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Shiitake and other gourmets

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#1 Alpoehi



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Posted 17 June 2021 - 06:51 AM

Very hard to find some good quality mushrooms at the grocery so I had this idea to order two ready-made blocks of shiitake. They came in grow bags and all I had to do was cut them open, shower them in cold water, put in a cabinet and find the coolest room available. Lucky me I have acces to a room with 60F so I put them in there. They grow very fast so one week later I can pick some for dinner.
I wiil try also Pioppino and lions mane for coming gourmet exolorations...

IMG_0273.jpg IMG_0278.jpg
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#2 Myc


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Posted 17 June 2021 - 08:49 AM

That's a really nice flush featured in the photos.

It would be interesting to clone that strain. They appear quite hardy and I'm sure you could build those blocks at home cheaper than buying them retail.

I use an impulse sealer and gusseted filter patch spawn bags.


You may like enoki - flammulina velutipes

I just make blocks of rye grass seed, inoculate, seal, and place them in the refrigerator.

It's the ultimate neglect tek since they will fruit invitro - in the darkness of the 'fridge. I've shared these blocks with people who knew nothing about mushrooms but they still got several flushes.

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#3 Alpoehi



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Posted 18 June 2021 - 01:30 AM

Great taste sauteed zuccini in butter added leek and chopped celery stalks to it then the shiitake. Only salt and pepper. Adding raw parseley and a bunch of chives when serving did the trick for me.

The shiitake are very mild but quite distinct in taste. I planned on cooking them with meat but then I decided to spontaneously cook a vegetable meal from them. Of course they go very well with eggs...

To cultivate my own I planned on making my own grow bags with sawdust, wood chips and bran flakes.

Initially I thought I could print the shiitake however they appear not to print well so it turns out I make some tissue samples for agar plates. I guess the cultures grow best at 70F or so.

Also I looked for enoki and I could get some myceliated sub for inoculation. According to instructions they have to be grown on wood on the outside and could only be harvested in early autumn but I' sure they could be cultivated in bags.

I like the fridge idea in the long run I cant't keep the temp at 60F in the room.

All going on and once you start with edibles you will not want to miss these gourmet meals anymore...
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#4 Alpoehi



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Posted 19 June 2021 - 09:41 AM

Cooked an extraordinary meal today. Yield is 440 grams so far from the two blocks. Hope I'll get a second flush otherwise I paid quiet a high price for the shiitake. But look what I made of them:


Veggie preparation and shiitake seperate.


Both mixed together.


On the plate with a topping of parseley and chives.
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Posted 19 June 2021 - 12:38 PM

You can get another flush from them, let the blocks dry out for a week(on a rack or something) or so and do a 24 hour dunk(you will need something heavy to make it sink) and set to fruit.  The fruits won't be as meaty as the first flush, but well worth doing.  I have tried for a 3rd, but the blocks are spent by then and start showing green spots here and there.  Shiitakes are one of the easiest mushrooms to print, not sure why you couldn't get them to drop(dry fruits maybe... tough to say without more info).  If you decide to grow them making your own bags and or blocks, start them early, it's takes months to fully colonize and brown over.  I like to mist them two to three times a day for the first 3 days and let them do there thing in the Martha.  Wonderful mushroom, and they do taste Amazing.  





My best flush, not the biggest fruits I've grown,

but definitely the best Pinset.  2.2lbs first flush and

almost another pound second(just shy of a pound).  I run

my blocks 5.2 to 6 lb blocks without spawn.  Each block gets

half a quart which is more than enough.  All the best, your plate of goodness

looks delicious!

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