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Posted 27 September 2021 - 01:34 PM

What's the Word Folks... I figured it was time for an Update so Here we Go.


The P Gates Tubs are popping out fruits from 2nd and 3rd flush.  If I needed the room, I would just throw the lid on them and go back

to traditional Boot Box style, but these are close to being finished and not in my way currently, so I'll leave them be.  










The PAN/TAMP trays aren't showing any Pins yet, I'm sure the first two trays are close.  The other two smaller trays are 2(ish) days 



The Bags are doing well, One bag is Suspect, but doesn't seem to be progressing so maybe it's just a greenish colored piece of Verm.  It happens, but I'll

keep an eye on it and it's separated from the others just in case.  The bigger Unicorn bag is killing it since I mixed this one perfectly, and dropped the ball on the

gallon bags mix up.  They would be done or closer by now with a proper spawn thorough mixing, All me, but it's whatever at this stage.










Big Unicorn Bag


The last Yeti jar is just SLOW, I bet it Stalls Out, but it's still healthy currently.  The TAT Smurf Variant and newer Homestead jars are doing Great, they will be done in a few days.  


I was going to drop a freebie syringe, but I have so much going on and I'll play with those later this Winter or Spring.  I have so much going On, I had to put a Kabash on anything new

going Forward.  


Oh, I almost forgot, the PAN Oat jars(4) are starting to show some growth, fairly slow to start on Oats, but they are just starting to kick in... SO it's too early for an opinion on colonization speed.  Honestly, I don't care, just happy 

to get this going... will it "PAN" Out... Time will Tell.  

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Posted 28 September 2021 - 11:11 AM

Good Mornin' to ALL you Fungus Freaks out there.  :laugh:


Well, I harvested the first P Gates Tub, I could of went another day or so, but I'm not trying to squeeze every drop out of these, and I'm already happy with what I have so it's BYE for now.  I usually go 3 flushes and CYA, the big fruit was huge, but hollow compared to first and second flush fruits.  Still dense, but a little squishy for a PE variant, the other midrange fruits were not as squishy or flexible.  Still a nice Round for a 3rd.  Manure trays can go for a long time, 4 is the most I've ever done, but I've seen folks run them out to 7 flushes, obviously, smaller waves, but fruits No doubt, but will take a long time to see 7(Months).  Coco Subs, 3 is the sweet spot in my experience and I'm usually over it by then and it's a MOVE On situation.  Oh, there was a Nice fruit that had quite a bit of spores SO I did a few spore swabs to check the viability when I have a chance.  Most of these fruits have minimal spores, but this fruit was a Giver so I jus Had to.  I didn't do any APE swabs or try for prints, I will when I run them Again, but I am a little disappointed I didn't at least try to grab some Swabs.  Hindsight 20/20 situation, but I have it on Agar and LC... NO biggie.  



Swabbed Fruit







Tossed it Outside and looked Nice and Clean





The trays still aren't showing any Pins, it's only the beginning of Day 8 so I'm sure it's tonight or in the morning or soon after.  


Bags just doing their thing, and the Smurf jar is real close to being colonized and is right on time at about 14 days and will be done within a Day.  The Homestead is a little behind, but looking fine.  Slow Yeti jar, YUP... still SLOW, but growing nonetheless.  Until it shows otherwise, I'll keep it around.  


The Pan Oat jars are moving along, definitely a slow start, but it looks like they are just about to really Kick In.  All good almost 3 days complete so still Early.  

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Posted 28 September 2021 - 07:41 PM

Spotted a few Pins in the PAN/TAMP trays, as predicted, these are Tamps again, I have these little guys down now so it's all good.  Bring it ON.  Fun species to be honest, I've enjoyed learning them on the fly and just going with it.  That being said, I'm looking forward to growing a PAN of ANY sort that I intended on growing and perfecting and hopefully playing with for awhile.  3 of the 4 Pan jars look good, one is fine, but not showing much growth yet.  All for the FUN(gi).  



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Posted 29 September 2021 - 02:11 PM

Alrightie Then, back at it, Harvest the 2nd Flush of the TAT's.  This strain just produces MONSTER fruits, I weighed the BIG fruit that is Dry this morning from the 3rd Flush box(from yesterday) and it's 9.3g.  This variety just gives out Monsters

from first flush to Finish.  Well, I patched up the tub(casing) and gave it a nice spritz, I'll run it for the 3rd and it's OUTTA Here.  TAT.... IS where IT's AT... (I got two turntables and a Microphone).   :tongue:








The Tamp trays are starting to kick out more Pins by the minute, HERE they come in Waves really, just crashing with fruits every 3rd Day when they get going.  I'm pretty sure I ran the last trays to 5 or 6 flushes, and the others 4ish maybe 5 and probably could of kept going.  I knew this was another round of Tamps so I didn't mind letting them Go and they finally settled down popping fruits every 2-3 days.  I'm sure it would of kicked out more a week later, but I'm happy with the results so... SEND IT Outside.  


