and I PH my bulk to 7.0-7.1, again using the same three agents plus humic acid, and some other cal supps.


i hope this helps a little. This may seem extreme but it has virtually eliminated contams from my room and all my spawns are white af and looking happy with no signs of yeast from excess moisture and my bulk is being colonized faster then ever.


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#8 SelfTransformingMachineElf



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Posted 10 April 2021 - 09:00 PM

@Ambrose - what does the hole do?  Mine have holes - but I'm not sure why.

#9 jrh



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Posted 10 April 2021 - 09:15 PM

The hole is for equalizing pressure so the containers don't rupture in the pc.
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