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Composting, my new indoor room, and outdoor season prep.

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Posted 30 April 2021 - 09:44 AM

I did an outdoor no till garden last year, but used my indoor no till mix with less starter castings (~10%). The plants got pretty large, but I think they would do better if the medium held water a little better. Because of that, I decided to adjust the ratios to half compost for outdoor this year.

Last year's garden before harvest-

I made a ~600 gallon hot compost pile, mostly using ingredients from our farm and leftover coir from my hydroponic vegetable grow. Here's a link to my desert compost procedure-


This finished compost is extremely porous due to using coco coir and straw for the carbon portion. It should work well as a high ratio (50%) of the medium with minimal compaction.

Here's the containers for outdoors, 25x 30 gallon fabric pots. I mixed one 30 gallon container of 3 year old no till medium with an equal volume of compost.

I also just finished up my new indoor room a couple days ago, canopy size is 5x14 in the floor and 2.5x15 on the left side bench, total canopy is 107.5 ft². The 5x14 has 4x 650w LED, 15 gallon containers, and the air intake comes from the mushroom greenhouse at my farm. That air comes in at 80% RH and 700-1,500 ppm CO2 depending on how full the greenhouse is packed.

These 15 gallon containers were planted with 2 of the same auto fem seeds in each. 18 containers, 5 are cheese x grape slurri, 5 are auto fuel x grape slurri, 4 are f4 of chem bubbly x (Chem bubbly x bluestreak), 4 are passion punch x grape slurri.

Here's my mushroom tent, you can see where it exhausts into the herb grow room through the plywood sheet on the wall.

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Posted 03 May 2021 - 05:52 PM

Picked up some GMO sauce from my buddy, this stuff smells so strong and foul it made my eyes water!


Autos are coming up

Cheese x grape slurri (cheese slurri)


Passion punch x grape slurri (PP slurri)


Photo seedlings. 100% germination on the lime muffinz, lime skunk x Ice cream cake sherb, 50% on the animal muffinz and pure kush x royal purple kush, 0% on the Imposter Skunk x chemstar.


Picked up clones of some of my favorites. Wifi 43, GG4 x WiFi 43, thin mint cookies, and cowboy's buds slurricane cut.


LED shot

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Posted 03 May 2021 - 09:07 PM

Dayamn!!! I think I may have drooled a little!

How long do you take to get from seed to harvest?

It all sounds tasty but that Pure Kush x Royal Purple Kush would hit the spot!

Good luck!

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Posted 03 May 2021 - 09:24 PM

Hell of a set up.
I know I drooled. I just start mine inside and put them outside till snows about to fly.


Couple of Rum Runners planted on 4/20
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Posted 29 May 2021 - 06:41 PM

You have some babies in the works there.  I am so late to the game.  How does the grow look?

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