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Found a good sweet spot - 5.7g GT

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Posted 23 August 2021 - 03:10 AM

Preface: Took 5.7g due to taking 4.2g in the last 8 days and this extra bit was to compensate for tolerance. Calculation was taken from https://www.shroomer...sage-Calculator and increased by 0.1g since I couldn't be bothered to find the right size mushroom to make it 5.6g like the dose said.


The dosage was prepared by crushing the dried mushrooms in a plastic bag and putting into a tea strainer and poured hot water (not boiling) from a tea pot into the strainer sitting in 1 tea cup. A fruit tea bag and a tea spoon of honey were added and left to sit for 30 minutes to cool down. The cup was slowly drank over the course of 30 minutes. Consumption happened 3 hours after the last food was eaten.


Come up happened in 20 minutes and everything kicked in about 45 minutes later.


The experience was fairly close to what I was looking for as I have been trying to find a dose that brings me close to the 560mcg of acid I used to do in the past and I think with the 5.7g, it just touches on the start of what I have been looking for. Auditory hallucinations, walls partly melting, even more disassociation of time, colors shooting out of the TV set and engulfing the room, etc. This was pretty close, but not quite to the experience on 560mcg.


My afternoon was spent initially on Netflix watching scenes from Our Planet in UHD/Dolby Vision which was pretty interesting, however I was in the mood for something riveting to sit on the edge of the couch and get absorbed into. So, I settled on the 1999 movie 8mm which I had seen before, but not recently. The movie is immensely more intense on shrooms, and I loved it. It was just really fucked up and highly thrilling. Literally, edge of the seat thrilling with scenes just completely blurring on the screen and auditory hallucinations. It was magical. Reminded me of the time in the past where I watched The Matrix on 560mcg; the suspense and childlike amazement of not knowing what will happen next, but inside you have seen the movie before and know what to expect, but at the same time have no idea what will happen. I was close to that feeling this time after not experiencing this for well over 1 year now.


The lower dosages I tried the last many weeks were between 2.6-4.2g and sure, I could watch something on TV, but it was more or less a half and half experience. I could half get into what I was watching, but I couldn't get all the way into it like on the higher dose of mushrooms. I think due to my psychedelic tolerance in general, I need a quite high dose to break through this barrier.


Anyway, just wanted to report on my experience. I will now take 2 weeks off to reduce my tolerance and perhaps try 6g next time. I found an LSD to mushroom calculator and it tells me that I should be taking 13.5g dried to have the same experience as my LSD quantity. I'm unsure of that. As always, safety first and try a little more each time without jumping the dose up that drastically.


I'm just super happy to now have an experience fairly similar to my past usage that I can compare to and that I'm getting super close to dialing it in fully.

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