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Posted 10 August 2022 - 03:00 PM

What's Good everyone, been awhile, still on the grind just on a much slower and smaller scale these days.  All good, been enjoying the break during the Summer months.  This IS a break for me, I don't think I know how to FULLY stop.   :laugh:


Back to it, the TT, Reishi, and Shiitake blocks are fully colonized just sitting in a cupboard doing what mycelium do.  All six blocks look great, and I'll get to those in a few months.


The 3 Maitake jars are pretty much ready to go, they don't seem to like being shaken to hard (didn't think I did), slight stall, but nothing to be worried about.


The 2 Morel jars are doing great, one of them has been colonized for quite a few days, the other is right around the corner. 




Oh, I did end up spawning two bags of great smelling wine cap spawn about a week ago, really excited to see if those work out.  I think that's it... FOR Now.  May your blocks be bountiful and healthy folks.  




Another bed on the other side, but isn't finished or pictured



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Posted 04 October 2022 - 03:31 PM

Hey Everyone,


  I haven't forgot about this thread, I'm SUPER front loaded with blocks and jars of spawn.  When I have more time, hopefully tonight or tomorrow, I'll give a BIG introductory post with pics for the upcoming season.  My setup is different this season, and I'll go into that later.  I have a trip coming up soon, so I'm stalling blocks and keeping everything Rollin', then I'll be ready to fruit right when I get back.  I just knocked up some Pink blocks, and the Heat tolerant LM is ready NOW, but being stalled and waiting ON me.  Stay Tuned... I'll be BACK Soon   :meditate:

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Posted 04 October 2022 - 05:16 PM

Continuing forward here, I've done 6 sterilization runs of 4 blocks (2hrs) each over the summer and early Fall and they are AS follows


2 3782 Shiitake Blocks:   Will be ready for Late October early November, which is perfect, I'm a Scorpio.

4 S75 Shiitake Blocks:  Ready Around the same time as the other 2 and the newer two Soon after.



3782 on the Right Browning Up Nicely


The S75 popcorns up but doesn't brown like the 3782




2 Dancing Hen Maitake Blocks:  One is finishing up on the bottom and the other is circling (island) around the block to finish.




2 Turkey Tail Blocks:  Colonized for a long time now, my first run of Blocks along with the 3782's since they go 12 weeks or so to Brown.



2 Reishi Blocks:  I feel like I always rush these, so I'm going for a long colonization time and see what happens, I think these were knocked up in June.



4 Morchella Esculenta blocks (One didn't make it, green spots, happens from time to time, I don't lose too many blocks so it's a rarity even in a SAB).  



2 Lions Mane Heat Tolerant blocks... need to be fruited ASAP





4 Pink Oyster Blocks, will be my last warm season run with the LM.  




2 Wine Cap Blocks that were sent outside with wood chips from previous post. 


So I have 21 blocks currently, with 2 spawned outside to a bed and One lost to green mold. LM and Oysters are so fast, I wanted to get all the blocks that take forever out of the way.  Each year I try to do better on planning.  I'll be getting some KO's going when I get back and clear out some jars this week before I head on out.  I NEED a rematch with these, I didn't get any last year and took them for granted, WON'T make that same mistake Twice!


As far as jars go, I have a new species that is from a Wild specimen, another LM variety, you know I can't help myself, and it's called the Tierred Tooth Fungus and it's from Europe.  I guess you can't pick the wild specimens of these, sounded cool, and I'm always a sucker for Hericium genetics.  Welcome to the Family Sir(Cirrhatum).   :biggrin:


Recovering Nicely from the Mix Up



Doing another round of Conifer Coral since it's fairly new to me, and CHEAP pellets, hard to resist



Also, I have a jar of white beech mushroom almost ready, clean blocks and NO pins last season.  I don't think they liked the continuous AIR in the beginning stages, the RISK I take putting multiple different blocks in a Singular environment.  Non production SO... It be what it IS.  Excited for a Rematch.



AND I have another jar of S75 Shiitake Oats just about ready.  :biggrin:   I'll probably do another round of the 3782 and call it good with 10 blocks, or One more round with the S75, it's an aggressive fast colonizer.  



Oh, and the newest test jars since I'm new to Milo, picked up 2 bags the other day and had to do a test run.  2 jars only (just under halfway, I usually fill my jars probably more than most do), Wine Cap for two more bags to finish my bed, and a King Blue jar.  About 2 days from LC and doing great.  The WineCap showed growth first, but the King Blue is just TOO fast for the Garden Giant. No worries, I'm probably not getting (Stropharia) fruits until the Spring anyway, would be crazy surprised to get some this Fall.  Fingers Crossed... Maybe I pop a few... for a PREview.   :laugh:


WineCap Milo Jar



King Blue looking Great So Far




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Posted 05 October 2022 - 12:02 AM

Take a break! Get some fresh air!

