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Making Cannabis OIl Water Soluble Using Maltodextrin

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Posted 13 April 2021 - 05:15 PM

First off, let me make you aware of the potential bad health effects of consuming too much maltodextrin. It is in many processed foods and it's bad health effects are debatable.  It is safe and effective if used as directed. And, in the amounts we are talking, it's barely a consideration. But, I wanted to note it so you can look it up and decide for yourself. I am a total health nut, good food eater and gym rat. I'm almost 70 and I am not afraid of maltodextrin. If you are diabetic, this stuff is very high on the glycemic index. Do a quick search of "Is Maltodextrin Safe" and you'll get both sides.


OK, with that said... TAPIOCA Maltodextrin is what I recommend. I have tried other types but I find the tapioca to be the fluffiest. It can be made from corn, potatoes, rice or wheat. Like I said, I like the tapioca based.


Are we allowed to post Amazon links for examples? I'll check and edit as required.


As for the cannabis oil, there are a number of variables. I get mine from pressing rosin. I don't do solvents but I suppose you can do this with wax, shatter, BHO, whatever. As long as it will mix with coconut oil, you should be OK to go. YMMV


I have mixed straight rosin with the maltodextrin but the rosin is very difficult to work with because of the extremely high viscosity. Generally, it is best to infuse it with some coconut (or whatever) oil before mixing it with the maltodextrin. Plus, it will allow you to dose the oil much more accurately. I have tolerance issues and my low dose is 400 to 600 mg. I get a little buzz on a gram. It kind of sucks. On a side note, this is why I am trying shrooms. The doses I require in cannabis are simply too high. OK, let's move on.


First, you need to decarboxylate the rosin. I use small glass lab beakers and they allow me to work in small quantities of a gram or 2. Simply place the rosin in a glass beaker and place it in the over at 240F for 40 minutes. I also do this on a hot plate but make sure you keep the plate temps below 300F or you'll start vaping off the THC. You can watch it as the THCa drops off the CO2 to convert to THC/9. The larger bubbles are the CO2. When the smaller bubbles are almost done, you're probably decarb'd. You can watch this happen in your oven. Sometimes it only takes 30 minutes instead of 40. Depends on variables like quantity, your oven, the glass container, etc etc. You'll see it when it's done.


Through experimentation, you'll find the sweet spot. Not enough and the buzz is not great. Too much and the buzz is sleepy time. Again, YMMV


OK, we have decarb'd rosin and now we infuse it with oil. I like coconut because (and, I'm not 100% sure on this) but I think it's one of the few oils that does not need bile to carry the THC. This needs verified. I mix the oil with the rosin in the glass beaker and put it in the oven (or hotplate) and run about 170F for 15 minutes or so, stirring every 5 minutes or so


I use 50/50 oil and rosin because of my tolerance issues but most will probably be using a 4:1 or 5:1 to dilute the rosin as needed.


OK, now we have oil infused rosin and maltodextrin. I mix 1:1 by weight. The maltodextrin weighs next to nothing so a gram is a lot. Some of the recipes I saw go for 4:5 oil to maltodextrin. Some went as high as 1:10.


Place the maltodextrin in a (I like glass) mixing bowl and pour in the infused oil. I like to use a whisk but some people use a fork. You'll be amazed at how the maltodextrin encapsulates the oil so evenly.


After the 2 are well mixed, press it through a fine strainer. This makes sure there are no clumps or oil that has not been covered. After this, you have a very 'smooth' powder.


Just a note on maltodextrin. And, we need, once again, to verify me on this. The maltodextrin actually encapsulates the oil at the molecular level and 'hides' the fact that it is oil from out body. Making it think it is water soluble when, indeed, it is still oil. I'll verify this and edit as needed.


OK, so now we have cannabis oil infused maltodextrin. Divide it into doses as needed and try to experiment. I tried to mix it with cold beer and it didn't work well at all. Hot tea was perfect. If you can get your dose, simply put it under your tongue and let it melt. Because our body thinks it is water soluble, it will be absorbed into the blood vessels in your mouth and onset should only be 10 minutes or so.


I use this infused maltodextrin to make home brew beer.


I put the maltodextrin in the water after the first boil. Just before I add the Malt Extract. However, I plan to experiment with adding it after the malt extract to see if the existing sugar would make any difference. The beer I made turned out awesome. There was ABSOLUTELY NO TASTE of cannabis. I gag when I taste most cannabis edibles. Somehow the taste and smell make me want to puke. So, I mostly do caps. However, this maltodextrin routine makes the cannabis oil almost completely tasteless and odorless so I am very thrilled about that aspect.


