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Weird Chunks in my Agar

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Posted 04 August 2021 - 02:36 PM

I whipped up a batch of PDA with a little bit of peptone and a little bit of yeast, yesterday afternoon but lack of sleep from the previous night put me down for an unprecedented nap while the flask was mixing on the stir plate.


So I woke after a couple hours to a completely solid solution and in my still dreary state I forgot to reliquify my agar before popping it in to the pressure cooker and it was when I got to around 4psi on the gauge that the realization came to me that I didn't reliquify the agar so I took the heat off right when I realized it, waited for it to cool back down/depressurize before opening it up, taking the flask out, and reliquifying it 100% before putting it back in the pressure cooker and sterilizing it.


I let it cool over night and I just got around to reliquifying it a little bit ago (at the time of writing this, about an hour or so ago) but it seems as thought there's some chunks that just don't want to liquify and I'm wondering if these chunks are "Burnt" agar from running it in the PC as a solid medium?


There wasn't any discoloration to it when I took it out of the pressure cooker the first time when I failed to reliquify it before putting it in the PC and it didn't have chunks in it when I did reliquify it the first time, or even when I took it out this afternoon from the pressure cooker, just once I started to re-reliquify and thought "should be good to check on" and it appeared to be completely liquified but upon placing it on the stir plate and running it I can see some colored but darkened chunks swirlng past the walls to disappear back into the mixture. I'd post a pic but between the potato flakes and the food coloring, it's too thick to capture a pic of the chunk(s) as it's spun around the flask by the magnetic stir bar/plate.


Thank you for your time

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Posted 04 August 2021 - 07:31 PM

Update: It seems I managed to get everything dissolved... just took way longer than it seemed any other time I've had to reliquify agar. Took a few hours of repeatedly putting it on the stir plate and back in a hot water bath.

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