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Growth/Trip Notes - Difference between Flushes - Trip Ratings

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#1 HawksTwelfth



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Posted 16 July 2021 - 03:24 PM

Hello All,


Am I the only one who keeps notes on their grows and trips?


If others are taking notes how do you do yours?


Right now I am tracking via a notes page but may move to a spreadsheet at some point.


Here is what i have got so far for my two grows I have gone through, all numbers shown in grams.


Mush Notes:
2nd grow - Golden Teacher - 27.02 (1st Flush)+19 (2nd Flush 29.6% drop)=46-1.65 (1st trip Me **) = 44.35-3.8 (second trip Me 2.1 *** and Wife 1.7 **) = 40.55
2nd grow - MAZ - 9 (1st FLush)+7.63 (2nd Flush 15% Drop)=16.63+ 4.25 (3rd Flush 44% drop)= 20.88 Final
1st grow - Maui - 12 - 4 (1st Trip ME*) = 8 - 3 (2nd trip Me1.65* Wife 1.35**) = 5.13 Final after month of harvesting smalls
Both grows - Aborts - 3.5-3.6 (1st grow)+1.63 (2nd grow)=5.23
Trip Ratings:
* Good but melow
** Great nice trip lots of visuals not too many waking many closed eye
*** Awesome lots of both waking and closed eye visuals but no loss of reality
**** Rushing the gates loss of sense of self to some degree (better not have plans)

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#2 motley



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Posted 26 July 2021 - 01:26 PM

I try to take notes, but sometimes I slack a bit :)

I make mead and spirits and take extensive notes for those hobbies in order to be able to reproduce each batch, but for some reason, my notes are a little haphazard for this one, maybe because of a bit of perceived randomness (strain/luck/etc...). Maybe as I gain a bit more experience and things seem a bit more predictable, I'll try to dial it in a bit more. It is a good idea though, and I like your format!

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