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Posted 11 August 2021 - 09:51 PM

Re-cased the TAMPS on the 9th and a few PINS showing up tonight in both tubs.  Fast to PIN slow to finish and I'm hoping the casing is enough this round to push out some printable caps(It's on AGAR so not a big deal if I don't get prints this time).  One of the PINS looks big already, maybe "SHE" is the One.   :meditate:

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Posted 12 August 2021 - 10:36 AM

Thursday Morning, do you know where your MUSHIES Are!   :tongue:


Not much going on with the APE tub, other than getting fatter and the Caps are Big and right about to open and I flipped the lid on the Shoebox.  A bit of fuzzy feet, which I find 

goes away, it's like the mycelium builds a layer like... Snowman style... then GROWS.  I have been giving them 3 exchanges a day so it's not like there not getting AIR.  These

babies love WATER and AIR.  


Couple TAMP PINS, the big PIN I bet was already a PIN or close to it when I re-cased it, makes sense it being so big right away breaking ground.  I did some research on TAMPS and

these seem to like it pretty Moist so thicker casing and much more moisture from the beginning.  From what I've seen already from previous flushes... this sucker looks NICE and healthy.





I'm SO falling for these...



OH, it's time for new SPAWN... that moment when you are growing something you haven't... THE thrill of learning new Mushrooms, figuring them OUT is what it's ALL About.  


Spawning tomorrow Night


A few seeds left, but won't Matter by the time

I get to it tomorrow evening.


This jar here... I think I just didn't give this one

a good enough Squirt so a little behind the others.


This last jar,  I thought it was done for...

(Stalled after light Shake) but Seems to be 

snapping out of it.  No expectations... if it makes it

or Not... SO BE IT.  

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Posted 12 August 2021 - 12:26 PM

Alrighty, didn't want to add another project, but I'm brushing off my mex gals and giving them another shot. Even bought RGS this time!

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Posted 13 August 2021 - 02:23 PM

I like the sound of that RockyFungus... I'm learning these as I go and I LIKE's what I SEE.  

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Posted 14 August 2021 - 10:02 AM

I haven't updated in a couple of days and I feel like SO much has happened, but it's only because I have a ton of projects(most aren't mush) and getting my business back on track.  What a RIDE life is at Times. 


First on the list, these TAMPS are amazing looking, I'm really falling HARD for these baby boomers.  So to recap, I re-cased both the big and small tray thicker and misted them HEAVILY.  Too the point of where it looks just WET, not muddy or pooling but straight WETNESS.  Then I fanned the chamber a few times that day to get the trays back evaporating and creating it's own heat(I'm using my Martha humid/temp gauge in an old Mono I've had for 7/8 years... VERY loose Poly). Then a light mist every morning until Pins, man these suckers Pin quick and slow(ish) to fruit.  I haven't touched them water wise and they are still real nice and moist.  These Pins are much bigger right from the beginning. 











APE tub was harvested for the 2nd flush, I wanted to run them a bit longer, but with fruits on the sides, and bottom, and everywhere else other than the surface, I started seeing future Knots that are actually ON the casing, and it was time to clear them before it's harder to harvest and ruin future Pins.  When I cased the block for the 2nd flush, the casing went in the gaps of the sub since shrinkage and little bit smaller than the current tub I had it in.  Long story short, fruits where everywhere except where I want them.  These were already growing while the casing layer was colonizing so this is what happens.  All good, in the end... I have another 20g's of Mushies... and Knots and PINS coming Directly.  I patched a few areas with casing and misted them up and Here we go again.  I did notice with the casing layer, too much moisture actually and I should of flipped the lid.. damn PE likes to breathe.  Without the casing, light fuzzy feet and could of added air quicker as well.  These are just test trays and experiments since I'm "figuring" out what I have and what I DON'T.




This Big PIN just popped up fast Out of

Nowhere.  Tub is liking flipped lid with 







Bad News for one of the Oat jars, stalling and looked to be mold or mushed up Oats, either way, it's not finishing and I dumped it Outside.  It smelled fine and may have been OK, but if it doesn't pass the visual, it's OUTTA Here.  The second Jar stalled out, but looks to be back on track.  I probably won't spawn it, unless it really looks amazing.  I'll probaby grab a seed and throw it on AGAR.  I do this on occasion, I hate liquid to AGAR, but it works too.


