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Posted 29 March 2022 - 09:46 AM

I've read and "heard" they are easy as Cubes to grow, that's just NOT true at all and it's probably coming from someone who hasn't grown them and is regurgitating what someone else has said or accomplished.  THAT being said I'd say Pans are harder to grow which you've accomplished, thin casing, not as thin as Pans, but thin for sure, and in my experience, they liked it really wet to PIN (with frequent Air exchanges which you seem to have) and I'd stick to around 96 - 97% humidity for pinning (99% is fine for cubes since they are forgiving, but not necessary for Tamps).  Your temperature and everything else sounds perfect to me.  Try cycling from 96 or 97% to 91 or 92.  Evaporation is in my opinion, the MAIN trigger for fruiting, light can be minimal and do fine and humidity needs to drop just a Tad.  You will get there if you have grown PANs, keep at it they are a fun ONE to play with and I know you will be successful SOON.  Sorry about your luck with them, don't give up, YOU got this.  



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Posted 29 March 2022 - 01:57 PM

I just realized it's time for an update.  The APE tub is finishing up, but does way better cased (last round I cased after first flush and went 4 flushes and better pinsets), I think moving forward I'm just going to case ALL my PE varieties, you can get away with not doing it, but it's just easier for my dry climate most of the time (Thirsty too).  Alright, rant off, still a successful grow regardless.































I was having trouble AGAIN with the OLB PE, I decided to case it with Coco/Verm combination, and two days later a nice PIN has popped so I think the Sub is back on track.  The most finicky of PE's I have played with thus far, that and my ARC and  Yeti which isn't my fault, and I'm no longer in contact with my old source, so I'll clean it up on AGAR.... Hopefully anyway.  Seems to contaminate later in the cycle so I should be able to pull some clean growth.  I've been able to with his other contaminated syringes, but I wasn't able to clean the PE Uncut, just wasn't possible.  Bummer too, really wanted to grow out the UNCUT which has my favorite style helmet Caps.  The OLB Pin looks to have a nice helmet, looks healthy hopefully it goes to maturation.  


The two Melmac tubs are doing great, I cased them as well on day 11 from spawn and started poking through the casing (Day 13 Currently).  I usually do Peat/Verm CalCarb, but I went simple.... Coco/Verm.  I also worked out my levelling of subs issue, a fork works better for me, then I use a Plastic Spatula with grill openings and the levelling is much more consistent.  Also taking my time lately instead of mixing tubs and moving on.  


The Pan WC is doing excellent, I just cased the small tray today and I'll put it in the FC tomorrow.  The 2 trays are doing great.






Smaller Tray of Pan WC





The Peace River trays aren't colonizing the casing very well, and I have NO hope at this point it will do anything.  IT's just been too long.  Who knows tho', it's not in the way right now.... UNTIL it is.





The two Mexicana A trays I spawned from Oats are just about finished.  One of the trays is clear so I can see the progress.


The Mexicana A stone jar is changing fast, night and day difference from Oats to Rye.


The Tamp Stone Jars are just doing their thing.  Been a little over 3 months from full colonization.  


That's ALL.... For Now... Thanks for Looking!


<edit> I forgot to mention, the Pan Estero didn't make it and didn't like me stalling out the spawn.  It almost looked like it was growing stones or something, it just kept growing and growing, I don't know if this is an Estero trait, but I won't be stalling Grain spawn out again with this one.  Perfect jar that went South on me, I just didn't trust it.  Smelled OK, but not Great so I didn't pull the trigger.  I've never heard of Pans growing Stones, but it sure looked like it was, or blue pearls or something.  Regardless, it didn't like me waiting to spawn it to substrate.  Disappointed, but it's CRAZY fast on Grain (even a small Agar wedge) and I have it on AGAR so it's fine.  I have plenty going right now, so maybe i'll finish up with the ESTERO.



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Posted 29 March 2022 - 02:22 PM

I forgot to add the picture


OLB PE Tub and Pin that popped 2 days later after Casing (started breaking surface last night, it's already grown quite a bit).






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Posted 13 April 2022 - 01:37 PM

Dang.... it's been awhile since the last update, I had to scroll down the list a ways.   :laugh:


Back at it, so much to report so please bear with me (always worth it), 2 weeks is a few lifetimes in the Mush World.  