The TAT "Smurf" jar has a couple of seeds to colonize fully, but it's pretty much Done.  By the time I get to It, it will be perfect.  The HPE will be right behind it.  The Slow Yeti jar is exactly that, SLOW nothing much to say.


The BAGs are doing Great, a few of them that were mixed better than the others are just about fully colonized, what a POOR mix up by me.  I know better too(with Unicorn Bags tho').  


The newest jars are just doing their thing and starting to go a bit faster, No worries and NO hurry. Keep your Spawn Clean!   :meditate:

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Posted 05 October 2021 - 11:00 AM

Alrightie Y'all, it's been awhile since I last updated.  The bag project unfortunately is scrapped, two bags were def suspect and I probably could of kept one of them, but I was over it and sometimes I get that way and just kill everything off.  I do have the Unicorn bag left, but WHO knows.  I'm still working with someone else's work and it's probably still biting me for it, but honestly, I don't think the holes were big enough when you get close to fully colonized.  Owell, I have too many projects and this one was neglected and I probably should of punched a few bigger holes... Always Next Time. 


The Tamp trays are blowing up, looking great and I'm working on some Prints(I have two currently, but test prints and weren't done in a SAB like my current print session).  They are currently just starting to kick out ripe fruits and the waves will just keep bringing in the Mush.  This strain MIGHT just be my favorite Psilocybe(I am looking to do a Wavy Cap project so favorites COULD change :biggrin: ).   How could anyone not appreciate a strain that pops out potent fruits, and Cool Stones as well.  Dual Threat... LUV IT!













Crappy Pic... tough being in a Boot Box... There are 22 caps, hoping for 50% who knows being first Rounders.  All good, I have plenty of fruits from previous grows so... I'll print these babies until I'm "Blue" in the Face :)


I did spawn the Tat and Homestead the other day to Coco/Verm tubs and they are progressing nicely.  I think they are two or three days In so just starting to Rev Up.


I mixed up the PAN Oat jars, slow going, but this mix up seems to have kicked them into gear.  All good, I've been waiting awhile to finally play with them, hard road sometimes, but if it leads to the finish line... Works for Me.  

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Posted 08 October 2021 - 12:56 PM

What's goin' On folks... Another Happy FRIDAY!  


I've been gathering prints of Tamps lately, really cool mushroom and I want to keep this one around.  I used to not back up anything, now I'm a print and Agar freak(mainly Agar)I went ahead and checked on the 2nd Round of prints and did much better this time.  I went for caps that have swollen gills and starting to darken, seems to be the Key to printing Tamps.  I did have one small tub of prints that went Zero, so that one didn't work out so well.  All good, I have spores to Store so mission accomplished.  


The Tamp trays are going out of control, really nice flushes and the smaller trays are going to be even better.  The smaller trays also have thicker stems right from the start, I haven't seen any stones popping, but it's still very early and probably won't for awhile.





The Pearly Gates Tub is still going, but their are just a few Big Pins coming In, this tray had a Huge first flush(decent 2nd), so I don't see it going crazy at this point.  It's not in the way, SO it can Stay.  

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Posted 09 October 2021 - 07:21 PM

Quick update, harvested up most of the two bigger trays, left the rest of the flush to finish, new waves already coming in... Good Times.  




The smaller trays are doing great, pulled a few ripe ones from one of the tubs and another printing session.  Last Round of spore dropping I picked some winners, so we will See.





The Tat Melmac hybrid has one big fruit and another weird growing one, these are just about finished up.  






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Posted 10 October 2021 - 04:56 PM

Wow. Those are some beautiful crops.

I dipped into my LC and prepped some grain last week. Gonna noc em up tomorrow. I'm gonna have to scroll back and see what subs you used. I'd sure like this round of Tampa to look half as good as these. Been brainstorming how to make a Martha from stuff I got laying around. Hopefully I will get to it before my grains are ready.

