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the future of internet forums?

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#1 pharmer



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Posted 02 August 2021 - 05:40 PM

It's becoming obvious to me that the days of places like this are numbered.


Another couple of generations of people being raised by Enstupidating Smart Phones ought to make people so stupid they can't and won't think long enough to read through a thread of any value.


Which is not to say there won't be smart and curious people around. So what will they have to do to have the kind of information we all share here?


Assuming that the police state stops tolerating our interests and completes their takeover of thought and the internet at large - what's next for the aspiring psychonaut?


I'm open to other ideas about the future but the future has that sticky problem of being unforseeable in any detail.


So let's go backwards, with our old friend Sun Tzu. Sun Tzu says when your  enemy is big, strong, and clumsy you use that against him and operate small and agile.


Within memory of people right here on these boards psychonaut info used to be distributed in........wait for it ....... MAGAZINES...... that's right - on paper and delivered in plain brown wrappers to your door.


I'm betting that will be an effective way of spreading the knowledge necessary to continue in our hobbies.


And maybe a ground floor opportunity for the young and ambitious to make an honest buck providing a valuable service.


You know, like people did in the old days.

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#2 Myc


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Posted 03 August 2021 - 02:11 PM

I'll one-up you by asking:

How many of you know what a "pen-pal" is??

Anyone still have one?

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Posted 03 August 2021 - 02:43 PM

If you can't beat em, don't play their game.


Others seeking to avoid the all seeing eye of Sauron have found that using low tech pigeon messengers and physical couriers was effective. They chose to opt out of playing the digital spy game


Maybe we should all print off a copy or two of magic for the masses and keep them around for a rainy day eh. There are probably a few places around town where they might accidentally fall into the right hands

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#4 TVCasualty


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Posted 04 August 2021 - 10:22 AM

On the other hand, forums like this might see a resurgence if enough people start to get sufficiently sick and tired of all the Big Tech social media fuckery and want something more intimate and less data-miney and algorithmically-manipulative.


Stranger things have happened. People are buying vinyl LPs again, too.


And One Time Pads (uncrackable encryption method invented in the 1880's) still work for those going back to pen pals. Wait, what's a "pen?"

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#5 riseabovethought


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Posted 04 August 2021 - 02:20 PM

We used to have a plan to all meet up at Reddit - probably in the mushroom section, but Reddit just scrubbed and deleted a huge swath of such sites we might have chosen, so Im thinking that blew our fire -escape plan apart.  Our days are numbered, thats for sure.  We need 3 months worth of food, a nice clean source of drinking water, and a new fire -escape plan.  The screws are tightening down.

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#6 Salty117



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Posted 04 August 2021 - 03:10 PM

IME this place is like a safe-haven getaway from the rampant toxicity and ignorance that runs through a majority of the mushroom cultivation subreddits. One of the few cultivation subreddits I really don't mind being a part of is r/PhillyGoldenTeacher because there at least it seems to be some amount of a mutual respect that goes around there. The other places give me vibes that I would get seeing threads and responses at one of the other now seemingly quite inactive cultivation forum boards that drove me away from being a supporting member there and came here to grow and prosper with what seem to be like-minded individuals. I hate seeing talk of this place going under considering the vast collective of knowledge but I also know plugging my ears, closing my eyes, and going "la-la-la I can't hear you" is counter-productive..

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Posted 05 August 2021 - 08:57 AM

I think there is a deep hunger for all thing genuine in this plastic wrapped, bullshit corporate smile world. The public's reaction to it being the rise of the youtube stars outside of the MSM. Their product is garbage and people are starting to recognize it, rather than look in the mirror and ask where they went wrong they choose to attack. And what is the old power structures only weapon left to try to crush their small competitors with. Well its easy, label them as, fake news, misinformation, racist, sex offender ect. There is a creepy unholy union right now of big teck, news networks and political parties. All working in unison to keep us on the "right track"


You know, all you have to do is start the narrative that the people are too stupid to decide for themselves, they are being tricked by all those other talking heads outside of corporate control. Post some articles about morons attacking 5G towers to prove your point, always use the lowest common denominator when wielding the stick against your opponents



"Only listen to what we have to say, and now a word from our sponsors"

#8 thafunkyone


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Posted 01 September 2021 - 11:41 PM

Message boards are just 'old technology'....they've been around since the 80s, when people would post on BBS's, and the first usenet message boards, alt.whatever...


When people ask me things about mushrooms I may not want to answer for one reason or another, I tell them to go here- this is where I learned almost everything I know, starting 20 years ago, and I send them a link for The Mushroom Cultivator. I end up teaching people alot the last 2 years now and I make sure they get that book first and read it cover to cover. Anything they're looking for out of the scope of that book I send them here- this place is a reference for anything mushroom related. The teks used now are very ummm one sided? no one does any experimentation- I think it's because there are no more 'hobby' growers, at least where I'm at (west coast) and everyone wants to skip the learning part and find the fastest way to grow 100 lbs a week, so things get pretty stagnant. No one is using straw for some reason, its all grain/shit/tubs, no straw logs, no nothing, just hundreds of tubs stacked up in warehouses, factory style. If we don't keep a repository of experiments throughout the years like this one, all of our work is for nothing. There are many ways to skin a cat, and I think we found all of them on Mycotopia, and I'm proud to say I went from Noob to Mod here. Now it's just IG, which can showcase snippets of things, but you're not making a grow log there, no one can keep a body of work there....everything moves so fast, is a grow log even cool anymore? 

#9 Arathu



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Posted 02 September 2021 - 05:57 AM

All things the waning years of this life I will publish my book....and when I return I will hopefully find a copy of it and REMEMBER...... :biggrin:


I miss the heyday of the news and magazine stores, a fresh copy of High Times, and a pack of Zig-Zags........and Acapulco Gold, Purple Sinsemillia, and a Thai Stick ........some funny little mushrooms too


The 70's and 80's were such a blast.....I feel bad for the kids in some aspects and then again I am quite hopeful and optimistic for the future.....


All things change.......something beautiful will always flower from the rot.......this will be no different....IMHO



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#10 pharmer



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Posted 06 September 2021 - 10:33 AM

Oh, it's inarguable that the only constant is change


I guess my main point was not the disappearance of good online info but the necessity to find/invent, now, the thing that will replace it

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