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Making Cannabis Oil Water Soluble by Using Fermentation

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Posted 29 April 2021 - 05:20 PM

In my quest for the perfect cannabis edible, I came across a company that uses fermentation and distillation to make cannabis oil water soluble for use in edibles.


For my other thread on how to make cannabis oil water soluble by using maltodextrin, see here.....


The company is called Traite Biosciences. They are a research company specializing in cannabis. Here is their web site showing some of the products they make.


Check out what they call their "Distilled" process. As best I can tell, they use a process called glycosylation. This is the process of adding a carbohydrate to the oil. As best I can tell, they ferment the oil and then distill it. Here are their patents if you want the raw facts..., Inc.


I ran an experiment on fermenting cannabis oil to make it water soluble and it worked out very well. I have not run the distillation process yet but the fermentation portion provided a completely oil free, water soluble product. Here is what I did.....


First, I started with some cannabis caramels that I made. I made these i the normal style using cannabis butter/oil brown sugar, Karo light syrup and sweetened condensed milk. Plenty of recipes online. caramels




To ferment the mix, you can buy a little one gallon fermenter and air lock for about 20 bux.




I mixed it all up and tossed my yeast. I used DADY (Distillers Active Dry Yeast) but any brewing yeast will work. After 2 weeks the krausen ring had formed and the yeast dropped.


3.jpg     4.jpg


I put it in a couple of Ball jars and let it condition for a couple weeks. It cleared up nicely and the result was 100% water soluble with no oil slick and no oil residue. Very very slight cannabis taste.


24.jpg   26.jpg


I ran some Duquenois tests on the end product that showed the presence of THC. I have not tested it on a human subject yet. Fortunately, my test dummy has come out of corona hiding so I will give it to him next week and I should have a potency report back the following week. I can not test the end product myself because of tolerance issues.  I will post results as soon as they are available.However, the Duquenois tests showed promising results. The 3 tests on the right are the caramels. First the fermented water, then the caramels themselves and on the end, the apple cider made the same way as above except with cider instead of water. As you can see, they all showed a presence of THC with the watered down product showing the least.  The Duquenois test is not great for edibles because it is supposed to be done with alcohol, not a water based product so the purple is very light. Still it definitely shows the presence of THC.




Please feel free to ask questions. Thanks for reading



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