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To cook or not to cook?

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Posted 09 May 2021 - 07:16 AM

I have heard two lines of thought on whether or not cooking/roasting is necessary (or at least, heating up to cooking temperatures of 80°C), some people say you don't need to do it, while others say it makes medicinal "actives" much more available. I can imagine that the high-temperature would separate beta-glucans from chitin, denature and dislodge proteins from cell walls, et cetera.
I guess for one thing it would depend on what sort of medicinal mushroom you are talking about, and what the actives are, psilocybin can make it out without roasting, thanks very much,  whereas I can imagine the beta glucans are more likely to be bound to proteins and/or chitin.
Does anyone have experience either way, or even better, know of any articles published on the subject?


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