Good News, the "TAT/Melmac" was spawned two days ago and recovering well.  Low Spawn rate, 1/3 ratio, I really Like 1/1 or 1/2, but it will be fine and it works out since I will be out of town for awhile and I'm not worried about speed.  It's the only reason I went 1/1 with the APE,  I wanted to make sure it was finished, or at least dried fruits while I'm gone and FAST colonization times.  The 2nd jar is doing Great, just a bit behind, I'm pretty sure this jar didn't get a good enough squirt and looks Super healthy.  


Checked on my other trays, today is a week and they look colonized, but I need to stall them a bit and I don't mind the trays consolidating and could use it in a few spots, but looks great.  I don't want to get excited since my track record with "PAN" syringes is straight up FAILURE.  That being said, this sucker is FAST and looks right.  Hopefully 3rd time is a charm and Estero COMES thru for me. 

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Posted 15 August 2021 - 11:35 AM

Whaddup Fungus Fam... A day in the life of a cultivator of all sorts.  I feel like I'll be 70 years old(One Day) STILL growing tomatoes... I'll grow... until I CAN'T NO' MO'.  I realized a long time ago that whatever I grow(Cactus, Baobabs, whatever), I do it for the thrill of going from a spec of(nothing) a seed to the desired end result.  Same with the Mush, thrilling going from a spore to the finish line.  I've been growing Cannabis as well for a very long time and I still get excited when those seeds pop up in 3-4 days time.  


Alright... back on track here... The TaMp trays are doing SO  much better, really excited for these upcoming fruits, SO much bigger  and the little tub has the biggest one and is on the 2nd flush(bigger tray 3rd).  This may be the wrong syringe but MAN, I don't even care at this point, the LOVE is Real for these babies.  







APE tub on it's 3rd flush and knots and PINS popping up on the DAILY.  I'm still learning these bad boys, but I got this now.  Figuring out what makes these different strains tick is... WHY I DO this.  




The "Pearly Gates" unconfirmed Currently so I put it in quotes...   :tongue:

The box has been colonizing for almost 3 days and doing well just ripping

through that horse manure/cvg combo(few flakes of straw in there from the last pasteurization round).  The bottom of the tub

is almost colonized so my Mix was good, sometimes I get lazy and don't mix it well and since this is 1 to 3 ratio, I made sure it was

thoroughly mixed.  1 to 1, it's so much spawn, doesn't matter AS much.





Last, but certainly NOT least... The "Estero" tubs, gorgeous things they are.  Took a sneak peak shot, they've been colonized for quite a few days(Day 5/6ish), and being

only 1 to 3 ratio as well, DAMN fast.  Both trays have half a myco qt of spawn to 1.5 quarts of Manure/Straw/CVG.  I'm finally getting low on Horse Manure, a REFILL is in order.  Not that it's needed for Cubes...

but they sure love it and RIP through the substrate like nobody's business.





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Posted 16 August 2021 - 02:13 PM

Just another update of photogenic fruits... NUFF Said.








Work in Progress... But much better Caps

and I'm  trying to wait for Spores,.. Who knows






P1100840.JPG \

Apes BACK AT IT Again   :hookah:



4 days and Plowing right through the Sub.  

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Posted 17 August 2021 - 09:04 AM

Well Were Back, and I put 3 of the big TAMP Caps to print yesterday and finally got one of the caps to spit out some spores(this morning).  Looks to be a real nice print to, finicky to print, but I was beginning to think this was a sporeless variety. Happy it isn't.  I wasn't looking to learn how to grow these Mexicanae, but hey, I appreciate and respect ALL mushrooms so in hindsight, Shout out to WayLit and StoneSun for there wonderful Tamp threads, SPOT on information on growing these.  Definitely like WET and AIR.  Nice fruits for a busted up old cracked(fell outside one day) Mono Tub with loose Poly.  I can DIG it.