Let's start with the Mexicana trays since they are in sync with the last pictures on the SD card.  Recap on this one, I initially threw the Mexicana on Oats to see how "well" it does for stones, turns out, complete bust, I don't think I saw a stone in there, but I didn't go digging either.  At a glance from shaking the jar, I didn't see any and I have the hawk eye so i'm pretty sure NO bueno for Oat Stone Jars.  The good news is, worked out perfectly to spawn to bulk and get  some fruits.  This jar was spawned back in late November, didn't matter and colonized quickly and efficiently No problem.  I was worried about these since I figured out a problem with my Peat casings, it's not the peat, it's the super fine Verm this dude sold me when there was a shortage and it was hard to find other than horticulture fine Verm, but he sold this to me as Medium grade.  Anyway, by the time I opened it to use, it had been sitting awhile, and once I realized it was the fine stuff, I already opened it and it was too late to leave feedback.  Anyway, i figured it out awhile back, and realized it doesn't affect Coco Subs, and does OK with Coco casings (prefer my usual medium), but multiple species DID not like it.  The Pans disliked it with no fruits, or very sparse in comparison, the OLB PE didn't fruit at all, cased Oats of Tamps, NO fruits, the King Oysters wouldn't even colonize it.  It hit me like a ton of bricks, son of a, this fine particle horticulture Verm needs to be used for Veggie or Cannabis seedlings, needless to say, I wasn't happy, but at the same time, I AM since I know the problem.  Word to the wise, don't get stubborn like I did, it may cost you a few projects.  I'm just thankful I usually just use leftover Coco/Verm for casing or patching, and didn't claim more trays or subs.  The Beech Clam blocks didn't like it either.  Literally just there, didn't colonize anything.  I put the KO blocks outside thinking they didn't like my Chamber, same deal, NADA and when I eventually moved around the casing layer when I cleaned up all the old blocks, same thing not a stitch of mycelium to be found.   I just purchased a Big bag today of the Medium Coarse (4cu ft), it's too bad I'm about finish for some time, but I'll be set for new Cannabis and Mush grows when I return.  Alright, so some background of the situation and how it all came about.  Turns out, the Mexicana is doing decent with the fine Verm, the little PAN tray... NOT so much.


Mexicana A 









4.11.22   Pins started on the 10th but No Photo









Current This Morning


Here is the Difference between Verm Bags.  The close-up Macro shot makes it look bigger than it really is in person, it's Flaky compared to the Medium









That's a good starter Post, I'm going to take a break and Stay Tuned.



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Posted 13 April 2022 - 02:14 PM

Bad news on the Peace River Trays, didn't colonize the flaky verm casing and the Wild Coast colonized the casing and looked wonderful, and then just fizzled out.  The casing wasn't overly wet like Mexicana's like, the previous photos looked well on it's way and BAM, it's All over.  I still have one of the Wild Coast trays in the chamber, but still nothing and it's been well over 2 weeks, probably closer to 3.  I have a small Wild Coast tray that is popping out a few sparse fruits here and there, but it's a No go.  I did 5 trays of the Peace River initially, and using the old Verm, 3 trays did nothing and the other 2 gave me a Half zip.  Not a win at all, but I look forward to the Pans this Summer while I'm on break (and back up prints).  This small tray won't yield much I'm sure of it.  




I accidentally dug a little too close to my Ps Cyan patch by my Chicken of the Woods logs, the good news is, the Mycelium was doing it's thing so she's on her way.



The APE tub is finished, the 3rd flush pins started to come in and I could see the tinge of Mean Green setting in.  To the Compost Pile.  Another sub closer to being finished, OH yeah.  Been on a binger of growing since late 2019 and the madness has to stop.  That's the great thing about any type of grow tent, can be taken down in under an hour and everything is back to normal.  


The OLB PE is shooting out some fruits, but it's a thin stemmed PE is all, nothing special and I haven't seen any fruits worth cloning or caring about.  I don't know what I was hoping for look wise, but I can get these type of mushrooms from my other PE, or even the MS Melmac has these variations as well.  It is fruiting now, so maybe something cool will pop up, but I'm really excited for the Melmac fruits.  











Another Break, Must Have FOOD






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Posted 13 April 2022 - 03:59 PM

Good break I checked on the Pasteurization (casing) for my last KO blocks, I'm set.


Where we at, OH my stone jars, I don't check those very often, but I did a few days back and doing excellent.  The 4 tamps were fully colonized early December (2nd) so Over 3 months now and ready whenever I am.  I'm going to let them go until June, a good 5 months or so.  I don't need to open them, so why do it now.  