I also made hard apple cider using cannabis caramels as the sugar. But, that's another thread. :)


This turned out to be quite a rant. Sorry it's so long. Even at it's length, I left out a ton of detail. Cannabis is and has been my hobby for many decades. I will be more than happy to provide details or answer questions. I'll see if I can dig up some old pictures and edit them in here.


Thanks again and hope this helps someone.







Here is an interesting patent from our old friend Ed Rosenthal..


Pics... Here are some pics of the oil mixing with the maltodextrin. First is the oil poured into the maltodextrin. Second is after whisking it together and the third is after sifting.



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Posted 13 April 2021 - 07:01 PM

Hmm so the goal was to basically get a tasteless THC ingestion method? Can't say I have ever seen such a thing. Not so sure about the whole water soluble faster absorption bit. This would be absorbed faster than say just the regular old oil under the tongue?


Interesting I did not know you could get or make "powdered" thc at this point nice share


Personally I fucking love the taste of weed, but that probably has more to do with a few decades of abuse than taste preferences. Others may find something like this quite useful if they struggle with the same taste issues as you.


Always fun to read others drug experiments :biggrin:

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Posted 13 April 2021 - 08:14 PM

Hi Rooster and thanks for reading and posting. Actually, I believe the biggest event in this is the fact that the edible is processed by your body as Delta9 THC and not Hydroxy11 THC. This means it's like smoking, not eating. The onset is fast, like smoking. And, the effects wear off in a couple hours, like smoking. For those people who like to get high but don't like smoking or vaping, this is great.


Hydroxy11 THC is up to 10 times stronger and can last 6 times as long. This is why edibles are so strong and last so long. Most people can easily smoke a 1/2 gram joint but if they make a firecracker edible with that same 1/2 gram, they are going to get way higher for way longer.


Delta9 THC is converted to Hydroxy11 THC when it is metabolized by our liver.


Water soluble THC can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream without going through the liver. Then, it heads toward the blood-brain barrier where it mates with the B1 receptors.


Oil based THC must first go through the digestive tract and mix with bile and then processed through the liver before it gets into the bloodstream and heads to the B1 receptors in the brain. I'm pretty sure this is how it has to works. I know some oils can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream but as I recall, THC can not. I will verify this and edit as needed. Thanks


I am still studying Hydroxy11 but I believe the reason it is so much stronger is from it's ability to attach to the B1 receptors better than the Delta9.


So, although, being tasteless is a big deal for me, the fast onset and rapid duration are most important to most everyone else.


When I was testing this, a nice tsp of it in my morning coffee got me off to a soaring start.

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Posted 14 April 2021 - 11:21 AM



Now you got me thinking I could find some uses for this as well. Although I don't mind the pen rip giving your lungs a break never hurts. And like you said most people have difficulty with the length of time it takes edibles to kick in. You get home from work and eat one and by the time they kick in it's nearly bed time so I find they are less convenient


Thanks for explaining that in further detail it is quite interesting indeed, I think any honest stoner would like to know about it. Always fun to have another trick in that bag

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Posted 14 April 2021 - 12:00 PM

Once it is water soluble and absorbed as Delta9, it opens a lot of doors. Tea, milkshakes, Soft drinks, hard drinks. I use this in my power protein shake before I go to the gym. I also mix it with regular 86 proof vodka and rum to make awesome hot rum drinks and simple vodka/tonic, with a special kick.


I am not going to be happy until I can get it to completely dissolve in cold water but, that's just a goal. Placed in cold water, the maltodextrin melts and the oil forms a small 'oil slick' on the top. So, my holy grail is to get it to mix with cold liquids.


This stuff also makes awesome home brew beer. I'll do a separate thread on that as soon as I get a minute.


And, the best part is.. it's cheap and easy. No special equipment required.

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Posted 14 April 2021 - 04:32 PM

Great write up Ringo, always nice to expand the possibilities of ingestion!
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Posted 15 April 2021 - 09:46 AM

Thanks. Cannabis is my hobby and has been for many years. I just enjoy learning new things and new ways. My tolerance is so high that I don't really even get high any more. I smoke 10 or 20 joints a day but it's more so I don't start smoking cigarettes again than anything. My edibles dose can run from 300mg to over 1000mg. And, even at 1000mg, it's not really a buzz. Just more a relaxer. I am hoping shrooms will allow me to actually get high again. I used to love tripping and going hiking.


I am getting ready to move across country so I sold or gave away almost everything I own including my, rather extensive, chemistry lab. But, before that, I was pretty well equipped.


In recent years, my efforts have been concentrated on edibles. Lots of new breakthroughs in commercial edibles and the info is mostly available through their patents so it's easy to research. I am going to do a write-up later today about fermenting cannabis to make canna-infused alcohol drinks.


Thanks again for all the help so far from the members and mods. Really great group, here.




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