Ape tub, I just admire these white little devils, I'm glad I harvested when I did, would of been nice to get a bit bigger fruits, but this 3rd flush looks to be a winner.  Pins are even coming where casing laying has been falling in the cracks.  I've had the box lid flipped since PINS started to show, these PE seem to really want AIR(good exchange in the morning and 1 in the afternoon, that's IT) immediately after PINS start popping.  I have these babies down now, should be a real nice 3rd.  


Day 5 for P Gates tub, just about colonized, a few small spots here and there, but looks healthy.  I also spawned another Gates tub yesterday, SAME... 1 to 3 ratio.. saved about 2/3rds of a jar to cover up most or all of the seeds.  


I haven't checked on the "Estero" trays, but they are on ICE at this point, waiting on me, and since I'm stalling them a bit and letting them consolidate, No worries and NO hurry.  I'm going out of town Monday and be back Friday so I don't mind them pinning while I'm gone, but they will  need me for exchanges once full fruiting Kicks IN.  During the day, the Mono chamber holds about 92%H and 96-97H when it builds up during the night cycle.  I fan off the build up in the morning, and a couple throughout the day when it rises to 94 or 95 I'll drop it back to 90 and let it slowly rise again.  That being said, the MARTHA is calling me.  New controller coming today and some Tank Guards.  I'll put up some pics later today... busy Mornin'... have to RUN.   :eek:

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Posted 17 August 2021 - 08:12 PM

I didn't Forget...  PHOTO Frenzy!


















Hoping for a few Prints, Nice size Caps and 

Stems, Not Bad.  

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Posted 18 August 2021 - 09:27 AM

Well, I put 7 nice flat Tamp caps for printing and one small cap shot out a light print.  These babies don't print well, but the first print I have is nice and Dark and full.  They are just back ups to the back up AGAR plates, NO issues.


OMY... the APE tub is going to be a GIVER for the 3rd flush.  PINS are popping everywhere.  I don't case Cubes too much, but this is going to be worth the effort.







New Pins and Knots Daily.  Nice pinset so it's ALL

Air from here on Out.  


Checked on the "Estero" tubs yesterday, been fully colonized for DAYS, but looks nice and consolidated and ready whenever I am.  I'll case them Friday and I will be back the next Friday so I should come back to PINS(or close to it).


The P Gates tub is 6 days in and pretty much colonized, a few misc spots(minimal) but moving along JUST fine.  The second tub is 4 days behind, but recovering fine and starting to really kick in now.  


I did end up transferring some seeds over to AGAR, two plates for the "TAT Smurf" and one plate for the TAT/Melmac.  The P Gates jumped off AGAR faster, no surprise, the seeds from the Smurf is form a slow stalling jar, I don't 

think I'll waste the manure.  I have more LC of the Smurf so it's all good.  Sensitive strain didn't like the mild shaking, welcome to the land of Exotics.  


OH, and Lastly, I received my new controller for the Martha yesterday and have been testing it all night.  Calibrated the device with salt mixed with water for 75%.  The controller was off a percentage point.  Adjusted.... Done.  

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Posted 18 August 2021 - 11:38 AM

I also forgot to mention that the cap prints are pretty much brown with a tinge of purple.  Definitely a TAMP, Pans are jet black, not that I wasn't sure, but spores are a key factor in identification.  

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Posted 18 August 2021 - 02:01 PM

There is something eerily beautiful about those albino pins. Maybe its the mushroom infused absinthe I'm drinking, lol!

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Posted 18 August 2021 - 07:47 PM

I noticed casing the block really accentuates the snow white PINs rather than white on white that blends... IN.  This 3rd flush might just Rival or beat out the first.  I've had 3rd flushes match or real close to the first flush, but never Outright outperform the first.  Lookin' Good, I just need to get out of the way and let the casing layer do all the work for me(34.6 first round, probably tough to beat, but I'm real happy with this Pinset).  

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Posted 19 August 2021 - 01:51 PM

Another Day... just ANOTHER Substrate.  I have the Martha all dialed in and I've been testing the TAMP trays(About 2 days) in the tent.  Dialed in easy with the new controller and not pooling up or excessive wetness so should be GTG. 


