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Extracting mescaline from dried Peruvianus skins

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#141 Chips101



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Posted 21 July 2021 - 08:50 PM

Success! It hasn't completely dried but it's dry enough to see what we're working with. It looks like every other pic of mescaline I've ever come across online so I take it that's a good sign

So what I did to get to this point was to mix about 20 drops of 20% HCL with 100ml of distilled water. This was added to the xylene and shaken vigorously. At this point The mesc water ph tested at about 6. The layers were separated with the funnel and the water was placed in a dish in front of a fan to evaporate overnight. The second pull is currently separating in the funnel. And this is where everything stands at the moment.

Thanks again to everyone who has coached me along. I really appreciate it!

That's it ...that's it

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#142 Chips101



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Posted 21 July 2021 - 08:52 PM

Regardless how many times I work with cactus its forums like this where the real gold can be found great write up.

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#143 Phineas_Carmichael



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Posted 21 July 2021 - 11:14 PM

I have added in a 10% by volume of acetone to my defat seems to help

Most of that acetone likely stays in the aqueous layer. Acetone is miscible in both water and xylene, so when you mix the 3-solvent system the acetone gets to "pick" which layer it stays with.

If it helps with emulsions it's probably by making the aqueous layer "more polar" the same way that table salt does.
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Posted 23 July 2021 - 09:35 AM

When I was younger I used to go on psychedelic adventures. Now, at least with these solitary mescaline trips, I kinda just go about my day lol. Which leads to some interesting experiences, like religious ecstasy while taking a shower. The juxtaposition and overlap of divine and mundane is really something! One moment my eyes are turned towards the sky with tears running down, the next I'm gagging and puking on my toothpaste cause this mescaline has my tastebuds turned up to 100! I don't really know what more to say about it, I pretty much covered everything in the last "trip report" post. Like I said, I'm not really doing anything special with these trips, just going about my day. I really love this stuff, whenever I make some more I might do like a 1gram trip, I don't know if I'll ever go beyond that though. This 825mg trip was really intense, but in the best way possible. It feels like it's impossible to have a bad trip on this stuff. Thanks again to everyone who helped and taught me how to do these extractions. Mycotopia, you guys are the best!
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