Looking awesome. I just started expanding the gourmets out. Trying to take it easy this season.
Black and blue oys., Shiitake, Pioppino, maitake, lions mane. Believe that's all for now. 

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Posted 05 October 2022 - 01:14 PM

Sounds like a nice lineup Rocky, Let's DO THIS!

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Posted 22 October 2022 - 01:24 PM

Well everyone, this is where the rubber MEETS the Road they say.  I have plenty of blocks to fruit and Milo grain jars with faster fruiting strains and MORE Shiitake (One 3782 and Another S75).  I just put a 3782 block in the fridge for the cold shock this morning and will go into the chamber tomorrow.  The tent is all lined out (cycled) and I'm ready to see how it performs with its new configuration, there are already 2 LM heat tolerant Erinaceous blocks in the tent.... about 5 or 6 days in so should be seeing something soon.  I did notice one block is getting a little raised where the slice is, shouldn't be long now.


My newest blocks that are 5 days complete working on the 6th are two Straw blocks of King Blue.  I have plenty of chopped straw, so I sterilized two blocks with Rice Bran.  Literally ripping through the bags like NO other.  Straw is cheap as well, figured WTH (first time with straw blocks).


Grain jars are looking great with Milo, not a fan of how dirty the "feed" store quality is, a little corn in there, some peas (or beans) it looks like, a few Oats/wheat, but I'm used to WBS back in the day so moving over to Milo was NO issue.  PRO's to Milo, dry's very fast in a strainer and takes 5 minutes or so to cook and done.  I also like when I shoot the LC, the seeds are so small the liquid will usually hit the bottom and colonize very far down the jar right away.  So far, I've never seen Maitake this fast on Oats, and the Tierred Tooth went 12 days and has been ready waiting on me.  The new 3782 jar is just about ready for some bags as well.  


Another new edition to the squad is a freebie Tree Oyster I received, it's doing well and fast like most oysters are.  I also have a freebie Tiger Sawgill, but it's a warmer species situation and I'm finishing up on warmer varieties then switching to colder, NO time to start fresh even though it's a fairly fast colonizer.  


I just checked on the Beech winter blocks, and both look great.  If memory serves me, it's not the fastest colonizer (a month, or just under), but it's timed for November/December anyway.


What else, a couple Bears head jars going, One quart is about ready and the other was squirted NOT long ago... so not much to show.  SO wispy this one is, definitely freaks you out, then it's everywhere and ready to spawn.  Patience with this one.  


Oman, I just checked on a few blocks I haven't seen in awhile and I lost a Conifer Coral, grabbed the other one thinking it's done for too and it's fine so... Not exactly sure, I do 4 blocks every PC run and the other two are fine as well.  The two Coral blocks are the same spawn, so the MOLD wins sometimes.  Over it, the Conifer block that survived is just about ready to fruit.  


The KO spawn is starting to take off, I also made an LC to expand since I'm going to go KO KRAZY soon, straw, pellets, HOG wild, I love the flavor, meaty and flavorful.  CAN'T Wait.  I'm going to save some seeds to do a G2G after it colonizes, then I'll do a 20 or 30cc syringe and be set for a KO ShootOut.   :tongue:


The 4 pink oyster blocks are close, I need to fruit those soon, I may save 2 like last year and let them sit colonized.   I ran them too late in the season last year and it was too cold for them, so I fruited the two in a MonoTub to get something out of them, and saved the other two Pink blocks for Springtime, fruited No problem.


I'll get a Turkey Tail block or two in sometime in November, and the Reishi in Late December early January.  I have 6 Shiitake blocks, and two more jars on the way so a total of 10.  I might do One more jar of the S75, haven't decided yet.  I'll get up some pics shortly, time for Lunch.  Take 5

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Posted 26 October 2022 - 05:32 PM

Nice selection man!


I'm going to let it rain the autumn rains on my logs (supplement if necessary) and hopefully freeze for the winter wet this year, see if I get better distribution of fruits.....tarp them up piled in leaves...


I have five, ten pound blocks, of Yellow Maitake #6 clone in bags too.....looking at it, I bet it fruits....I'll bury those in the barrels the exact same way as the others....


Come spring......the winter is on here very shortly.....


Goody MUSHY vibes atcha and the fungi.......





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#188 Needles


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Posted 26 October 2022 - 07:29 PM

Definitely a very nice selection indeed. Your efforts should prove to be prosperous despite of one or two going south. Seem unavoidable at times, even in my cleverness of handling a freshly inoculated bag single handed rather than cradling the mean green snuck in. Keep up the exceptional cultivation skills. Looking forward to seeing exceptional results from all those blocks. 