APE Box is doing wonderful, the first P Gates Work Boot Box is fully colonized, 6 full days... today is the beginning of Day 7 in a few hours.  The other Gates Box is on Day 3 and starting to catch fire.  








Tomorrow night, I'll be casing the "Estero" trays, that way when I get back they will be just under a week and should be pinning or just about, then I can control them from there.  The plan was to try them out in the modified Old Mono tub, but

since the Martha is Rollin... it only makes sense to run them in a much more friendlier environment for AIR  thirsty Exotics.  I could do it in this modified tub no doubt, but much more work than a humidity tent.  They will get full FAE all the time, humidified AIR and good Passive Air as well so... WIN WIN.  


I had the stalled jar of "TAT Smurf" left, and it jumped off the grain to AGAR easily so I hydrated up some CVG and mixed up a couple of Bags.  I already had some 1 gallon bags and figured what the heck, Shout out to Fahtster and Sand Bags NO Doubt.  I get bored at times doing the same old style, one day it's shoeboxes, or flipped lids, or Mono's.. OR(old coffee can, Zip tub Anything)... yeah the list goes ON and ON, but I'm a bag fan through and through... I'm an Edible Block FREAK at times.  I actually just pulled my Edible/Medicinal plates from the fridge, IT's THAT time REAL soon.  

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Posted 20 August 2021 - 11:48 AM

Whaddup ya'll, just another... HAPPY Friday!  


It's that time to Case these "Estero" trays, I've been dying to case em', but I don't mind Pans consolidating a bit and they won't need much care for Pinning while I'm gone.  The Modified Mono holds 90-92H during the day and around 96-97 during night time cycle.  I consolidated these a long time, they could very well PIN in 3 days, but I doubt it.  Either way, time to get these ROLLN'.


Ape tub just doing it's thing, I was hoping it was going to be done before I leave, but that's OUT.  It's been a little cooler lately so not growing as fast as other flushes, but the PINs look plentiful so let IT BE.






P1100886.JPG P1100887.JPG


TAMPS are liking the Martha, I bumped the humidity a bit and still not a drop on the racks or anything, I've had a small plastic tray in there the whole time and a few beads of water in the tub, NO pooling.  I can tell you I've ran

the tent with a cycle timer, and it works, but it's MUCH more work than this controller.  I keep the sensor under the tray(I've used blocks to hide the sensor as well) so it's not exposed to direct mist.  Now I use my cycle timer for a small 6" Clip fan.  ALL GOOD.


"TAT/Melmac" box looking wonderful, and ripped right through the sub with NO issues.  The second box of "P Gates" doing well and is 3 days complete and starting Day 4. 




High hopes for these, and I believe the Source confirmed

them, but not Positive.  He didn't show me any pics of these.


"TAT Smurf" test bags just getting started(About a Day), One of them looks like it's jumping off the grain already, and the other I added a couple more needle holes, I short changed that bag and noticed it, but still showing tiny white spots so another day or 2 will let me know before I leave if it's a GO.... or a NO!  


I've seen his "TAT Smurf" and I know the Source has definitely ran these a few runs(pictures) so this should be what it's Suppose to be... BUT... not until I know for sure so it STAYS in quotes.  





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Posted 22 August 2021 - 11:39 AM

Thanks for keeping this log! There's tons of useful cultivation info throughout :)

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Posted 22 August 2021 - 07:19 PM

Thanks for keeping this log! There's tons of useful cultivation info throughout :)



I'm just giving back Man, I've learned from So many Sources and frankly, JUST doin' IT.  When I first started out, nothing but CV, and perfected my technique of pasteurization using Coco since it's Forgiving and wouldn't matter either way.  I find that I can get 3 nice flushes with Coco, and a 4th I wouldn't call a flush.  Manure Subs can go 5 flushes sometimes, an Old friend of mine ran his Manure blend out 7 flushes before it was fully exhausted.  If I was just starting out again, Coco all the way and CLEAN spawn.  Reformed WBS user... Oats now since it's more efficient and easier to hydrate and Cheap for a Huge bag.  I make my own Edible/Medicinal Blocks so buying in BULK is the way.  I enjoy growing ALL kinds of Mushrooms these days, but I started out with Cubes(only) like most of Us Do.  I went the route of Cubes for a long time(flip two Mono's(back then) and have WAY too many for a LONG time), finally Edibles, and now I like playing with Exotics or whatever I can get my hands on. I appreciate you stopping by and the Praise.  Let me know if I can help in ANY way... No Stress and SUCCESS is what I'm about.   :meditate:

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Posted 27 August 2021 - 07:27 PM

What's Goin' ON Topiates, I'm back from the grueling ROAD trip, BUT Always worth it going across the dessert to see my Bro.  Had a wonderful time, but it's back to business AS usual.  


Quick update, the TAmPS are killing it in the Martha, came back to some BIG fruits and this is the 4th flush.  The smaller one is on 3rd.  


Ape tub, just recovering from patching and a heavy misting.  I see a few PINS in there, but nothing too thrilling since it's on it's 4th flush.  I can't bring myself to kill off the tub, oh, I cleaned up the third flush, 17g on the dot.  


Nothing from the "Estero" trays yet, today is a week so should be showing something soon.


The two Pearly Gates tubs are looking wonderful, the first tub is showing PINS and they are white SO promising it is TAT/Melmac Cross.  The second tub is 4 days behind, and Not quite showing knots yet.  Real Close tho'.


I'll upload some pics in the morning, I'm tired and NEED Rest!  :sleep:

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Posted 28 August 2021 - 10:36 AM

Tamp Pics before Harvest.















APE Tub, Pic from Yesterday.



New Albino's Coming!   :biggrin:





Day 16 from Spawn


Second Box of P Gates getting there with a 

few knots/small Pins Day 12 from Spawn




No pics of the "Estero" trays, but one tray does have a few PINS that it didn't have yesterday and they look like the REAL Deal.  This is the 3rd syringe so maybe the 3rd Time is a Charm!  They look legit, but I've been here before only to be disappointed.  NOT disappointed in TAMPS, I'm lovin' those little suckers, but I've been on a PAN Quest, just to recap, first syringe PE6, not a bad thing, it's a GIVING PE strain, 2nd attempt, as you know TAMPS, and the PAN Cincts were a very fast Unknown Cube.  I'm not counting the Cincts(towards the total), but technically this is the 4th attempt, but 3rd for Cyans not Cincts.  I have a good feeling this Round, I will know for sure within a Day or So.  Shout out to the wife for filling up my humidifier while I was Gone!   :wub:

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Posted 30 August 2021 - 02:52 PM

Harvested the rest of the 4th flush big tray, and the small tray last of the 3rd.  These Tamps just come in Waves of fruits.  On average, harvesting every 3- 5 days just flushing Away. 




Ape tub just popping some PINS, 4th flush, I just can't toss it for some reason.  ATTACHED MUCH..  I am.





The two P Gates boxes are Rollin, some beautiful Albino Pins, Albinos are MY JAM!  






2nd Tub





The Estero trays are Pinning pretty good almost by the minute, these are fast, the second tray has PINS, but a little behind the other.  These babies go from nothing to something pretty fast, the Coolmist is keeping everything in 

Check and nice and moist.  I was keeping the humidity pretty tight from 95(goes up to 97.4 ish almost 98%) to 91(drops to 89.8 or so) and it keeps the trays hydrated with no excess on the fruits or on the racks.  I did today drop it to

a 5 point differential, so 95-90.  When I came home, these trays were actually a little dry in the corners from 95-90 humidity range(gave em a misting) so I bumped it to 95.5 and 4 point differential and it hydrated them well that day.  The next

morning went back to 95-91 4 point and it's been perfect for hydration and Air.  Today I'm running 95-90 for a bit more Passive Air, and the Cool Mist will run a little longer as well.  The tent has great Passive Air so it's humidified air and passive.  Both the Tamps

and these little guys love it.  I'll keep an eye on the trays for surface conditions since it's a bit more on the drier side of the spectrum(Not a drop in a tray that's above the sensor at 95-91).  GOOD Times!










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