The newest Stone Jar on Rye, the Mexicana was Noc'd up on 2/24/22, and I have no use for this jar at this point, other than waiting.  I'm going to harvest them in September when I get back from my Walkabout.  Then I will use the remains to spawn a new tray or two to start off the new season.  Fully colonized on the 7th or 8th of March so a month in give or take.  Pics taken on 4.9.22








And the Mexicana starting to pick up




And last, but sure not Least, the Melmac.  Getting all kinds of different variations with this one.  One tub is straight from the spore plate MS, and the other is a T1.  Such a huge difference between the two, I haven't played with Cube MS in quite awhile and the different fruits bring back memories.  Lately, just LC's or Agar drops, but I enjoyed this one thoroughly and is Ongoing.  It really is a choice of which strikes you and grab a clone.  I'm thinking about cloning one or two of these fruits, but that's my next season project.... CLONE hunting.  The Pearly Gates popped out some really amazing fruits, and I need to run that one MANY times and find me a diamond in there somewhere.  Anyway, I'll let the pics speak for themselves, regular PE fruits, Big Melmac fruits, thin PE stems, Regular caps, Mutated... etc... Shout out to Mr. Faht, thank you for the spores (MTP), and DON too for the Mexicana A print.  Both spores were a SCORE!  



















































Another Break, and I'll be back with Current Shots... Enjoy Ya'll.




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Posted 13 April 2022 - 06:25 PM

Alrightie, last One, let's finish this thing ON up.


These fruits will be off of the T1 Tub and Current










MS Spore to Grain Tub








I also forgot to post up the last of the APE Shots








About a Day and half later







Some really nice specimens casing for the 2nd flush with some extra Coco/Verm   That's IT for Now.... Take Care of Yourselves.








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Posted 26 April 2022 - 03:47 PM

Alright everyone, winding down even further at this point, killed off the OLB PE tub and the Melmac.  Both tubs gave up the second flush and I started to see the beginning of Trich coming in.  Once you see the dribbles of white, it's close to showing green so I sent them outside and threw some composted soil among other things on top.  Mild weather for a spell so who knows, the last freebie fruits didn't finish up and weren't kept.  I don't think I showed those actually, I put a Malabar and a PE tub out and had some nice starters, but a heat wave and HIGH winds, I couldn't keep it wet enough and well... that's that they say.  I'll put up a few pics.  Moving On, the other Melmac tub is outside as well, grabbed the big ones from the 2nd almost 2.5 flushes since MS (Only a T1), but it was fizzling and I'm well over the zip per quart marker (closer to 1.5) so.... Until Next Time.  Cube grows are done and I'm left with the two Mexicana Trays.  Poor Me I know.   :biggrin:


My take on these Mexicana Fruits, same as the Tamps, enjoyed the real wet casing, but not wet enough to get wet fruits.  I actually had very minimal aborts, but it wasn't from moisture, but too much Air rather.  It was only on the edge of the big tray and maybe 4 fruits.  I just put it a little closer to the mist and no issues.  Currently, the tent is at 96.4h with a 4-point differential.  The GH climbs to a high of 97 to 97.2, but usually hovers really close to the full 97%h.  The Mexicana fruits can get big, some of these caps were bigger than tamps, and I had some pretty nice caps from the Tamps.  I have a small clip-on fan that is outside of the tent that bounces off the wall on low so it's AIR all the time.  The humidified Air with the slow constant movement of passive Air and they are happy.  I know I could have had a better pinset with the medium coarse verm, that flaky stuff, I was sure I was going to lose these trays too as I did with the Pans(Minimal fruits).  The Mexicana didn't seem to mind it, but the Tamps once I learned them with the medium coarse, I wouldn't say full canopy wall to wall, but really nice full fruits.  Anyway, that's my takeaway with these, glistening casing, and DO not mist these when they stretch if you don't have an automated setup.  Caps do not like to be sprayed when they are past the pinning state.  I did grow the Tamps in an Old Mono with very loose poly on the top holes and medium on the surface holes with 4-5 exchanges a day.  Much easier with a Cool Mist setup, but CAN be done in a tub, maybe even a Dub tub, who knows, but a personal touch will be needed with a passive grow (for Cap development).  I learned quite a bit from the Tamps and these Mexi A's.  I didn't set out to grow these, mislabeled syringe that I've explained before, but I'm thankful to have had the pleasure.  And STONES, I never thought I was going to be so into growing Sclerotia.  The set and forget is great for those long-term projects (stealthy too if needed in your situation) and just let them do what they do.  Then fruit them if you want after harvesting them, what a treat.  So thank you Psilocybe Tampanensis and  Psilocybe Mexicana A... and I can't wait to have some fun when I have a chance to Play. Photo Fest... and ALL the Best!






