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I think my shoebox sub may be dry? Fruiting stalling

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#1 Akkariacher



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Posted 25 April 2021 - 10:36 AM

Hey guys. I'm growing some APE reverted.

I colonized some rye berries. Once they were colonized I added the rye berries to a bulk 1:1.5 ratio of hpoo and coco coir. After letting it colonize in bulk for 9 days, I added a purely non nutritional layer (about a quarter inch) and flipped the lids (growing using 2 shoeboxes. I cased and flipped on April 6.
Unfortanately so far they haven't done much. I've only misted a few times lightly around twice because my last grow I messed up by misting too much. Plus I figured the casing would help maintain humidity.
Both shoeboxes seem to be fruiting very slowly. I'm wondering if there's a certain way I should give them water (if my issue is dryness). Last time I did bottom Watering. But I overdid it.
I used a garbage bag in each shoebox to prevent side pinning as it was a big problem for me last time, so I'm not sure if I can bottom water without having to separate the liner from the sub.
Pictures below, anyone know why my fruits are stalled? And if it's dryness how can I add water without having to mess with the liner and expose the sides of the sub to fae? 20210425_111516.jpg 20210425_111449.jpg

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#2 FunnyFarmer



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Posted 25 April 2021 - 11:00 AM

You've probably gone to the other extreme and too dry now. You can either dunk or trickle water down the sides of the sub, a few tbsp on each side and keep a lid on them for humidity. Dunking won't hurt the existing shrooms, in fact they'll probably plump up. BTDT. Shrooms love humidity.

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