Nice work MushLuvr.
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Posted 10 October 2021 - 07:24 PM

Thank you @Oldpunk... It's been an ongoing on the fly learning experience that I have enjoyed experimenting with and I have Rye Berries on the way for some stone only projects, and just to play around with Rye, I have these Oats down Pat.   Expanding ones experience or knowledge is never a waste of time.   :victorious:

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Posted 11 October 2021 - 11:08 AM

Quick update, I didn't even mention my Pan Oat jars that are getting close to being finished.  I've shaken them twice to spread the mycelium and recovery within half a day, but a full day they are back glowing.  A little slow on Oats, should of added some manure or Rice Bran for smaller particles and or inoculation points.  No worries, they look great and won't be shaken again until spawning.  Today is 17 days, will be done before 3 weeks so the excitement is building.  My path has been Cube only grows for over a Decade(off and on) and branched out to Edible blocks, now my quest for exotics is coming around.  I didn't expect tamps, or galindoi whatever they are called these days, but an awkward blessing in disguise.  I really just enjoy the learning process of different types of Mush, I feel like I'll be an old man still rockin' Lions Mane, Shiitake, and King Oysters for myself and hopefully others.  Anyway, back on track, Now I'm finally on the Pan trail with a really gorgeous culture, and the exotics and edibles have progressed me to this point(even with all the ups and downs(minimal overall), that's life sometimes... A Roller Coaster).   :meditate:

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Posted 15 October 2021 - 11:58 PM

Been a minute since the last update, IT's... TIME!  


So the new TaT variation snuck up on me yesterday(Low tech Boot Box), nice little Pins going on and I flipped it's Lid today.  The Homestead is close, but a few days out from Pinning, Pins at Day 11 from spawn for TaT, pretty fast and PE is usually Day 14 15(ish) depending on which one you are growing.  I'm pretty sure last time was 15 days from Spawn, no worries and might be slightly slower being Coco Verm only(been awhile since I've done CV... Classic easy blend), but I doubt it, similar speeds to Horse Manure Subs, I'd say Manure subs are just a bit faster in my experience, but nothing that a day or two can't fix anyway.  These two boxes were done THICK, I usually go around 2 inches these were 3" Subs with a pseudo casing.  Just hydrated Coco with Hot faucet water so it breaks up faster, that's IT.  






Pics from Yesterday





Current This Morning


Pan Jars are just about finished, I'll be spawning at least two of 4 probably Sunday night or Monday sometime.  Really excited, but the temps are going down and I wanted to grow them when my tent is 77 to 78 at peak and hovers around 74.  Owell, I'm in it Now... I'll have to improvise or maybe we get a heat wave that week.  I do run an aquarium heater, but that is just to cancel the cool mist that can drop the tent 3 degrees or more on the low end(at times).  I may have to run a space heater if it's too cold for Pans, time will TELL. 


The Tamps are going for Round two with some BIG Caps, they are flourishing in the Humidity tent and giving up the biggest Caps I've seen with these Thus Far.  They are a surprising strain that I'm absolutely head over heals for.   :tongue:

Until I grow an Outdoor Ps Cyan bed, these are my favorite Ps strain currently, and I'm a huge fan of PE varieties, but Cubes just might be #2 right Now. This TaT "Smurf" may just change my mind... AGAIN. 





Pics from Yesterday









Current This Morning

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Posted Today, 02:19 PM

Hope you guys and gals are enjoying your Sunday... The Homestead PE finally showing a few Pins on Day 14, right on schedule.  The TaT Smurf tub is starting to really kick into high gear.  Just leaving the lid flipped at this point for a bit more Air, slight fuzzy feet, but not enough to matter and PE strains(Hybrids) seem to be the most sensitive to it.  I check it twice a day or so and a quick exchange that's about it.  Low maintenance... Low Tech.





TaT Variation









I stripped all the tamps from the bigger trays, 2nd flush... Complete... I didn't have any extra casing to patch, but it wasn't really necessary this round anyway and it's getting into later flushes and I'm not worried about it.  Some really big Caps this Second round, getting a handle on these little guys... didn't realize they can get some fairly BIG Caps.






No Stones popping through the Casing yet,

or on the sides... Time will tell, and I just did

my first Rye Run testing and it's going VERY 

well.  I'll drop some stone only jars Fairly Soon.  


Pan Jars(3/4) are just about finished up, a couple of small spots here and there, but pretty solid at this point.  One jar is slightly behind, but looks healthy and should be fine.  I'll Pasteurize some sub tomorrow evening when I have time, should be just about perfect to be completely colonized.  Gorgeous Culture they sent... Really Happy... NOW... just be a PaN Please.   :biggrin:

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