Outdoor Malabar and PE's that didn't make it and I didn't

keep, back to the Earth I always Say.








4.13.22 A few Early Fruits









4.14.22 Last Pic is the rest of the Flush that isn't Ready


Wifes calling me for a Lunch break, I'll be back to finish Up.   :smile:




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Posted 26 April 2022 - 04:48 PM

Continuing forward...4.16.22









Bigger Tray a little behind the smaller one

















First Flush of Big Tray










2nd Flush of Smaller Tray





Last of the Melmac Tub, 3rd flush, Ehhh... 2.5ish    :laugh:





And a swab I'm testing that isn't a Q Tip!   :wacko:





No luck as of yet with the Qtips, The Pearly Gates I tested didn't grow anything.  No mold or bacteria, and NO spores.  Either sterile, or I didn't wait long enough in fruiting, I'm thinking the ladder (good news is, they weren't dirty).  I'll have to test again, when I run them later this year.  Testing Ape, Albino A, and Tat Smurf Qtips to see if any spores grow, not worried about if they get or are contaminated from poor work.  Not the goal or the end result I'm looking for, I have sterile swabs when I get better at this.  Alright folks, Keep Em' Green on the Cannabis side, and Rhizzy White Mycelium on the fungicide.    




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Posted 27 April 2022 - 02:12 PM

Here we go Again, they might be small mushrooms dried, but they are givers no doubt.  A bit of a PITA to clean them, but it's the inglorious part of growing and WELL worth it.  





Also, checked out the bed this morning since Cats have been digging a bit, so I've been throwing leaves and broken up branches and little sticks from me clearing some trash trees earlier this year.  I knew I saved them for a reason. :)  The Cyan bed

has been out there for about 5 weeks and already starting to show mycelium at the top of the bed.  I layered the bed with plenty of wood and the naturescapes are jumping off.  It's definitely not the Alder that started the journey so a great sign and looks healthy.  The mycelium has extended out further than I initially worked the bed, so it's doing what it DO.  My Chicken of the Woods logs are buried right by the patch, with some naturescapes then soil to cover the logs so the Cyans could very well Colonize much more than I anticipated.  I say run wild like a Stallion on an open prairie.   :biggrin:



Cell Pic so No detailed Macro Shot :(


Really excited for my long-term projects, it's a Gamble in my area with being in the Valley and a drier climate... I may have to play Rainmaker to induce myself, Time will tell and November is a ways away.  Take Care of One Another and... ALL the best.




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Posted 09 May 2022 - 11:13 AM

Hey Folks, updates will get fewer and fewer since I'm not fruiting anything at the moment and the Grow tent is in the garbage.   I kept the bones in case I want to use it for an outdoor project, but one of the zippers was bad, and the other side had a nice Rip in it, and I've taped up holes that have stretched out over time, it's my original learner tent that has been through some Shit.  Many Edible Blocks, Cubes, Pans, Tamps, Mexicana... been a hell of a run with the Multi-Purpose Martha.  


The Mexicana Trays went 4 flushes and could have kept going, but my Cannabis tents are finished and running the heater isn't an option at this time.  Gave up almost a half gallon jar of fruits, not bad for a single quart of Old Oats.  


Really enjoyed the Melmac trays, such variation, and you can find whatever suits your fancy.  I also had a few fruits from the One Legged Bird PE that had some classic PE style caps, but they were smaller fruits and not what I'm looking for.  I've been wanting to go Clone hunting with some of my LC's/Plates for some time.... We will See.


I hope everyone enjoyed the Show, been a Wild Ride since 19, then Covid hit and I went MAD crazy with trays and Blocks.  It's kind of weird at times not checking on my projects, but I did harvest a Tamp jar of Stones the other day.  Just over 60g which isn't great for 5 months in a jar, but Tamps are known to not be the best Stone yielder so.... It is what it is.  I've been meaning to check them out, but I've been emotionally wrecked with some life struggles so not a good time right now.  Anyway, feelin' better Every day they Say.  Take er' Easy and Be Well.





