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1g wild coast pans

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Posted 30 August 2021 - 09:55 AM

Ate cubes for 20+ years. Fresh from shit in the native habit, PF cakes, from shit in my backyard. They are literally quite shitty in effects which lead me to want to get away from dung-lovers. Pans have yet to be a "dunglover" to me. They are less shitty then cubes. I get terrible GI upset and awful bodyload and a drunken feeling. 


Anyways, decided to try pans again at  my previous dose just to be sure the intensity wasn't a fluke (was not intense). Standard tea recipe 15 min brew, chug, brew again, don't bother chugging 2nd brew cuz I'm already good.


Nothing wild to report, but it was one of the most fun I have had tripping in 20 years. My wife never smokes and decided to puff. So she was in a fun mood and we just reminisced and really reconnected. She's super thrifty and always looking for deals. Years ago we discussed finding a drum set. She looks for deals daily and after years of searching found a SET! 


My brother is really straight-laced and I guess doesn't let his freak flag fly...

He comes home to me all wide-eyed wrapped in a blanket rolling on the ground, playing a single bass note and rambling about how good that note feels LMAO. My wife giggling her ass off on the couch that she found a drumset. "Hey brother! I'm tripping and she's stoned but we found free drums can you give us a ride!" Ughhh, sorry I'm busy, and he immediately left the home. Leading to us laughing our ass off and talking about how much shit he talks about us (they got 2 cats and a dog, he paces all night long, he smells like smoke, there's mushroom shit everywhere, they listen to a ton of music and dance a lot, they tell elaborate dark humor stories to creep each other out, they kiss their animals!!!, they are their own bosses, they take risks). Glad my brother is finally moving out in ~2 weeks. He's my older brother and I lost all respect for him. My wife was utterly surprised at how much of a child he is. I wanted to help him, I tried, and he can't open up, he can't even fucking tell me what's going on and he's lived in my home for 4 months now. Like I have to text his ass tell him to come out of his room to talk...End rant...

Once she sobered up we went on an adventure and found a "rich kid" getting new drums (literal gated mansion, like that level of wealth is assinine). Which lead us discussing ofcourse if that much money would corrupt us. Doubt it...


As we loaded my car, the memories of fitting a set in my car with my whole band 25+ years ago started flooding me. Got a bit teary for all those lost people. Also a bit of a holy shit we were fucking reckless as teenagers. Guess I've grown to see how dumb I was then. 


Anyways this turned more into a catharsis then a trip report. 

Pans>mex (Sclerotia)>cubes (need my woodies to pop up and then I'll eventually get to semp and a few other exotics)


Edit: sorry for any typos, grammar errors, head be broken

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Paul thank you for this intense peak. 

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