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Choking on a spoonful of Kratom

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#21 rockyfungus



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Posted 11 August 2021 - 09:44 PM

So, if I wasn't bullshitted by a million pharm reps back in the day. Guess I should do my own research...Hopefully not misinformation. But back when fish oils were all the rage they were pushing LCT. Claiming the longer the triglyceride the futher down in your gut digests and the less fish burps you get. But more oil less constipation!

I don't know if length of triglycerides has any deal with suspension, extraction, or digestion of the alkaloids, but yeah that just brought back memories of pharm reps slutting themselves out to make me buy fish oils...

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#22 coorsmikey



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Posted 11 August 2021 - 11:27 PM

I’m just saying it works wonders on the taste of some Toss & Wash Kratom flavor. Do your research for sure. I didn’t cite or link anything but my own opinion and experience. Fish oil or snake oil, it makes kratom wash taste like water IMO. You make whatever you want with it. Me: I have found some good uses for it and want to experiment some more. I’m pretty stoked by my mostly accidental find, just wanted to share. If y’all want to to debate with the subject, I’ll politely exclude myself as I normally do and observe from a distance.
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#23 Coopdog



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Posted 12 August 2021 - 12:20 AM

Lol I did not expect that reply Coorsmikey, here I go down the rabbit hole. Just so ya'll know I do just fine with the toss and wash method. Just this one time it went really South lol. Shit happens, and we gotta pay lol. It is what it is sometimes!. Here I go down another rabbit hole...

#24 bezevo



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Posted 12 August 2021 - 12:40 AM

so mikey or others ....what type or source of MTC are you hinting at ...  is it a sertain plant or ?  share

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#25 rockyfungus



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Posted 12 August 2021 - 06:39 AM

I never recommended or sold fish oils as it works slightly better then placebo. I got a list of home remedies that fix 90% of people. Turns out 10-20 years later, these oils may mess your heart up!


MCT is coconut? I just thought it was funny that like 2000's when snake oil was the rage, they were pushing long chain. Now everything has moved onto MTC. Is there a difference, or just the new buzzword. BONEBROTH! (making stock/broth is so damn easy)

I'm just intrigued suspending this vile powder in an oil, or powdered MCT (ty for this info)


"MCTs are a perfect example that not all fats are created equal. Because of their shorter length, MCTs are metabolized and transported differently in the body than the more common long-chain fatty acids.

For example, MCTs are easily digested and rapidly absorbed. They are transported directly to the liver, and MCTs are quickly and efficiently burned for energy.† Because they are transported directly to the liver, they bypass adipose (fat) tissue, which makes them less likely to be stored as fat.† What’s more, while dietary fat typically provides 9 calories per gram, MCTs have a lower amount of useable energy, providing only 7 calories per gram.†

What’s more, MCTs are readily converted to ketone bodies, even when someone is not on a ketogenic diet. In other words, MCTs can elevate ketone levels without the need for drastically cutting carbs.

Research has also shown that consumption of the MCT C8 leads to a greater rise in ketone levels than other MCTs, such as C10, or combinations of MCTs, such as you’d find in coconut oil. By way of promoting ketone production, C8 (aka caprylic acid) may help support:†"

That's an add from someone selling the next level MCT...

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#26 Coopdog



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Posted 12 August 2021 - 01:37 PM

Well, I just bought a quart. I will report back. Didn't buy this for kratom so much as it's other properties. A worthy addition to the supplement selection.

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#27 Micogi



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Posted 19 October 2021 - 05:13 PM

I first came across kratom probably about a year ago now and sampled several different varieties in capsule form.

After concluding I like a mix of white & green Maeng Da, I switched to powder and making my own capsules.

After doing that for a time, I was out one day and didn't feel like messing with making more at that time. So what I did and have been doing since, I measure out my dose into my coffee cup, empty out a 100mg caffeine capsule in it as well, then brew 4oz of coffee on the Keurig, add about 6oz of bottled water and slug it down.

I haven't weighed it out in a while, but average dose for me is probably around 4-5ish grams.

I tried the toss & wash, aside from a bad taste, the powder is so fine I found it lingering in my mouth.


I also bought some leaf for making tea a while back I haven't opened yet, was thinking I'd try cooking with it.


While being more recreational for me, I did find it took some of my irritableness away as I was prone to easy irritation.

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