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Lion's mane 21

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Posted 15 May 2021 - 08:36 PM

Hey hope everyone is well,

I planned on focusing on HE this year. Now that the semester is over I have some time to play with a few projects. So far I have ran some rice for a myceliated rice tek. I prepped some rye to run tomorrow. This will be the first time attempting to fruit. I plan to use a half and half mixture of hardwood pellets and beet root pellets. This will be supplemented with gypsum as the plan stands currently. This will also be the first time trying bags as i will be making blocks to fit on my shelving unit.

In other news the recreational legalization in Arizona has allowed me to start setting up a canna grow with less worries. I am in the middle of finishing a 2-pot RDWC system. Pretty fun considering I completed Advanced Hydroponics this semester. I may run an additional post soon. 

Either way, to any old friends reading this I have missed you all. To any newer people, welcome! Hopefully this is the start of being more present. 

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