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The Great Resignation

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Posted 06 July 2021 - 05:10 PM

As a guy without a family, working less days in a week has done wonders for my mental health. I am happier with three or four days a week. Although government subsidies have been making financial life quite stress free, those days I don't work the government will throw me a few bucks to compensate. It will be sad when that program ends but it has to eventually, its not sustainable. Heck it feels kind of nice to get back some of that employment insurance money I paid to the government on every paycheck ever


I don't have all those fancy toys but that is the lifestyle I have chosen and I am okay with it. Sure I would love to have a boat and a camper and a Harley but the amount of hours that would take working. I would rather spend that lifetime relaxing, reading or going out for lunch with friends. As long as I can afford to live comfortable without having to stress about money too hard then things are good. They say the number one regret people have on their death bed is that they wish they did not work so much.


Working all those hours to buy shit I don't really need never made me happy. In fact it made me unhappy, always having to wake up and do what I didn't want to do day after day. There was no drive to get out there, to make that bank so I could support my family.


 Miss having extra cash for traveling but there are always things to save on to make up for it


I do think about the communes too sometimes. They have that slab city in Utah I think, somewhere out in that useless desert land. Those communes remind me of summer camp life. I imagine you go there and things are amazing for a while, but then that itch of home starts to scratch. You want to get back to doing things in your normal life. There is a lesson to be learned there though in these groups, and it is a sense of community. As a society I think our sense of community has diminished to a detrimental point but we can't even see that. It is like this missing arm that gives us phantom pain all the time. Everyone hiding in their living rooms watching tv or surfing the internet. Having short form talks over text messages that fail to provide the healing that good conversation does. Even the bar has become a joke for socializing, I guess we only meet strangers on Tinder now.


I think there is a way to get much of that back without having to start our own secret society. It starts with us getting out there in events and socializing, talking to our neighbors more. Not being so fucking timid and scared of one another all the time. During the pandemic I realized how much I really missed those few community events that went wayside during covid.


 Then we have the omish or hutterite communities. I worked at this one place where every other person there was what we call an Ex hutterite. So basically when your a certain age you get yourself a wife and they give your own home on the colony. Since single guys have to wait until they are thirty to get a home they often leave the colony becoming ex hutterites. This guy I worked with talked about going back, and at first I could not believe how someone would want to go back to that seemingly boring existence. He explained how it all worked and you know I gotta say it did not sound all that bad. He said you were given a task for the day and if you completed it early that free time was yours. No bills to worry about, supper was always on the table and everything you needed to survive was provided for you. They have their own schools and make their own clothes.


The spillover from that is humans still have wants and the allowance for personal property was next to nothing. So they have built a bit of a reputation as thieves in the local community. I can't say I really blame them, such is human desire. It is essentially communism in Canada.


There has to be a system where the lazy and hard working reap what they sow. I am not so big on applying the stick to get people motivated, either they want to do it or not and thats fine. A barter system commune sounds right up my alley though. I can get to work on producing shitty alcohol and weed, maybe wire some shit together for who needs it

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Posted 06 July 2021 - 06:56 PM

RE- SIGN - NATION .......... That sounds pretty good actually......change the sign of the perhaps


I've worked like an idiot, paid damn near the lot off just two days ago on independence day. I earned my attitude and paid more than my dues....


All on the up and up with Caesar taxing it all......I know pain, chronic, in more than one spot.......


I need to retreat to the mountains and eventually fade away........ like the forests, in the forests......that's where I'm truly happy.....


Still.....nah, I wouldn't change a thing....I've had a fucking horrible blast of a go at this life.....what a ride!


Now I'll get tired and super spiritual as the time to return eventually comes....still I'm not done fishing or foraging just yet.....


I'm sure the Harley will see the road again too...... :cool:





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Posted 22 November 2021 - 07:22 AM


Well i hope you found your change of pace. Beverage manufacturing sounds pretty interesting. I hope you mean brewing or distillation, I've tried my jand at one and am interested in the other.

Unfortunately I have seen first hand the great resignation unfold at my place of employment. People have left in drothes. They also struck as many matches and lit as many fires as possible as they could on their way out. Its been very ugly, but fortunately my group was left pretty intact.

I have hopefully learned allot from the past couple years. Hopefully I dont have much else to learn either. I like most just need some time to organize and make sense of it all.

Hope your back to good. Hope we all get there sooner than later.

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Posted 22 November 2021 - 10:44 AM

I'm not in as bad of shape as I was when I first started this article.

Aches and pains have diminished but are never gone.


Several fellow contractors chose to close up shop for good during this mess. That explains how I got so busy.

Still busy with my regular job. Lots of decent work coming my way lately. For that, I"m grateful.

Been brewing up a storm at my hobby job.

I actually slowed down on the drinking a little too.

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Posted 22 November 2021 - 07:22 PM

Thats good to hear. Hopefully it will keep getting better. That isolation and social distancing did a number on me. I got 3 more hobbies.... mycology was just one of them.

Now all we gotta do is survive the great togetherness aka the holidays.

Hows the long range shooting going? Ita that yime of year again.

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Posted 22 November 2021 - 10:44 PM

Getting ready to load some custom hand loads for the 7mm Mag.

I've got 300 rounds of polished brass that need to be sized and re-necked. That and two spherical powder recipes that I'm excited to try out. My goal is 5 rounds through the same hole at 100 yards..........

Aim for the stars right?


I built a custom measurement dummy round- fired brass from my rifle expanded to the chamber as-is. Now I have a way to seat the bullet accurately off the lands. I usually build progressive loads (e.g. .010, .020, .030, and .040) measured to the bullet ogive for best accuracy. But that's another thread. Once I get started I'll revive the other thread. ;)

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Posted 23 November 2021 - 01:27 AM

Many companies also figured out that they could stay floating on a reduced labor force, those companies spend more time looking at numbers and graphs and profit margins than how toxic their workplace/employee relationships can really be. Lots of places advertising "Earn upto $XXX weekly pay" but it's not guaranteed.


One such example here, temporary employment agencies are also very guilty of this garbage method of reeling people in.

McDonald's using TimeWarner cable's language when hiring - YouTube


People are fed up with objectively crappy working conditions and consistently being underpaid and underappreciated. Not just in fast food but as someone that has grinded away in several types of warehouse factory jobs I can vouch for what it's like to just be a number to a corporation. I can vouch for the fact that the majority of those jobs were far from OSHA compliant but would scramble to become so at the last minute when the annual audit is tentatively breathing down their neck. I actually can't think of one of those places that actually was consistently compliant.


After being made to spend time away from their job, many people really realized how poorly they were being treated and how bad it was impacting their psychological state. Myself included. IMO, offering inadequate wages against the general cost of living is offensive in itself because it's saying that they value you enough to pay you money to help ensure that their business stays in business, but not enough to sustain yourself in the modern economy.

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Posted 23 November 2021 - 01:32 PM

I suppose there is a bit of a silver lining in all this pandemic chaos for office people. For many they realized life is better working at home and now have the, "I don't give a shit attitude". So the take it or leave it approach is forcing the corporate hand to accept the trend if they want to have employees.


Thinking about especially for those that had long commutes it would feel like a breath of fresh air. A couple extra hours of free time daily could go a long way in a congested lifestyle.


A small win when compared to the massive up transfer of wealth that went on but what is a fella to do?

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