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Posted 28 October 2022 - 06:14 PM

Thank you both @Needles @Arathu for stopping by, Super excited for the new tent setup and starting out with colonized blocks early in the season is the new way going forward.  I genuinely feel both of your vibes my WAY... Mush Luv and Gratitude to both of you... making Dirt AS Usual.  I always await your Maitake Barrel grows since it's my OTHER Nemesis... Looking to change that  :)  It might be time to make a barrel/garbage can setup, I do have another plastic 32gallon can splitting a little, could do a test soon.  OH, the projects SEEM to never end.   :biggrin:

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Posted 30 October 2022 - 11:15 AM

Hey folks, I was checking on my LM blocks the other day thinking to myself, what is going on with these and I look down and a fruit is growing straight through the filter patch.  I have also encountered Reishi doing this as well.  Thought I would share my first LM fruit this year that creeped right on by that .2 Unicorn bag filter.  Definitely a healthy serving size, CAN'T Wait.  



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Posted 30 October 2022 - 03:17 PM

COOK THAT LM  up  and give us a flavor profile , please

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Posted 02 November 2022 - 12:00 PM

I did eat some Shiitakes @Bezevo the other day for the first time this season and OH SO Delicioso.  I will be cooking up the LM tonight, I may go breaded in the Air fryer or Olive Oil in a pan haven't decided.  I don't know if LM tastes like lobster, especially since I've had both, but there is a hint of seafood (esque) that may have a better appeal with a garlic/butter dip.  LM doesn't have a strong mushroom taste, like shiitake or KO, very mild comparatively, but LM is one of my favs to grow and eat.  I picked the filter fruit (28th of Oct) and the block is back at it again.  




The other LM block, pic is from Oct 24th and

you can see the slice raising up, but No fruit.

I missed a pic when it first came up which was the

26th or 27th




And this morning, LM grows fast once it starts, if they don't there is an issue with humidity or Air (or both).  



This is only about 5 or 6 days of Growth, happens FAST!!   :meditate:









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Posted 05 November 2022 - 01:48 PM

Hey Hey Hey... it's just another cultivating day... at the office.  Everything is going extremely well; I've only tested a few blocks out since this is a new setup that is active rather than passive.  The fan I bought is WAY too strong for the tent, but it came with a cheap speed controller and that dialed it down just about perfect.  If i had to do it all over again, I'd probably get a waterproof computer fan, and dial that in with a speed controller (more frequent exchanges), but like they say... hindsight is always 20/20.  That being said, I'm enjoying the new sealed up active air setup rather than slices in the tent that overtime will stretch out and ruin the plastic cover.  That setup was GREAT to me, so it DOES work fine, but it was a steppingstone to eventually and or hopefully bigger things.  I want a 4x4 or 5x5 one of these years with a multi disc fogger setup, but for now, I have an extra shelf in the new tent and it's going phenomenal.  ON with the Show!!


Check out my invitro fruit I let finish up.  I soaked the 3782 block for a few hours and then

into a bag in the fridge for about 24 hours.  The cold-water soak and the fridge is plenty of cold

shock and I gave the block the traditional smack on the sides.  Does it help, I dunno, and I'm not 

trying to prove or disprove, but I figured why not, easy step and I like "tradition".





Here is the rest of the block, pins still coming in, looking decent, not my best, but certainly not the 

worst.  I've been misting the block 3 times a day (I'll stop misting when pinset is finished, today will be the last day); Shiitakes love it for pinning (Blocks are dry and peak is 95%H).  






And the Big LM fruit, just growing OUT of Control... I think it's a fan (pun intended) of the environment Hard

to tell how big it is, but trust me, it's a Solid fruit and still going.  






This is the second fruit from the block with the medium size filter fruit which I already ate, nice thick dense






And the newest block to the chamber this morning, a King Blue supplemented Straw block, my first straw edible blocks, the other block will be 

staggered in when I'm ready and test out how good (or bad) oysters do in the environment.  I'm betting they should do well.  I have quite a bit of 

chopped straw so I figured... WHY Not.  The pic is invitro pins that don't matter, but I like the smell and I fold the bag under the block and flip it to fruit

from the bottom.  A simple Slice... will Suffice!   :meditate:






May your mycelium be white, and your humidity and Air dialed in Tight.   :biggrin:

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Posted Yesterday, 12:49 PM

Alrightie, the SLACKER is back, yup I was the kid that was a slacker by choice and still handled business (fast learner).  Back to IT.


Wow November 5th, that's like an eternity in the Mushroom World.   :laugh: So much has happened, but I'll manage.


So, Both LM heat tolerant blocks did well, had those gorgeous icicles and a medium to large size fruit to boot.  One Block did get a little wet towards the end

on the backside, but no worries, TASTY all the same.  


First Block Harvest 












And the Second, No block Shots











Shiitake Blockie 3782




















That's a good start, but MORE to follow.  Time for a snack and a VAPE session.  ENJOY!!