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Posted 26 May 2022 - 11:58 AM

Hey Ya'll, just getting back in town and since I don't have much going, I had to check on the Ps Cyan Bed.  Doing wonderfully and you don't have to move much of the top layer to see mycelium running everywhere.  I've been watering it here and there as needed and I'm going to add another layer of Chips and Straw.  The Straw should give the bed a buffer and keep the moisture in better and when I water it will absorb and keep the bed in check.  Really excited for this project, and the Chicken of the Woods logs to the left of the Cyan bed.  The Juice is worth the Squeeze they Say. 










The Above pics are from barely moving the surface chips and mycelium is everywhere.  Seems to enjoy the 50/50 Compost/Top Soil (leftover from a diff project) and the Native ground.  I added some sticks and twigs loosely covering the bed, my damn young cat has to dig in ALL my compost piles or dirt areas.  She doesn't like the pokey sticks and has been leaving it alone... lately anyway.  


So, I harvested a Stone jar a few weeks back, and returned the Seeds back to the jar and low and behold.... MORE stones forming and quickly.  I harvested the stones in open air on tinfoil (funnel) and put them back in the jar, nothing special or elaborate.  I didn't have the heart to toss it since it's been going since November, and I figured why not test and see what happens.  Recovered in about 3 days and back at it. ROCK ON Sclerotia.  







Recovered and Back to Work


The last pictures are from jars still going that I haven't harvested.








A few BIG Ones in there, Ya'll Take Care of One Another.  :chucks:





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Posted 01 June 2022 - 07:11 PM

Hey Folks, just a quick update.  I've been doing some behind the scenes work lately in the SAB, mainly Agar transfers and spore drops on plates. I also added more Wood Chips and straw to the Ps cyan Bed, I scratched the surface barely in multiple areas and it's definitely colonized thick below, I'm sure.  I added a Nice soaked chip layer first, then a decent layer of straw (slight watering of straw) a little bit of left over cactus soil, and the final THICK layer of Nature Scapes.  Put all the sticks and twigs back over the chips to keep my cat out of it.  The bed is no longer a low spot and filled in nicely.  I'm going to call the bed GTG and let it do what it do and give her a spritz here and there.


I shot up two more jars of another Tamp syringe I have, testing Stones with this variety, also put another tamp print (light print, hoping it takes) I have on Agar to test Stone development.  3 different syringes that ended up being Tamps or Galindoi whatever they are, only testing to see if one is a higher yielder than the first round, which was typical just over 60g in a quart jar.  That same quart jar tho' is putting out more Stones thrown back in the jar for Round 2.  Also seems to be developing the sclerotia faster as well.  The gift that keeps on giving these sclerotia producers.  


The Mexicana A jar is still going, but I'm not seeing Big sclerotia in there, but maybe they just aren't on the sides, who knows.  I'm not worried about this jar for many months so it can take it's precious time, No worries and NO Hurry.  If it doesn't produce well, all good, I have it on Agar and I'll take another wedge and test.  No isolation on the Mexi A, straight from spore plate, or T1 only.  New to my library so it's going NOWHERE.


Oh I almost forgot, I did a spawn run, mainly Edibles and the Stone jars, but two of those jars are Ps Cyan woodie jars that have Nature Scapes and about a tablespoon of Rice Bran.  I wanted to test going straight to wood supplemented so I made it happen.  I need me a tub for Fall, not that I think the bed won't produce, but you Never know and I usually go with the don't put all your eggs in one basket scenario.  The flexibility of the tub or TiT is just too enticing.  


All the Best to your projects.



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Posted 07 June 2022 - 07:14 PM

TiT's are definitely part of the best hobby ever.......can't wait to see this.....a woody layer 3 inches thick or so in a tray lined with cardboard......inside a tub......


Set outside and kept damp until the cool fall causes pins???......oh my! Change the air regularly but keep the moisture level up....if that mycelium breaks through right at the top.....


Rhizome city.....shits ON! Once a TiT of Cyan is fruiting you can get quite a few flushes until spring....



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Posted 07 June 2022 - 09:43 PM

Your timing is impeccable Arathu, we had some rain a few days ago, and it's been about a week or so adding more chips and straw to the Cyan Bed and I had a look earlier and I Didn't have to move many chips around to see it looking Nice and healthy.  Nothing showing yet on the supplemented nature scapes quart jars, but as you know, they are slow to get going, but will take off like crazy once established.  I'm sure I'll see something soon.  I could also go grab some chips (in a pinch) and jump off that way too for an indoor-outdoor venture.  A cyan bed fruiting in the valley in my yard though (instead of the Bay Area)... I would be giddy like a kid on Christmas morning waiting to open presents.   :biggrin:






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Posted 08 June 2022 - 04:39 AM

Synchronicity brothers and sisters....synchronicity...of course a digital forum IS intended to facilitate such's Wood Wide Web!


