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Meanwhile the main disinformation unit continues on

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Posted 08 July 2021 - 01:54 PM

The dangerous power of belief. If anything this highlights how smaller organized groups can use small sticks of dynamite to set off a powder keg of chaos


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Posted 24 August 2021 - 03:16 PM

I thought about starting a conspiracy thread to make this comment today but hesitated. That could become a greasy thread I have no interest in being associated with, every tall tale on the internet no thanks. Watching this HBO documentary and the idea of free speech it in its extreme form has been on my mind. We accept a base level of censorship without much thought, like I don't really need to have a discussion about gory or violent images on the internet. There is zero desire to see them and I am willing to risk "missing out" on that bit of information.


 Conspiracy theorists can act like a crazy cult sometimes. Playing around in those circles can start to weaken our mental immune system. And even the best of us can start to get influenced under constant barrage of "seemingly credible" information. Quite often  when you meet a conspiracy guy, you find they are into all of them. Their mental immune system totally compromised, and any bit of counter culture information is now vacuumed up as truth. The sad part of it is these people have a understandable deep mistrust of institutions like the media and government, and in search of something more credible they found a golden covered piece of dog shit.


Of course we have many exceptions to that rule and one might find themselves down a particularly interesting rabbit hole one day and wonder what all the fuss was about. The tricky bit seems to be keeping our awareness of when we cross that line, it might not be as easy as one thinks


I have a strong feeling that human nature seeks out a religious type belief system regardless of it being a preexisting notion. Like a missing piece that clicks right into our minds without realizing it. I have yet to fully comprehend the mechanism but I feel there is a truth there. Misinformation at its worst it can act like a virus that can rapidly spread and infect the minds of millions. The religion is replaced with Q, it becomes their religion. Faithfully following it with great belief


So I watched that HBO series about the Q folk and I was a little surprised the direction it took. I thought they might dive a little deeper into the nature of influence and the grander discussion of why all these people are attracted to a phenomenon like Q.


Watching how the Q operates it was on course to be one of the greatest never ending conspiracies of all time, never proven wrong and constantly changing in real time based on predictions coming true or failing. They people would cook up the conspiracies based on the cryptic messages that Q left, called bakers. Then Q would select the best theory and back it up as truth. It was like a perpetual conspiracy machine. If one in ten predictions came true it was shown as Q proof, and the other ten false predictions were always explained away with some sort of "logic"


Anyway It took an interesting turn and delved into the nature of message boards, or image boards to be more precise.


The documentary implies that whoever Q was initially, the account was taken over by this Ron Watkins guy (Moderator of 8Chan) to essentially keep hundreds of thousands of users in a short span of time. Some speculate it was him the entire time and the change from 4Chan to 8Chan was all a ruse to hijack followers. Considering the two owners of the sites (Ron's dad, and his rival) it does seem in the realm of possible. Especially after watching the father and son, to say they seem shady is an understatement


If the implications are true it is really disturbing to find out the influence one "anonymous" person can hold over thousands of people. They Q's were like addicts, constantly checking their devices for the next Q drops. Granted some of these people had made a mini industry out of the Q anaon following and needed to stay on top of the q drops in order to make their youtube videos.


Anyway they did paint somewhat of a picture of the momentum behind the following


Mostly people chasing those likes, and the ones that got enough of them well in that case it morphed into monetary value. Sort of becoming the same thing they professed to despise so much

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Posted 27 August 2021 - 12:59 PM







It becomes especially interesting when considering the idea of 'conceptual vaccines." In that, a large number of the ideas that come our way have been presented in a just so fashion in order that they produce a response in us that can essentially be pre-determined.


'conspiracy theorist' for one example- in just the way you described; The way in which it's presented in the media is nearly always 'tinfoil hat crazy ancient alien guy'.... And so, whenever 'conspiracy theory' is thrown around, people have this subconscious association with the images / tone of how it's always been presented in the past- such that 'Alternative (non-mainstream narrative) explanation = conspiracy theorist = crazy = instantaneously dismissed; without any furthur thought....

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