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Posted Yesterday, 02:09 PM

Moving Forward, OMY were these Pinks Tasty! (3 Blocks worth, One popped a hole and tape didn't fix this one, I've fixed a few over the years, works most of the time, but worth a shot, better than tossing it with NO chance).  Almost like a BLT when made into a sandwich with lettuce and tomato.  A tasty tomato sets it all on FIRE!



































Later that night they were harvested


































The Pinks and all above fruits were grown with a very high-powered fan that was too much for the setup.  I have recently changed over to less air, but more frequently so it's not like a Vortex going off for 1 min intervals every 12 mins.  I switched to a waterproof CPU fan with adapter on a speed controller.  It runs 12 times an hour with the humidifier bringing in humidified air around 6 times an hour depending on ambient conditions.  The fan clears the tent, but not in a jet airplane fashion now.  The new setup has been going for 2 or 3 days and it's much more mellow with frequent exchanges, rather than 5 times an hour sucking the life out of the tent, it's 12 times and slowly lowers the tent over time (about every 10 mins the humidifier kicks on with a tight range).  The vortex worked, but it was ridiculously inefficient, and killing pinsets.  The shiitakes did decent with this whirlwind style, but there is much more to be had, I've done better with shiitakes with the passive style, so I know it's just too much wind.... ALL of a sudden.  All good, the old fan will be a backup for other projects.  


The pink blocks are still in the tent, but I doubt they will do anything, The King Blue's and the Pinks are usually One and Done.  They aren't in the way of progression right now so they can stay.  I will say, these are one of my favorites to eat, really enjoyed these.  So Far, The Trumpets and Pinks are it for me, I do have a tree oyster freebie coming up, but it likes colder temps so it's on pause waiting on me and unknown.  I'll be shifting gears fairly soon, so CYA in the spring Pink beauties, I'll get some straw runs in with this one as well, maybe finally do a five-gallon bucket style I've always wanted to do.  Who knows, I'm just getting acquainted.   :biggrin:



And some random Shiitake photo's, Some are 2nd flush which don't usually give up that many.  Worth it for a home grower, 100%


First Flush S75 11.16.22






















2nd Flush Block











I'll get up some current shots hopefully later today, the Conifer Coral and Bears Head Blocks are starting to fruit.  Always a Pleasure to Play with these, they have my ultimate respect and attention.   :meditate:

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Posted Today, 12:50 PM

Let's get this thread all caught up and move on to another neglected section... Shall We.   :biggrin:


11.26.22 Conifer Coral




Current Photos of Conifer Coral and probably my favorite to grow for the really cool faces you can

imagine within the fruits... Bears Head or Hericium Americanum.  Healthy fruits, loving the change of Air and more frequently.  Tip for the Day... If your fruits are dry and your humidity is at or above 95, you are locked in with good Air to go along with above par humidity, peaks at almost 96 and is great for a home setup.  Plenty for a home setup, but you could go to 97 or 98 with good Air and kill.  To be completely honest, I just can't with this setup, the humidifier is maxxed out for this 5-tier tent and get to 95 without too much trouble (run a tight range), but any further it just takes too long to get there and then it's raining pretty much and fighting the exhaust as well.  I'm eventually going to a 2x4 at least, if I had a 3 disc pond fogger, it would be overkill but would get up to higher humidity real fast.  Give and Take "they" say, but I don't get greedy over a point or two with me growing for myself only.  Anyway, I LOVE THIS GAME!!


Current photo of CC she is starting to really kick into high gear, once you get the first week out of the way, LM tends to double in size on the daily, usually if everything is copacetic.  




And the Bears Head, check out that lion's mouth at the bottom, gorgeous fruits BH produces.  Definitely going to be a winner in the looks Dept.  




The Pinks still aren't showing for a 2nd Round, I'll give em' a little more time since I'm in no hurry for a few more weeks, 3 at the most then it's shifting temps for blocks that need under 70F.  


I did end up throwing two Morel Blocks outside, shot in the dark, but not trying is NO shot at all. I have a new Oat jar of Morels about a month old, but growing Morel spawn is frustrating since it's SO wispy you can't see until you do.  I also sent more Wine Cap spawn outside, I'm going to do two more Wine Cap blocks, and bury them instead of spreading the mycelium.  Island Effect might be the better route outside, but too early to know for sure since Spring is a ways away for Morels or Wine Caps (WC planted late fall so they were never going to fruit this year).  


Nothing from the Maitake blocks in the ground and the 4 CotW logs, but we are getting some good rain so you never know when they can just pop out of nowhere.  All good, playing the long game on some of these.  I think that's it; I am doing a garbage can experiment with two old LM blocks, pretty cold lately and rainy, but if not, compost they will be.  Either way, the gift that keeps on giving.   :hookah:

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