Donor chips from a bed for expansion is and EXCELLENT WAY to do it... I am hoping to be covering that in the "revival" thread.....I'll try to get weekly progress updates......


That fungus is looking great!



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Posted 08 June 2022 - 09:26 AM

Full transparency, I didn't pasteurize anything, the only part of the process that was sterilized was the initial Rye berries.  With the indoor alder chips that started everything, I used bleach water only for the soaking (probably overkill and not necessary), and for the outdoor addition of Nature Scapes, just soaked only, nothing special.  The bed has a good environment of microorganisms with the 50/50 compost, native soil, cactus soil, and now straw with More Nature Scapes.  I couldn't help myself; they had a sale for 2 bucks a bag, so I grabbed 5.  I'll ponder the 3 bags left for future projects or finishing off the area to make it look all professional like.  I have the 4 CotW logs and a Maitake block buried in the same vicinity as well.  LET's GO Long Term Goal!  Always a pleasure you dropping by @Arathu.  Mush Luv to you and Yours.   :meditate:



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Posted 19 June 2022 - 03:54 PM

Hey... been a minute since the last update...Star Date... 060720220743 3rd Rock from the Sun.   :tongue:


Alright... where to start here... went outside and checked on the Ps Cyan bed, it's flat out killing it and spreading much further than expected.  I was speaking with another member, and I do have to keep an eye on the mycelium attacking my baseboards, something I wasn't thinking about initially and could be a reason to eventually relocate the patch, but Time will tell.  Super healthy dense mycelium colony going on if you go down a bit, you can see in one of the pics how dense it is.  Long Term Goals.  In a perfect world, I will have a Maitake Block, 4 CotW logs, and the Cyan booming all at once.  LIKE I could get that lucky, but hey.... like I always say... Long shots (gambling) are exactly that, it's a shot... otherwise it would be NO Shot.   I'm just getting started adding logs and blocks to my yard, can't wait to start up some Morels.











The Last two pics are from excess Chips that are just laying on the ground.  Creepin' Cyans No Doubt!  :laugh:



Round 2 of Tamp Stones, I harvested the jar back in early May, threw the seeds back in the jar and it's going crazy.  The gift that keeps on giving these Tamps.  







A few pictures of 6 Month Old Tamp Stones








Mexicana Stones starting to really kick in, didn't look like much for the first 45-50 days other than spots everywhere and small stone indentations, but they are a Rockin' Now!  They will be pulled around the 5th or 6th month.






And Finally, work that has needed to be attended to for awhile, and also a jumpstart on the upcoming season later this year.  All transfers are Clean and just filling out before storage for a few months or so.  I had 3 spore plates to transfer and I had 3 plates left, always nice when a plan works out perfectly.  Ya'll Take Care... and Stay Safe.



Shout Out to Rocky... I forgot to post the Cold Cube in the Cult Pic of the Day the other Day!  My Bad Sir, but clean spore plate this round.













The MelMac plate is my first sterile swab(1 of a 2 pack from previous Huge fruits), so I did a test and plenty of spores so I definitely waited long enough.  Oh I almost forgot, All test plates with Q-tip swabs went well, the TaT Smurf was contaminated so I didn't keep it or transfer (don't need it) but spores were present no doubt.  Same with APE, I already have it on Agar and LC and it wasn't kept, SUPER Low spore count, but growth regardless.  I kept the Avery A, easy transfer and fairly fast growth and there was a small blemish on the plate, had no affect on anything.  The Pearly Gates that I tested months ago had No spores, so it's official, I didn't wait long enough for sporulation, ALL me.  Q Tip tests are over with now, I can trust my swabs to have spores with confidence, and at the end of the day, even a dirty open air Q tip can be rescued and worked, just NOT the efficient way, but again, ALL test swabs that I never intended on keeping.  Spores present is ALL that Matters.


The other plates are cleaned up syringes from a bad source (ARC and Yeti).  What a ride with faulty mismarked contaminated syringes, but I'm at the finish line with Clean Cultures, Optimism over Pessimism ANY day.   :meditate:










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Posted 19 June 2022 - 04:42 PM

Gotta try some stones myself....very cool....



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Posted 20 June 2022 - 12:20 PM

I don't like what my cold cube is doing there, so flocculent...

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