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Totalitarian societies in modern times

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Posted 09 August 2021 - 03:51 PM

Perspective is such an important thing in life. So in that regard, if anyone thinks life in north America is terribly rotten, give this a listen



Wild stuff, really wild stuff. It borders on unbelievable, but I believe it. Part of the reason for the regimes continued horrible reign is their secrecy. Like in Cambodia they closed the borders and censored everything to maintain control. When people expose it they deny it and move on. She talks about how they control everything and even  shape language to control thoughts. Stuff like how there was no words in the language for love, rape, ect. Ever notice how they are called North Korean defectors, not refugees, because that language lets you know they betrayed the state. They defected from the common good hahaha


Another main effective method of control being hunger, you have little time for revolution when you are scraping up insects to try to stay alive.


I got a chance to listen to her on Joe Rogan but I suspect this conversation between her and Jordan is a little more educated. The stuff she talks about is unbelievable to the point that your mind doesn't want to think it is possible.


I remember when she was talking about the state mandated quota of family poop that you were required to give over to the government. I was like is this for real? is this lady crazy? She was saying you would search for poop, a dog poop whatever poop you could find so you don't get in trouble. Compounded by starvation producing said poop was nearly impossible, more tactics by the regime to keep the people under their boot.


Look it up if you think its a bunch of horseshit. ( It is done because the poor country relies on it as fertilizer for the fields. So the state mandates a tonne quota per year that each family is requited to produce. Yes human waste, they talk about mixing dirt into to try to meet the ridiculous demands.


Anyway too much in there for me to summarize, give it a listen if you got some time to kill.




Hey nothing wrong with taxing the population and coming together to build things we all benefit from right. A bit of socialism peppered into the goverment is not a bad thing.


But the next step, collectivism, no personal property, equality of outcome based societies are not as advertised. This discussion in the video is at the least a good reminder of where all that mass collectivism often ends up. China made it out okay after that ugly period right, oh wait, forgot about those few million uyghurs, I wonder how those families find those nice reduction camps.

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